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Batman Overviews

Hey Scott - 
Since you were so complimentary in both words and plugs for my Spider-Man overview some weeks back, I though maybe you would be interested in the Epic, Two Part Batman Overview - to read and/or share with your readership as you may see fit:
Live Action: 
PS - To warn you and anyone else...if you though the last ones were may want to bring your lunch.

That's OK, I like reading them at work at lunch.  Thanks for all the hard work!   


  1. We need a spoiler allowed batman thread so we can get Scott's take on the movie. Just saw it a second time. Fucking love it.

  2. The internet needs to be more like this. Both of these pieces were incredibly informative and fun to read. Though I disagree with some of your statements: 

    1. I think the 1960's batman series is sublime genius

    2. The Politics of The Dark Knight are *NOT* far right reaching. Nolan's message is essentially that sometimes you need to take extreme measures and overstep your bounds to take down the bad guys, BUT WHEN YOU DO, put that power into the hands of someone like Luscious Fox, as opposed to someone like George W. Bush or Dick Cheney. Thus it's a Far Right Message with a left leaning mentality. 

  3. Not sure if I saw it that way. I saw the perils of extreme thinking, and how it is only when united can we finally overcome. Batman (1%) beat Bane. Catwoman (99%) kept him down. It's this "either/or" thinking that is driving us apart.

  4.  The more I think of it and discuss it, the less I like it. It's easily Nolan's worst film.

  5. See I'm starting to think it's the best one. Can we discuss this here or will people get pissed about spoilers?

  6. I'd say his worst was Insomnia - which I actually fell asleep watching.

  7. I'm ready for a campy version of the "Dark Knight" version of Batman that's been with us since the 1980's. Way too many people take that character way too seriously. It's time for that character to get skewered.

  8. exodus316 exodus316July 26, 2012 at 8:54 AM

    I have not seen it but would be totally OK with spoilers.  I think a week is a fine statute of limitations on spoilers, especially if the thread title reads SPOILERS.  So maybe a new thread is best.

  9. Good article. I've been meaning to rewatch The Animated Series, and have Season One ready and waiting on DVD. Only caught the odd episode as a child, but even then it felt tonally mature in comparison with the alternatives.

  10. Thanks a lot!  As to your points:
    1. Some people will like that show, some will hate it.  As I said, I thought it did a bang up job spoofing the tropes of comic books and old movie serials, but they it grew addicted to the very formulas it tried to lampoon.
    2.  To be clear, I didn't say "far right," but definitely to the right, albeit almost regretfully in Nolan's eyes.. I know there are people who like to see Batman as a surrogate for Bush and Cheney, but my argument has always been that Nolan's Batman had far more in common with Tony Blair:  A man of (liberal) ideals, but forever compromised by the steps he took in the name of protecting his country.

  11. Just wanted to chime in that these overviews are awesome and thank you for taking the time to put them together.

    I'm definitely checking out the Spiderman ones, too.


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