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ECW Wrestlepalooza 1998

Live from Marietta, GA
Airdate: May 3, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles
In the ring Joey welcomes us to the Cobb County Civic Center for Wrestlepalooza. The Southern crowd welcomes him with an “ECW” chant. He introduces himself “on enemy turf.”
We get the opening montage.
Match 1: The FBI (w/ Tommy Rich) versus Super Nova and the Blue Meanie
As per their measly pay the FBI “dance” in the ring to “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees. The Blue Meanie hits the ring while raising the roof. Interestingly Nova looks like a prototype for “Hurricane” Helms here. The ring announcer touts Rich as the “President of Little Atlanta.” After the introductions Rich threatens the entire audience.
Nova and Guido start. A collar-and-elbow tie-up leads to some posturing by Guido. Not so surprisingly the crowd asks the FBI “Where’s my pizza?” Another tie-up segues into some good chain wrestling. Guido slams Nova, gets a quick 2 count, showboats, and then dropkicked into Smothers who hits the floor.
Schoolboy gets a 2 count for Nova. A rope sequence sees a shoulderblock, a missed clothesline, and a chokeslam setup into an inverted atomic drop of sorts. Coming off the ropes Nova nails the spinning heel kick. Smothers comes in and rams his own shoulder into his opponents’ corner accidently. Meanie comes in to distract Guido so that Nova can bulldog Smothers and legdrop Guido simultaneously. Excellent creativity there!
Much to the crowd’s delight Meanie tags in. After an Irish whip by Meanie Guido hangs onto the top rope instead of eating a haymaker. Guido tries to tag in Smothers but Smothers wants none of that. Alternatively Rich gets on the microphone and wants a rematch of the dance-off. Smothers “dances” then Meanie jiggles. Guess who wins? Meanie encourages referee John Finnegan to dance, and even HE outshines Smothers. Meanie raises Finnegan’s hand for the “win” but gets decked from behind by Smothers.
Full-nelson by Smothers gets countered by Meanie. Guido tries to dropkick Meanie but kicks his partner instead. As Meanie covers, Guido tries to save and drops an elbow on Smothers. Guido points at Meanie and is forced into a Paisan elbow on Smothers with Meanie. Nova quickly comes in and clotheslines Guido as Meanie slams Smothers.
Smothers is so out of it that he walks into Finnegan and gets slammed. HA! Guido takes exception and receives one as well. The crowd eats it up with a spoon. Finnegan rolls him over and Meanie gives them a 2 count before Smothers tries to save with a splash but hits Guido’s knees instead. This heel miscommunication is off the charts.
As the crowd chants “ECW” again Meanie drops another elbow. Nova hits the missile dropkick on Guido. When Guido charges, Nova backdrops him over the top rope onto Smothers then hits a corkscrew plancha onto both men. In “appreciation” for his efforts Rich drops Nova groin-first on the steel railing. Smothers tosses him back in and tags in Guido.
Guido gives Nova an inverted atomic drop then Smothers gives him a bicycle kick that leads to a 2 count. While Guido executes the side Russian legsweep on Nova, Smothers superkicks him as well. After Smothers slams Nova Guido delivers a top rope legdrop. Guido baits Meanie then the FBI double-teams Nova with kicks. Another tag is made and the FBI delivers a pair of elbows to Nova’s midsection followed by a double side Russian legsweep and a Paisan elbow.
As Smothers goes to work on Nova in the corner the crowd chants “Nova!” After some punches are exchanged Smothers gives Nova a thrust to the throat and a sidekick. Guido tags in, slowly mounts the top turnbuckle, but gets caught with the “scream machine” (flapjack). Meanie tags in and clotheslines both FBI members. A double-noggin-knocker attempt gets broken up. Rather they whip Meanie off the ropes, miss a double-clothesline, and get clotheslined in return. A double cross-corner whip gets botched then Nova clotheslines Smothers over the top rope. Nova follows with a pescado.
Meanwhile Meanie slams Smothers and mounts the top turnbuckle. Rich tries to stop him and gets clobbered. Due to the distraction the Meaniesault misses. Rich tosses the flag in. Guido misses the first swing but hits Meanie on the second effort. Suddenly Nova catches Guido and gives him “Novacaine” for the pin. The comedy and Nova’s skills made this match extremely entertaining. “YMCA” by the Village People helps Meanie, Nova, and the crowd to celebrate the victory. ***
Next we get a promo for the grudge match between Justin Credible and Mikey Whipwreck.
Match 2: Justin Credible (w/ Jason and Chastity) versus Mikey Whipwreck
After Credible is introduced Mikey wastes no time getting to the ring. A quick attempt at a Whippersnapper gets countered with a shove. Mikey then comes off the ropes and spears Credible. After softening him up, Mikey cross-corner whips Credible who flips all the way to the floor!
Mikey meets Credible on the floor and whips him into the steel railing. Credible comes back, tries to whip Mikey, but gets whipped into the front row! After Mikey gives him a tour of the front row he executes the side Russian legsweep into the railing. In our first lewd chant of the evening the crowd wants Mikey to “fuck him up.”  Many more would result later directed at Francine. Mikey tries to execute another side Russian legsweep from the apron to the steel railing but gets tossed into it himself.
Astonishingly Joey insinuates that Stone Cold Steve Austin learned the Stone Cold Stunner from Mikey Whipwreck during his time in ECW. While Mikey and Credible brawl at ringside the crowd gets on Chastity’s case. They re-enter the ring, and Jason hands Credible a chair. Justin sets up the chair, whips Mikey off the ropes, kicks him in the gut, and then sends Mikey face-first to the steel chair. After Credible puts the boots to him in the corner, Jason places a chair in front of Mikey’s chest and Credible drives a knee right into it. Mikey gets sandwiched between the chair and the bottom turnbuckle.
Credible hoists Mikey out of the corner and straight onto the chair earning a 2 count. While he lays some punches onto Mikey’s head the crowd chants “Aldo!” Credible whips him off the ropes but MIkey hooks the backslide and gets a low blow. Again he tries the Whippersnapper but receives an inverted DDT instead. Justin tosses him out of the ring.
Dastardly Jason gives MIkey a backbreaker on the floor then sets him up on a table. Before Credible can climb a corner of the steel railing Mikey gets up and throws a chair right at him. Mikey then mounts the steel railing and gives Credible a superplex through the table! Truly this is the first of many “Holy Shit” moments tonight.
Both men re-enter the ring and pick themselves up using chairs. To further aid Credible Jason hooks Mikey’s leg. When Credible charges with the chair Mikey scatters then splatters Credible with his chair! Mikey cross-corner whips Justin who does the Shawn Michaels flip. A boot to the midsection leads to a swinging neckbreaker by Mikey. He sets up the steel chair on the top turnbuckle then proceeds to catapult Credible face-first into it! A schoolboy gets another 2 count.
Mikey takes Credible to the opposite corner then gives him a Franken-Mikey. A whip by Mikey gets reversed into a bodyscissors attempt then the Whippersnapper. Unfortunately Mikey can’t capitalize immediately. Jason comes in the ring and tries an enziguri but Mikey ducks. Jason then receives the Whippersnapper.
Chastity gets in the ring and climbs on Mikey’s back. Although she gets thrown rather gingerly Mikey puts her on the top turnbuckle and delivers the SuperWhippersnapper to her! As Credible stalks Mikey with a chair he gets another shot to the gut. Mikey tries to tombstone Credible on the chair but gets reversed into “That’s Incredible” on the chair for the pin. **1/2
Joey offers his post-match analysis when Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney burst through the ECW banner behind him. Rotten cuts a promo on the tag champs by referring to Candido as a “pussy-whipped little sissy.” Yowza!
AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” plays as Lance Storm and Chris Candido make their entrance. Candido goes back through the curtain and “Back In Black” escorts him to the ring.
Match 3 for the ECW World Tag Team titles: Lance Storm and Chris Candido (champions) versus Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney
Once again Candido corrects the ring announcer to announce him first. The champs quibble a bit over that. AC/DC’s “Big Balls” plays Rotten and Mahoney from the balcony through the crowd to the ring. Candido gets on the microphone and instructs the ring announcer to introduce the challengers. The crowd chants “Balls.”
Candido and Rotten start. They tie up and Candido grabs the arm. After some remarkable chain wrestling on Rotten’s part (although expected by Candido) Rotten gives Candido a waistlock takedown and a front chancery but Candido makes the ropes. A quick right hand puts Candido down but not out as Storm tags in.
Storm and Rotten tie up, and Storm grabs a hammerlock to take control. Rotten counters into a side headlock then holds Storm’s arm and tags in Mahoney. Balls drives his elbow into the arm then hammers it with fists as the crowd again chants “Balls!” He cross-corner whips Storm but misses on a blind charge. With precision Storm dropkicks him then whips him off the ropes. However, a mistimed leapfrog leads to a low blow and a clothesline.
Rotten tags in. Mahoney hoists Storm up in a backbreaker over his shoulder (similar to Superstar Billy Graham) and Rotten knocks him to the mat. After a whip by Rotten, Storm nails him with a spinning heel kick. Candido forcibly tags himself in. Yet another spat between the champs occurs until Candido walks straight into an armdrag. Rotten holds the armbar to maintain control. Mahoney tags in. Rotten whips Candido off the ropes and gives him a drop toehold. Mahoney comes off the ropes and legdrops Candido across the back of the neck.
After a 2 count Mahoney grabs the chinlock. Candido shoots him off and receives a shoulderblock. Mahoney takes Candido to the corner and works on him with jabs. He then cross-corner whips Candido. In anticipation of Mahoney following him Candido leapfrogs but to no avail. Instead Balls just punches him in the head.
Another cross-corner whip is followed by a hiptoss and a dropkick by Mahoney! He then tries a spinning heel kick, but Candido dumps him over the top rope. Candido attempts to give Mahoney a pescado but Balls catches him and drops him on the steel railing. Storm tries to interfere and gets run into Candido for his troubles. As incredulous as it sounds Rotten executes a slingshot senton over the top rope onto all three men!
As soon as Rotten re-enters the ring Candido tosses Storm back in. After an Irish whip Rotten clotheslines Storm. Rotten tries coming off the ropes again but gets a knee in the back from Candido then a spinning heel kick from Storm. Candido comes in, tags himself in, and then tosses Storm through the ropes to the floor.
While Candido works on Rotten with punches to the head Storm returns and tries to confront Candido. However, the referee ushers him back to his corner. Candido then delivers a delayed vertical suplex to Rotten. Storm tags in and rams Rotten’s head into the top turnbuckle a couple of times. On the third try Rotten comes back with chops. A cross-corner whip by Rotten is reversed, but Candido eats boot on a blind charge.
While Storm superkicks Rotten and gets a 2 count the crowd vehemently chants “Free Ric Flair!” For those unaware this was during a time period where Flair was “suspended” by Eric Bischoff for missing a Thunder telecast due to his attendance at his son’s wrestling tournament. Needless to say suspending Flair did not help Nitro’s ratings whatsoever.
Regardless Candido tags in and the champs give Rotten a double back elbow. After a 2 count Candido maintains control with a reverse chinlock. Rotten elbows his way out, comes off the ropes, and gives Candido a sunset flip for a 2 count. Another clothesline puts Candido down. When Rotten tries to back his way up to the middle turnbuckle Candido catches him with a forearm. Candido then gives Rotten a huracanrana.
Candido struts to celebrate, but Mahoney takes his head off with a clothesline. Rotten covers, but Storm saves his partner. While arguing with Storm Candido gets caught on the middle turnbuckle. Candido gets separation from Rotten and tries a dropkick. Rotten catches him and tries to catapult him into the top turnbuckle. Candido fights out, but Rotten lands head-first to Candido’s groin. YEE-OUCH! Along with me the crowd feels sympathy pain for Candido.
Rotten valiantly tries to make the tag, but Storm nails Mahoney before Rotten can get there. The champs whip Rotten off the ropes, double leapfrog him, and whiff on a flapjack. To counter Rotten gives the champs a double DDT. Mahoney tags in with fists followed by slams for the champs. He whips Storm off the ropes and delivers a great powerslam. A pin attempt is thwarted by a Candido save.
Candido takes Mahoney to the corner and gives him a cross-corner whip. Mahoney reverses, and Candido again tries to leapfrog him. Mahoney catches him on his shoulder and readies him for the Nutcracker Suite. All of a sudden Sunny comes in the ring and slaps the taste out of Mahoney’s mouth! Balls grabs her to give her the move, but Storm interjects with a boot to the back. After Candido recognizes that Storm saved Sunny he shoves Storm into the challenger’s corner. A double cross-corner whip by the challengers gets reversed and they run into one another.
Storm tosses Rotten to the floor then gives him a springboard plancha. In the ring Mahoney gives Candido the Nutcracker Suite. Joey declares the match over. In lieu of covering him for the pin Mahoney returns to his corner to retrieve his chair. Out of nowhere Storm delivers a missile dropkick from across the ring! Storm covers, but Candido chairs him in the back. What a glory hog. Candido covers and gets the pin. Sunny and Chris hug after the match. Candido raises both belts overhead. Storm grabs his belt and receives a shot from Candido. Storm fires back and the champs fight back to the dressing room. **1/2
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Earlier tonight Joey introduced some former hardcore legends. First the Junkyard Dog is introduced. The crowd erupts with applause and a “JYD” chant. Secondly “Dirty” Dick Slater comes out. Thirdly the Masked Superstar makes his way to the ring. Finally “Bullet” Bob Armstrong rounds out the quartet of legends.
Joey then introduces ECW World Heavyweight Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Shane mentions his 16 years in the business and how it used to be called a sport. Also he recognizes that wrestlers used to wrestle hurt all the time back then. Nowadays wrestlers “stub their toe and take six months off and still collect a paycheck…that’s a bunch of shit.”
He mentions his days in the World Wrestling Federation and the crowd boos. He mentions having a scheduled match with Shawn Michaels. Instead of wrestling “the pussy walked out to the ring and handed me a belt…the WWF Intercontinental belt meant shit in this sport. Right down the road is CNN Center…(crowd boos)…and they got a guy who wrestles in that company by the name of Dick Flair, and he sucks Bischoff’s ass.” Crowd didn’t like that one. “I’ve called his old ass out for 4 years now, and he ain’t coming. I wish he would. You can boo me all you want, ‘cuz I don’t like the old son of a bitch.” He mentions his injuries and touts himself as the greatest world champion of all time.
Suddenly Taz’s music hits. He makes his way to the ring wearing a tank top displaying the letters “FTW.” Taz gets in Douglas’ face and instructs him to tell the audience who busted his arm and face. He refers to himself as the uncrowned heavyweight champion. Taz wants Douglas to hand over the belt. Out of sheer stupidity Douglas asks Taz if he wants an ass-kicking and Taz pops him. He then applies the Tazmission. Security breaks it up quickly as Douglas writhes in pain on the mat.
From out of the dressing room Bam Bam Bigelow attacks Taz. The two men go toe-to-toe at ringside. Security handcuffs and escorts Taz out. Keep in mind that was before the WWF had Steve Austin “arrested” on RAW. Back in the ring the Triple Threat and Francine tend to Douglas who is spitting up blood according to Joey.
Outside the building security is hauling Taz away and into a sedan. Holy shit! Taz busts out the window! Back in the ring Candido and Francine assist Douglas back to the dressing room. While Bigelow remains in the ring Joey questions whether or not the main event will transpire.
Match 4: Bam Bam Bigelow versus New Jack
New Jack drags a trash can full of plunder to the ring. Before New Jack can even get in the ring BBB is all over him like flies on manure. After an avalanche Bigelow grabs a guitar but whiffs on his attempt to destroy New Jack. A sign to the head turns the tide and a crutch to the gut doubles BBB over. A shot to the back puts him on the mat. For the exclamation point a metal pan between the eyes keeps him there.
New Jack grabs a Godzilla action figure and puts it between Bigelow’s legs. He then gets the hockey stick and scores a GOAL! Even I cringed on that one. BBB rolls to the outside to regain the bass in his voice. New Jack joins him at ringside but makes mistake #8571 by headbutting him. In order to capitalize Bigelow grabs a chair and waffles him in the back. Another chair shot goes to the head this time. Bigelow tosses the chair at New Jack’s head. To no one’s surprise New Jack is busted open. He tosses New Jack into the front row, dives over the steel railing, and squashes New Jack like a bug.
In a scene that would resemble WWE Main Event Style during the Attitude Era they take the fight into the bleachers and then amongst the spectators. Bigelow throws the chairs on top of New Jack then rams his head into the wall. He sets him up against a steel railing near the back of the building; however, New Jack gets out of the way so that BBB eats the steel. If it tastes like chocolate I’d be shocked. While Bigelow tries to catch his breath New Jack makes his way up to the balcony and grabs a guitar. After climbing over the safety rail he just drops one story down to the concrete floor and nails BBB in the head with the guitar! Truly our second “Holy Shit!” moment of the evening.
Now Bigelow is busted open. He puts New Jack over his shoulder, carries him to the entranceway, and then fireman-carries New Jack back to the ring. Once he gets back in the ring he gives New Jack the Greetings from Asbury Park and pins him. As Guns’N’Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” plays Bigelow tosses the plunder from the ring at New Jack. * for the stunt.
A promo for the Sandman/Dreamer –Dudley Boyz match is shown.
Match 5: The Dudley Boyz (w/ Joel Gertner, Big Dick Dudley, and Sign Guy Dudley) versus Tommy Dreamer and Sandman (w/ Beulah)
Joel fluffs himself on the microphone before he introduces his team. But before he can do that Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” plays. Sandman, Dreamer, and Beulah (YUM!) make their way to the ring. It should be noted that Sandman is not wearing a neck brace while Joel is. Sandman has his customary beer and cigarette during his entrance. According to Joey “this is going to be a war.”
Joey also points out that Sandman has a pinched nerve in his neck and compressed vertebrae. While Sandman walks around ringside blatantly giving away his neck injury Dreamer does a body shot of beer off Beulah. After Dreamer and Sandman get introduced they spit beer in the eyes of the Dudley Boyz and clothesline Big Dick out of the ring.
The bell rings and the Dudley Boyz jump Dreamer and Sandman. Double Irish whip gets reversed into a double hiptoss and a pair of clotheslines. Thinking retreat is their best option the Dudleys head for higher ground, yet Dreamer and Sandman follow right after them. Each Dudley gets whipped into the steel railing. Sandman gives Bubba Ray the table suplex. Each Dudley gets tossed into the front row and draped over the steel railing. While Tommy holds chairs over both of their heads Sandman legdrops the chairs!
As the Dudley Boyz look like they’ve been sent into the middle of next week Tommy flips them back to ringside. Dreamer tosses D-Von back in the ring then hoists him backwards on the top turnbuckle. Dreamer then delivers the hangman’s neckbreaker to him. In the meantime Sandman tosses the steel railing into the ring. Bubba falls victim to a splash/slingshot legdrop combo. Next Dreamer sets up the steel railing in the corner and cross-corner whips D-Von into it. Sandman tries to do the same to Bubba but gets reversed and thrown back-first into the railing.
Dreamer checks on Sandman and rolls him to the apron. As he protects Sandman the Dudley Boyz then lay some shots on Tommy. They whip him into the ropes and give him a double back body drop. Frighteningly Sandman gets loaded onto a gurney. Double vertical suplex on Dreamer. Sandman is escorted away from ringside. Double elbow drop gets followed by a double headbutt.
D-Von whips Dreamer off the ropes and hits a back elbow. The crowd chants “We want 2 Cold!” What a relief. If this was held in MSG they’d chant for Hogan. Dreamer then receives a sidewalk slam. Bubba tags in but takes too long climbing to the top rope. Dreamer catches him and gives him a superplex. He covers Bubba but D-Von saves. To continue the punishment Bubba gives him the belly-to-back suplex, whips Tommy off the ropes, and gives him a clothesline.
Sign Guy Dudley gets up on the apron as Bubba holds Tommy’s arms behind him. Instead of hitting Dreamer he nails Bubba instead. Dreamer rolls him up, but D-Von has the referee occupied. Dreamer attacks Sign Guy but gets walloped by his sign. Belly-to-back suplex/hangman’s neckbreaker by the Dudley Boyz. While Big Dick lifts the steel railing back into the ring Joey requests that the match be stopped.
After the Dudley Boyz position the steel railing mid-ring D-Von crotches Dreamer onto it. Months before Edge and Christian started to use it the Dudley Boyz give him the Con-chair-to. From out of nowhere Spike Dudley mounts the top turnbuckle and missile dropkicks the steel railing into both Dudley Boyz! He walks over the railing a couple of times then splashes it from the second turnbuckle. Next Spike gives the Acid Drop to D-Von then to Bubba on the steel railing.
As the Dudley Boyz try to regroup outside the ring Spike tries to give them a plancha. Unfortunately for him he’s only 150 pounds so they catch him easily. Fortunately for him, however, Dreamer executes a pescado onto everyone to knock everyone down. Dreamer tosses D-Von into the ring, ties him to the tree of woe, and places a chair in his face. Tommy goes to the opposite corner, but Sign Guy grabs his leg. Shortly afterwards Big Dick gets in the ring and gives Dreamer “Total Penetration” (standing choke into a sit-out powerbomb).
Bubba sets up Spike for the Bubba bomb but Spike escapes and delivers a low blow. While Dreamer and Bubba are on their hands and knees mid-ring Spike runs across them and dropkicks the chair into D-Von’s face! Stuck in the corner D-Von convulses and lands on the canvas. Spike works over Bubba until Big Dick comes back in, lifts Spike into a torture rack position (with the crowd booing), then plants him with the Big Dick Driver.
Sign Guy comes in the ring to taunt Spike then Beulah comes in the ring and kicks Sign Guy “down there” and DDT’s him. Beulah’s hardcore!  Before she can escape D-Von grabs her. Spike stops him but gets whipped into the ropes and given the Dudley Death Drop. Miraculously the Sandman returns! While wearing a neck brace he canes both Dudley Boyz then has to cane Big Dick four times before he goes down! In order to give them their receipt Sandman and Dreamer cane and chairshot the Dudley Boyz. Stereo DDTs lead to stereo pinfalls and a victory for our heroes! Alice In Chains’ “Man In The Box” plays as the victors try to recover post-match. **1/2
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Next we get the promo for RVD-Sabu.
Following that promo a clever segment featuring Fonzie and who he will manage is shown. During the first part of the segment he stands next to Sabu, and during the second part he stands next to RVD. Fonzie says he’ll manage both so he can still manage the TV champion.
Before the next match starts referee Jeff Jones is supposedly assigned this match. Joey states that he’s been “on the take” and affiliated with Bill Alfonso for at least 8 months.
Match 6 for the ECW World Television title: “Mr. Monday Night” RVD (champion) versus Sabu
The ring announcer screws up and says this match is for the World Tag Team titles. Immediately Jeff Jones corrects him. Sabu comes to the ring with Fonzie. Pantera’s “Walk” plays RVD to the ring. To start the match Sabu keeps diving at RVD’s legs but RVD gets out of the way. Ultimately Sabu gets the single leg takedown but misses the elbow drop.
RVD misses a spin kick then Sabu misses a clothesline. RVD waistlocks Sabu, but Sabu gets the standing switch. RVD counters with an armbar, but Sabu counters with a headscissors. RVD immediately pops out. More catch-as-catch-can wrestling occurs until RVD tries to roll Sabu up against the ropes. Sabu hangs on though. RVD tries a leapfrog, but Sabu won’t bite. When Sabu tries to run at him RVD drops down split-legged. RVD tries to monkey-flip Sabu but it doesn’t work either. They reach a stalemate before punches are exchanged. Establishing the fact that these two guys not only know how to wrestle as partners but as opponents makes this a very intriguing matchup.
RVD gets on the microphone and says that he and Sabu have a plan and this match won’t take place. RVD raises Sabu’s arm with his, but Jones lowers both of them. RVD shoves Jones into the corner, drops down on all fours to set up Sabu’s Whisper In the Wind, but Sabu kicks RVD instead. Wow! RVD has been double-crossed! Sabu punches and kicks RVD then whips him to the corner to deliver a springboard heel kick.
Sabu then goes to the apron and gives RVD the springboard somersault legdrop. RVD exits the ring, but Sabu catches him with a springboard somersault plancha. When they regain their feet Sabu whips RVD into the steel railing. Shortly thereafter he rolls RVD back into the ring. After RVD rolls all the way across the ring Sabu gives him a modified camel clutch.
Sabu attempts to whip RVD off the ropes but gets reversed. RVD tries to give him a back body drop, but Sabu lands on his feet. In a unique twist they switch roles on the back body drop and RVD lands on his feet. Sabu isn’t impressed and dropkicks RVD in the knee. RVD delivers the same message to Sabu then gives him a corkscrew legdrop for a 2 count.
RVD maneuvers Sabu first into a surfboard then a bow-and-arrow until Sabu reaches the ropes. He stomps the face then the knee. After putting his head on the apron RVD gives Sabu the guillotine legdrop. Upon re-entering the ring RVD works on Sabu’s leg and gives him a single-leg Boston Crab. Once Sabu gets to his feet RVD gives him a sidekick to the jaw.
RVD exits the ring and repositions the timekeeper’s table. Without hesitation Sabu executes a tope onto RVD. Sabu ensures the table is bridged between the apron and the steel railing, hoists RVD onto the table, hits him to keep him there, and levels him with a chair. Before Sabu can perform the triple jump legdrop RVD escapes to the front row. Sabu catches himself and launches onto RVD anyways.
RVD throws Sabu and a chair back in the ring. As he makes his way to the top rope Sabu throws the chair at his head with an audible THUMP. Even the crowd is in awe. As you would expect RVD falls to the floor. Sabu greets him on the floor and the two combatants exchange blows. RVD picks Sabu up, crotches him on the railing (albeit gently), hands a chair for Fonzie to hold in front of Sabu, and springboard kicks Sabu off the steel railing minus the chair. Afterwards RVD questions Fonzie. He then hooks Sabu for a vertical suplex and drops him midsection first on the steel railing. Exhibiting great balance RVD leaps to the steel railing and legdrops Sabu. He tries to do it again, but Sabu counters and crotches RVD instead. He then gives RVD an Asai moonsault and returns to the ring. When RVD re-enters Sabu gets a 2 count. Sabu picks up the chair and throws it in RVD’s face again!
Sabu sets up the chair and attempts the triple jump moonsault but RVD escapes. RVD returns the favor by throwing the chair in Sabu’s face. RVD crotches Sabu on the top rope, chops him, and then delivers a slingshot sidekick ¾ of the way across the ring! Then he sets up the chair and executes an unbelievably perfect tope con hilo vaulting over both the chair and the ropes! Make that “Holy Shit!” moment #3!
He tosses Sabu back in the ring, repositions the table again, receives zero help from Fonzie, and attempts to kill Sabu by suplexing him from inside the ring through the table below. Fortunately Sabu blocks the suplex attempt. He then gives RVD an Arabian press while RVD was straddling the middle rope. Again Sabu bridges the table between the apron and steel railing and throws the chair into RVD’s head. Sabu tosses RVD onto the table and sets up a chair. As Sabu jumps to the top rope he gives RVD the DDT on the table which doesn’t break. Number 4, anyone?
Sabu tosses RVD back in, but RVD kicks Sabu in the legs to take control. As RVD mounts the second turnbuckle Sabu nails him in the face yet again with the chair! Someone please pass the Excedrin to RVD! After Sabu positions a half-broken table he gives RVD a huracanrana onto it! With Sabu’s head on the apron below a chair RVD leaps to the top rope and legdrops him again!
RVD exits the ring and whips Sabu midsection first into the steel railing. He then gives him a spinkick. When RVD tries to mount the corner of the steel railing Sabu runs into it crotching RVD. As RVD sits split-legged on the steel railing punches are exchanged, and then once more for our entertainment Sabu tosses the chair at RVD’s head. To follow up he jumps on the steel railing and gives RVD another hurancanrana this time to the concrete.
After both men re-enter the ring RVD tosses a chair to Sabu and gives him the Van Daminator. He pulls Sabu to the center of the ring but only gets a 2 count. He then leaps to the top turnbuckle and gives him the ***** frog splash for a shocking 2 count. Sabu tosses the chair again at RVD then dropkicks the knee to put him down on the mat. He sets up a chair and gives him the triple jump legdrop for another shocking 2 count.
RVD fights Sabu to the corner, cross-corner whips him, places a chair in the middle of the ring, then somersault monkey-flips Sabu through the air onto the chair! The crowd chants “Rob Van Dam!” RVD misses a couple of kicks, so Sabu clips RVD again then executes an Arabian facebuster to the back of RVD’s head!
Sabu tosses yet another table into the ring then tries to set it up, but the table leg breaks. BOO! The crowd groans and chants “you fucked up!” RVD mounts the second turnbuckle and sidekicks Sabu onto the collapsed table. Then he gives him a standing legdrop. He exits the ring and finds yet another table under the ring and throws it in. While RVD gloats Sabu tosses a chair at him again!
Successfully Sabu sets up the table to a collective cheer from the sarcastic crowd. Next he brings RVD into the ring but misses a clothesline. RVD springboard sidekicks Sabu onto the table, nails him with a chair to the face, mounts the second turnbuckle, and checks the wind? There’s cocky and there’s stupid. He came extremely close to that line with that stunt. Sabu catches RVD temporarily but gets kicked back down to the table. RVD then gives him another ***** frog splash through the table!  Yet it only gets a 2 count! “Holy Shit” #5 moment of the night there.
RVD then hooks Sabu with a butterfly then pancakes him for a 2 count. Sabu comes back with a springboard knee to the face for his own 2 count. He follows with another springboard somersault legdrop then a german suplex with a bridge for a 2 count. RVD slams Sabu then gives him the split-legged moonsault for another 2 count. Sabu comes back with a springboard Arabian press and gets another 2 count. Inexplicably the bell rings. Both wrestlers look at Jones for a decision as the crowd loudly chants “we want more!” Jones rules the match a 30 minute time-limit draw. RVD retains. ****
Shane Douglas cuts a promo from his dressing room.
Paul Heyman narrates some ECW history about Shane Douglas.
Al Snow cuts a very convincing promo that he’ll win the title tonight. “The head told me so.”
Match 7 for the ECW World Heavyweight title: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas (champion) versus Al Snow (w/ Head)
While Douglas received a standard entrance Snow receives a hero’s welcome with lighting, tons of Styrofoam heads, and techno music to the ring. As Douglas chooses to wrestle without the brace Joey calls it a big mistake. Douglas “draws the line in the sand” by laying the belt down between Snow and himself and eggs him on.
They tie up and jockey for position along the ropes. Douglas gets the first chop in, but Snow fires right back then it becomes a chop fest with the entire arena yelling “Woo!” Douglas attempts to throw a right hand, but Snow catches the arm, takes him down, and holds an armbar. Desperately Douglas scampers to the ropes to break.
Douglas kicks and punches then whips Snow off the ropes and gives him a double sledge in lieu of an elbow. As Snow works over Douglas the crowd claps their Styrofoam heads together. Snow takes an eternity getting to the top rope, so Douglas greets him there. They exchange punches, and Snow headbutts Douglas down to the mat. As soon as Snow gets his balance on the top rope Francine knocks him down then tosses him out of the ring by his hair!
Douglas tries to baseball-slide Snow but misses and eats a right hand for his troubles. After a brief flurry of offense Snow crotches Douglas on the steel railing. He then picks him up and crotches him on the ring post. Following that Snow tosses Douglas back in, shoulderblocks him, and gets a 2 count. After another shoulderblock Snow gets caught and dropped on the top rope. Douglas then dropkicks Snow to the steel railing.
Douglas joins Snow on the outside and drops him on the steel railing. He re-enters the ring, mounts the top turnbuckle, and leaps at Snow in the front row. It appears he landed on his bad elbow. They exchange punches and chops while returning to ringside. Douglas tosses him back in, goes to work on him, and then hooks a reverse chinlock. Subsequently Douglas gives him an inverted rolling neck snap then sets up four chairs in the ring. After punches are exchanged Douglas gives Snow an inverted atomic drop as Snow lands on a couple of the chairs. Douglas then follows with a powerbomb on the chairs.
Douglas whips Snow off the ropes, lifts him for a flapjack, but gets DDT’d. Snow gives Douglas a pair of clotheslines and attempts the Snow Plow. Douglas escapes.  Candido runs in but gets hammered by Snow. Candido gets tossed over the top rope onto Bigelow. Out of nowhere Douglas nails the belly-to-belly suplex but only gets a 2 count!
The ECW wrestlers have come through the curtain to witness the match firsthand. Douglas cross-corner whips Snow who flips over the turnbuckle onto the apron. He knocks Douglas down then gives Candido and Bigelow an Asai moonsault on the floor! Douglas greets Snow on the outside but loses the battle and gets tossed back in. Snow mounts the top turnbuckle, hits the high cross body, loses momentum as Douglas rolls through, but kicks out at 2.
Douglas misses a haymaker, and Snow grabs him and gives him the Snow Plow! Unbelievably Douglas kicks out at 2! Francine goes in the ring. Snow grabs her and gives her the Snow Plow! As Candido comes in Snow nails him with Head. Bigelow tries to interfere, but Axl Rotten stops him. Snow mounts the top turnbuckle with Head and tries to give Douglas a sunset flip. He misses and Douglas hooks the legs and pins him. Douglas retains as the crowd pelts the ring with their Styrofoam heads. Both men get hoisted onto wrestler’s shoulders and shake hands. **1/2
If I had to judge a card based solely on the main event I would say this show was mediocre at best. If not, then it’s a one match (TV title) show. While Al Snow can run with the big boys his biggest move came against Douglas’ henchmen instead of the champion. I understand how limited Douglas was in this match but it could have been better. As far as the rest of the card goes the RVD-Sabu matchup was incredible with so many high spots. If you have not seen that match please locate it. Without a sufficient ending one would think these guys would have future matchups. While the Sandman match had an unpredictable finish the meat in the middle lacked some flavor.
The promos for the main event were golden. If these words had been spoken prior to the show more buys could have been possible. The “shoot” promo from Douglas on Michaels and Flair was a sign of things to come in the near future during the Monday Night Wars. Taz’s involvement made for great sports entertainment. Check this show out for yourselves and see if you were as entertained as I was.
Although I wonder how Paul Heyman and Joey Styles will spin the PPV on next week’s show. Stay tuned!
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  1. And here's another reason why Paul Heyman is overrated as a promoter.

    Here we have Al Snow at the height of his popularity. The fans were waiting to see him wint he title, and Dogulas was about to head off to sugery, so there was NO REASON why Snow couldn't have won the belt here. Even a very short reign would have been sufficient.

    But of course Paul Heyman just couldn't be flexible, he just had to have Taz vs. Douglas as the payoff so he cut Snow down and Snow never recovered from that, even when he left for the WWF.

    Never mind the whole "the WWF wanted him back thing". Snow still should have won the title here.

  2. This show was awful.  I remember watching this for the first time on pay per view.  It was the first ECW ppv show that was being broadcast by my cable provider at the time.  I was really excited for this show being my first ECW pay per view purchase.  The promotional video airing before this ppv, the interviews and commercial leading up to the show.

    After the show was over.  I was disappointed.  Dull matches and a HORRIBLE Atlanta crowd.  Man, that crowd sucked the life out of that show.   

  3. It's like Scott sez, Paul was often all build and no payoff.

  4. Taz vs shane douglas...well at least we know why ecw went under

  5. But at least we got to hear Shane whine how everything that went wrong is somebody else's fault.

    Pssst Shane. The reason Shawn and Flair never jobbed to you is because you sucked.

  6. Wow, Scott & Gary couldn't be farther apart in ratings for these matches. Having never seen this show myself, I couldn't tell you whose was closer to my opinion, unfortunately. But I do remember how quickly Sabu went from "Ohmyfuckinggodyouhavetoseethisguywrestle" to "PFFFFFT Spot-worker" to the internet fans. It happened almost overnight, too.

  7.  Snow was back on WWF TV by 11th May, so it would have to have been a really, really short reign; which would have done nothing for the Taz-Douglas match down the line as the fans would have seen that Douglas could have been beat for the title if he had lost it to Snow.

  8. You mention this being before Austin was arrested on WWF TV but the first time I can recall him being arrested was the Pillman shooting angle back in October 1996 and then again a year later from RAW in MSG when he first stunnered Vince

  9. You were WAY too kind with your star ratings. This show is absolutely abysmal.

  10. Nonsense. Everything good that happened in wrestling really happened in ECW first. Even things that were invented in the 80s were stolen from ECW.

  11. I have that caveat in the back of my brain when it comes to Sabu matches. Some of the matches that have been shown on Hardcore TV around this time are awful and spotty. I rated them accordingly. However, the tried-and-true method of 2 workers who respect and trust one another putting on great matches applies here. Hence, their match wasn't so spot-rific and was exciting and entertaining and received a high rating.

  12. Technically Austin wasn't arrested on the Pillman gun angle RAW. I was referring to the fall 1998 RAW when Austin drove the Zamboni to the ring and attacked Vince.

  13. I realize ECW isn't Puro or even 2000 WWF, but compared to the ECW and WCW shows in 2000 this show fares much better. Perhaps when I review Heat Wave '98 I'll reconsider.

  14. I don't know, I liked a lot of the ECW shows from 2000. This was all over the shop bad - not quite on the level of November to Remember 97, but close.

  15. I remember ordering this show and wow was I underwhelemed.  Sabu vs RVD was something all of us were looking forward to cause we were violent spotmonkey match fans at that point and even still we couldnt stand that match.  It was pathetic at the end when its obvious they were hoping the crowd would loudly chante 5 more mins and they were able to scrape together 5 or 6 to chant it.  And Shane keeping the belt was such a horrible letdown.

  16. Don't you mean stolen from Nova?


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