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Fwd: Podcast Plug

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From: "Justin Rozzero" <>
Date: Sep 6, 2012 8:54 PM
Subject: Podcast Plug
To: "Scott Keith" <>

Scott -

Hoping you can toss us a plug. We recently conducted an interesting
two part interview with Downtown Bruno Lauer a/k/a Harvey Wippleman.
He talks about his long career, coming up through the territories, his
time in WWF as a manager and his current role backstage in WWE today.
He also opened up about the tragic car accident that took the life of
Joey Marella in 1994. Bruno was really open and talked about anything
we threw his way. There is a lot of cool territory stuff in there for
older fans as well. Hope you enjoy and thanks as always.

- Justin R.


  1. Listened to this on a bus ride to Uptown Charlotte, and this is tremendous.


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