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Podcast Plug

Hey Scott -
Hope you are well and was also hoping you could hook us up with a plug
on the blog.
We recently reviewed the infamous November 4, 1996 episode of Raw on
our podcast and we were joined by Kevin Kelly to talk about the
incident. He ended up staying with us for an hour and talking about
all sorts of topics in 1996 WWF. It was a great interview and Kevin is
really good guy. Thanks as always!

Did you ask him about why he attacked Big Bossman with the nightstick or how he got out of prison?  

Oh, wait, wrong guy, sorry.


  1. I'm assuming this is the "Pillman's Got a Gun" episode?

  2. That was a good interview with Kelly. I really liked what he said about the WWF rallying behind Vince & Linda in 1997 to beat WCW. I know as a fan, I loved rooting for the WWF in the Monday Night Wars because I saw them as the underdog against WCW and felt satisfied when they finally won the war. In retrospect, WCW going out of business was bad for wrestling, but in the 1990s/early 2000s, I completely despised WCW.

  3. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. He was really fun to talk to and he will definitely be back on again.


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