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Long time listener, first time caller!

Dear Scott,

I'm sure plugs are a dime a dozen, but I hope I have one that resonates with you. I ask you because you seem to really give some a fighting chance out there as big fish in the large pool of the internet whether it is wrestling related or not. I purchased your first three books in hopes of one day being able to ask for a favor. Kidding aside (I really do have the books), perhaps if I present myself as an ex-worker of 8 years with a match or a few hundred under my belt who became fed up with the industry once he had to do things like eat and support a family, it would help. Hell, I'm rambling and really don't know how to beg you for a plug other than my site is truly a labor of love and the chances of me ever losing intrest in it are null and void. It's the most ambitious thing I've ever tried and know gamers frequent your site so thought what the hell, I'd give it a whirl. I've been a fan for years and even if no plug/mercy is given to my fledgling site, thank you for many laughs throughout the years, and I'm sure as you already know, the boys backstage do read and appreciate your stuff. At one point around 2004, a group of us were seriously going to approach you about paying you to honestly critique our matches as it seems you have the best eye of someone outside the ring as anyone we've ever seen. Then we realized after careful examination of our footage that we sucked and couldn't bear the thought of you ripping into us. Anyhoos, thanks for your time!

(This was the original beginning of the e-mail before I figured coming at you like more of a human than an automated beggar may work)

I humbly stand before you a 34 year old addict of the games I grew up with who is finally confident enough to try his hand at undertaking a huge project. My goal is simply to review every single NES game ever domestically sold in order of release date. I already have a few under my belt and try to go out of my way to be different and inject a little history lesson of the games as I go. Example, did you know...

...there is a REAL Hogan's Alley with roots dating back to a comic strip from the 1890's?
...Kung Fu actually starred Jackie Chan as the in-game character?
...Super Mario in pre-production originally had a rocket pack and a rifle?

To anyone intrested in my labor of love, please check out my blog at

It would mean the world to me as this is so far been the most rewarding project I've ever done if only for the amazing facts I've learned in my short amount of time doing it. Everything else is a bonus. If just one person out there enjoys my work, it'd make my week. 

Anyone wishing to visit the facebook page can also do so at

Thank you and keep playing!!! 


  1. As a hardcore NES mark I'm loving this site. Two questions for the e-mailer (if he's reading this): do you actually own all these games, or do you just play them on an emulator like I do? And are you going to review all the obscure un-licensed crap too? Is so, I can't wait until you get to Bubble Bath Babes and horrible shit like Master Chu and the Drunken Hu and Action 52, which is without a doubt the worst video game ever made. 

  2. So... Why should I care about you more than Chrontendo? Sorry, it's just feeling like a "Simpsons did it" moment.

  3. Awesome site.  I added you to my rss feed and I'll probably find myself playing along with you.

  4. Thanks a ton guys and a HUGE thank you to Scott! I'm 'EnygmaMW (my intials, I'm not into Modern Warfare) on your Xbox friends, so if we're playing the same game one day, love a challenge from a guy I've read for years!

    @Caleb, I'm still pretty ignorant on what an RSS feed even is but if I have one then ROCK ON! Couldn't be more elated to have you play along and being a lover of constructive criticism if you see something I missed and want to educate me, you'll be met with hugs and love as opposed to "my site, stop trolling, mind yer biz."  

    To answer your question, @Parliboy, it's up to you on what you read and follow of course but must admit, I've never heard of Chrontendo but will now check out his work. If the Simpsons did it, kick ass and I'm happy about it, but the way I see it, Futurama has the exact same outer shell but the flavoring is quite different. Some like one flavor, others may like another so your emotional response is entirely up to you.

    Mr. Curry, to answer your question, I never threw anything away so retained most of my original carts. There was a period from around 1998-2002 where retro gaming wasn't all that big, so it was nothing to walk into a FunCoLand with 20 bucks and walk out with 12 used carts. Also, I have the advantage of living in Houston, TX, where there is seemingly a flea market every 100 yards so finding things like a working R.O.B. just takes a little bit of exploring. Those outings are definately one of the most rewarding parts of my "quest" because I'll leave not expecting to find anything and coming home with a rare Stack-Up cart. Admittedly, I HAVE used an emulator on two reviews so far, the Wild Gunman (still currenty in draft form) and the Hogan's Alley review because I was unaware at the time that they only work on old piece of shit CRT (cathode ray television) sets. Plug them into a plasma and it is just a mess. As I have 750+ games to already review, I've been putting serious thoughts into the unlicensed crap like Action 52, Chiller, and the Caltron 6-in-1 but have been really undecided. However, since you dig the site, it may be what pushes me over the edge to go ahead with them! 

    Again, thanks a ton for the love and this isn't something I'll get unintrested in ever as I'm truly having the time of my life doing this. Like the facebook page if you want or, hell, add my personal page if you like too at to see some of the pics from my days in the "squared circle"

  5. The Zapper (and all other light guns) won't even work on a lot of the newer (post 1995 or so) CRT TVs, especially the last generation ones that have a flat screen. I have 4 CRT TVs in my house and it doesn't work on any of them, and I know the Zapper itself isn't broken. I hope you do all the unlicensed garbage, those are the reviews I'll really be looking out for. Action 52 in particular. Do you actually have a copy of Caltron 6-in1? That's pretty damned rare, probably the rarest NES game out there, outside of Stadium Events.

    Also, while we're on the subject of unlicensed crap, get this: the local used video game store around here actually has reproduction carts of the 3 NES porno games for $200. Each. Even the people that work there know that there's no way hell that those will ever sell. Shit, they have a better chance of getting all 3 of the real ones CIB then selling repros for that amount of money.

  6. No kidding! 200 bucks? Ye Gods don't tell them about Nintendo World Championships whatever you do! No, I don't own a Caltron, though that'd be freakin' awesome. Most those ?-in-1 carts usually had 6 already made games to play, not totally original ones, which make that one even more legendary. 

    Yeah, even with a CRT, the Zapper's kind of shit out over the years. Sadly, the light bulb trick is a myth. The worst part about non-emulation by far though has to be that the lithium batteries for games like Star Tropics, Dragon Warrior, and Zelda are taking a shit and dying. Who knew batteries died right? 

    Tell you what, I'm still an infant in this thing and need every single hit I can muster so if you have Facebook and I see the words 'Adam Curry liked NESquester', I'll review Action 52 this weekend. Deal? Deal. =D

    PS @Parli, I checked out Chrontendo. We have the same goal but are COMPLETELY different monsters. For one, they are a team and I'm just one guy and two, they do video reviews and I have zero desire to ever do a video blog. Great work though and I'm envious of alot of things they have done so if you want to stick with them, I can't say I blame you! I will say (with no disrespect to them because people do get busy at times) that if in 5 years of doing this, I haven't made it even a third of the way down the list, I'm probably swinging from a bridge somewhere.

  7. Not on Facebook, and I have no plans be on it in the future. Though I'm a member of a couple classic video game forums, so I'll try to promote it there.

    The batteries are pretty easy to replace in the NES games, you just need one of those weird screwdrivers to open up the games. Those, and the batteries, are available online (can't remember the site off-hand), costs about $5 plus shipping total.

  8. Wow this is a great idea and good job!  I know you're doing them in order so I'll wait on it, but I can't wait until you get to RBI Baseball (a MUCH more entertaining game than baseball), Tecmo Bowl and Tecmo Super Bowl (2 of my all time favorites) and Paperboy.  Keep up the good work!

  9. Well, a deal is a deal. I need the hits and am learning how to whore myself out to get them SO, on that note my good sir, plug my site, and there will be a 'bonus' review in the next day or two. Riddle me this, what has 52 games on it, smells like shit, and has almost killed many a reviewer? You know the rest...


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