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Marvel's Newer 52!,82184/

Forgot that I wanted to talk about this one as well. DC's sales have been really strong off the New 52 reboot, although I've been wittling my DC pull list down substantially and have been buying a LOT more Marvel as of late.  So the 52 reboot has kind of helped both companies as far as I'm concerned.  Since I'm not into the whole AvX thing, the upcoming Marvel not-a-reboot doesn't hold the same kind of excitement, although I have been reading and enjoying the main Avengers title so maybe I'll give Uncanny Avengers a go.  

My current monthly list of stuff, in case anyone's curious:


- Amazing Spider-Man!  I jumped on board with the "Spider-Man's nerd friend accidentally opens a portal to an apocalyptic future" story and I've been all guns blazing on the title since then.  Dan Slott provides exactly what I want out of a monthly comic book.
- Avenging Spider-Man.  It's been tailing off as of late and hasn't matched the fun of the early Rulk issues, but it's still my second favorite book.
- Deadpool.  The "lost powers, gained handsomeness" arc is goofy and interesting, and he's still my favorite character at the moment.
- Hulk.  Red one, not green one.  I've heard good things about Banner, though, too.  I've been very into Hulk since seeing Avengers so I might give the classic a try.
- Avengers.  I'm kind of taking a break from it with the current mega-crossover because I don't want to get involved, but I'll probably get back into it after all the silliness is over.
- Spider-Men.  I haven't really gotten into Ultimate Spider-Man too much, but this is a pretty fun book so far.  


- Swamp Thing.  Still loving it.  Totally unlike the standard superhero comic and you don't even need the years of Alan Moore continuity to follow what's going on.  
- Animal Man.  Swamp Thing's weirder comic brother.  Creepy and great.
- Justice League.  The only REALLY annoying thing is that the characterizations are totally out of sync with what's happening in the solo titles, especially Green Lantern, but it's a big dumb superhero title, plus the Shazam feature is pretty cool, so I'm hanging in there.
- Action Comics/Superman.  I'm not obsessively collecting, just kind of picking and choosing and hoping that they get their shit together and decide once and for all what Superman's deal is in the new universe...but it doesn't seem to be happening.  But I can hope.
- Batwoman.  Not as great without JH Williams' art, but the Chase Cameron stuff intrigues me enough to continue.
- Batman.  Scott Snyder rocks.  Nuff said.  

I'm also reading the Atomic Robo books, because SCIENCE.  That's why.  Obviously Irredeemable is done now.  So there you go.


  1. Uncanny Avengers looks good, but John Cassaday is the second slowest artist behind Bryan Hitch

  2. Atomic Robo should be required reading for any comic fan.

  3. I would say now is a pretty good time to get into Hulk. While I've never been that big a fan of the character outside of Planet Hulk, this newest storyline is a blast to read. The simple switching of the character dynamic of Bruce now being the evil side and Hulk being the (relatively) rational side trying to control/understand Banner's insanity is great. Banner is setting up something big that has him travelling all over the world and every time Hulk "wakes up" he's trying to put the pieces together. 

    Also check out Insufferable ( I don't know if it's supposed to be set in the same world as Irredeemable and Incorruptible, but it touches on all of the familiar themes of heroes not being the perfect role models, or even decent people for that matter. 

  4. Invincible is still my biggest monthly must-read. Wolverine & the X-Men is quirky fun (though now it's in the AvX thing), I still like some of the Green Lantern stuff, the recent Spidey stuff by Dan Slott is good, too, and I still get Birds of Prey & Batgirl, though I'm not crazy about either of them.

  5. I have to admit I've been fascinated with the "Before Watchmen" releases so far.  And Shazam has been the best part of the Justice League, no doubt.

  6. I'm hardly shocked that marvel is riding on dc's coattails in the lanes and most halfass way possible. Although they don't have Morrison totally screwing up a bunch of books so there's an advantage.

  7. I finally got around to reading the stack of promos I got at last year's Free Comic Book Day (apparently, I love getting free stuff, but not reading free stuff) and was delighted by Atomic Robo. It has a lot of the madcap insanity (and a similar art style) to Nextwave, another book I loved. I'm in with both feet. 

  8. and they dont even have to cuz the movies generate so much money they can leave the comics untouched.

  9. They're making the Superman books ridiculously complicated, and I wish they didn't dedicate one of the flagship books to Morrison's rewriting of his origin. He's needlessly making things screwy with the secret identity switches, the jaunt into the multiverse and all.

    Since I started reading comics back in 1993, the on,y time I dropped Action Comics was when Gail Simone was writing with Byrne's art, which was atrocious at the time. The writing here may cause me to drop it again.

  10. My pull list (as it is) right now is Green Lantern, Batman and Nightwing. Still iffy on Justice League, though I mostly enjoy what I've read, and I got so far behind on the EXCELLENT Aquaman that I'm just waiting on the trade now. GL is my favorite book at the moment.

  11. Considering your early high praise and in my opinion is still a really damn good book, how come Batman & Robin got dropped from the monthly pull list?


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