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Plug Request

Hey Scott,
A longtime reader heading back to the Rantsylvania and Wrestleline days in the glory days of the Monday Night Wars (where I also read The Rick, CRZ, and before he apparently went nuts, that Sean Shannon guy).  I think I even submitted some Joshi puroresu reviews back in the day to your site. Weird to think about now, but your site and the Observer are pretty much my only connections to pro-wrestling these days, so thanks for that.  
So, anyway, since I know you've been very generous to others with plugs in the past (and a big fan of superhero media), I was hoping you would check out and possibly endorse my Wordpress site, - it's a pop culture review/analysis site I've been working on for over a year now and am now trying to "put out there," so to speak.  With The Amazing Spider-Man coming out this week, this past week I posted a pretty extensive look back at pretty much every major film and television version of Spider-Man here:    
I've also done articles on Batman, OWS/V for Vendetta, Captain America, the awfulness of the Green Lantern movie, Marvel's Ultimatum, and others I'm probably forgetting right now...all done in a style that I like to think falls somewhere between quasi- and semi-intellectual.  Well, needless to say, I hope you read it and I hope you like it enough to give it a plug.  
Thanks for your time!
Jonathan Morris
Awesome!  I really loved the HISHE video you stuck in there, too.  It almost feels like too much of an article for one part, but it was some tremendously fun stuff and I'm glad you did it.  


  1. Re: Sean Shannon. I've read brief mentions of this a couple times. What happened?


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