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Just wanted to say I'm shocked to find you're doing rants again! In a good way. You're the reason I created an e-fed about 12 years ago. I ran the thing for a decade, using your ratings on Raw and Nitro to make sure my cards didn't read like total crap -- and that the storylines, etc. all made sense. 

Well, I never did Nitro, but thanks regardless.  I never really left as such; the blog has been running in various forms for almost 10 years now.  

Anyway -- Here's a few questions for you regarding the current state of wrestling: 
What can TNA to get Samoa Joe over again? 
Why is AJ Styles on the midcard do you think? 
CM Punk -- You think he retains at HiaC to surpass the Cena title reign? seems to be pushing that angle a little. 

1.  Let him beat people up and then unveil him as the leader of the Aces & Eights.
2.  Because he had his run at the top and he's the kind of guy to step aside and let other people have their runs.
3.  Unless he's injured or fired beforehand, he will be taking the belt to the Rumble and losing it to the Rock.  You can pretty much bet real money on that.

And finally: 
What do you think the best build up / introduction of a wrestler has been in these eras? 
WWF Superstars Era (80s) 
WWF Attitude Era
WCW Saturday Night Era (80s) 
WCW Nitro / nWo Era 
Current WWE 
Current TNA 

1.  Razor Ramon
2.  Val Venis
3.  Lex Luger
4.  Berlyn
5.  Alberto Del Rio
6.  Kurt Angle


  1. I'm not so sure about HiaC because you're not factoring in WWE's ADD. I absolutely would bet real money on Punk VS Rock at Rumble, but I'm not so sure he retains at HiaC. Knowing WWE they'll hotshot the title onto Cena then have Punk win it back at SS or TLC via EVIL SHENANIGANS!!

  2. Knowing that The Rock will be the one to end Punk's epic reign is slightly depressing. I guess Punk losing, entering the Rumble and winning it, and beating Rock at WM would redeem it but no way in hell that happens.

  3. WWF Superstars Era: I would say Ted Dibiase because he went from no one to world champ (sort of) in a few months.
    WWF Attitude Era: Y2J
    WCW Saturday Night: Sting
    For WCW Nitro Era: I would go with the reintroduction of Rick Rude because he was on Raw an hour later with a beard and that was truly such a shocking moment; that made WWF look bush league and made WCW cool. 2nd would be Lex Luger or Scott Hall.Current WWE: Wade Barrett in the Nexus
    Current TNA: Kurt Angle

  4. Eh.  Dropping the title to the worlds "hottest" pro wrestler, who hasn't gone for the belt in nearly a decade in front of a molten hot crowd isn't exactly a bad fate.  Sure I'd rather he drop it to a guy who could use the rub.  But I'm sure it'll be a great feud and match.

  5. I would be fine with all that if The Rock wasn't going to just drop the title two months later to Cena. I would have no problem if Rock and Punk were feuding with each from Rumble to Mania.

    It just feels like that Punk's big reign is basically just a way to get to Cena/Rock 2. And all Punk is left with is the Randy Orton special, wrestling in the first hour of WM in a match no one will remember.

  6. I understand this feeling, but stories continue after WM. I've said this before, but if the title does go Punk - Rock - Cena, then you still have Punk as the guy Cena can't beat. Big question is do they just immediately job out Punk to close that loop, or do they do something good and have Punk win back the title and torture Cena some more.

  7. WWF Superstars - Mr. Perfect
    WWF Attitude - Y2J
    Current WWE - Brodus had some great vignettes, but didn't lead to a proper debut of the same character. So yeah, ADR.

    As for WCW and TNA, nothing really stands out...Glacier was good, but the character terrible. I personally loved Mortis's debut interview...the crap Kanyon did in the background with his skull on a stick cracked me up at the time.
    Don't get TNA over here except on YouTube, so don't watch much.

    My bet is Bray Wyatt joins this list if his NXT vignettes or something like them hit before he makes his main roster debut.

  8.  I totally understand the uneasiness with Rock/Cena 2.  They fought, it was entertaining enough, but they're done...

    Let's get all Baker up in her, Punk murders Rock with a chair and gets a cheap win, then have a delirious Rock enter the Rumble and manages to squeeze out a victory.  Punk and Rock duke it out, and Cena says that he's won more titles than everybody and says he's the cornerstone of the company, lights, gong, feud, match.

  9. Um... Mortis and Kanyon were the same person.

  10. I've been saying since last WM that Rock should win the Rumble, but as a surprise 30th entrant. I think it would be way more effective as a surprise but I understand why they would want to advertise him being there. 

    I'm with you on Taker/Cena, that's another match I've been pimping for this year. The way I would Bake it: In Feb. Brock destroys Taker, Cena comes out to save and Taker takes offense at the notion he needs saving. Challenges Cena for WM. Here is how I would Bake the rest of the card.

    Rock/Punk for the WWE title
    Brock/Sheamus for the World title
    Sin Cara/Rey

    I think those will be the big five matches and they will fill out the rest of the card with meaningless multiman/secondary title matches.

  11. Cena is carrying the title for an extended run next year. His reigns in 2010 and 2011 were brief, so my hunch is that he gets a lengthy, lengthy run.

  12. This, exactly!  It really bothered me that Punk was going to hold the title for a year and then just lose it to Rock, and I couldn't quite pinpoint why. Would it be any better if he lost it to Cena?  Or Orton?  Or Sheamus?  Or Big Show?  Or Ryback?  Not really.  And it wasn't even that Punk was losing -- obviously he has to lose sometime.  So what was the problem?

    You hit the nail right on the head.  The issue is that Punk is going to be champion for over a year and he's going to lose the title, just for the title and its new champion to go onto a huge match at WrestleMania, while Punk is relegated to some throwaway match.
    Punk's reign hasn't been perfect, but he deserves better than losing to Rock and missing out on being featured as a main attraction at WrestleMania.

  13. If WWE is going to do Punk vs. Rock, I do think they'll stick with Punk as champion through that point.  ADD aside, I do think they're smart enough to realize that they'd be giving up a rare long title reign here.

  14. If they have him wrestle Punk, they get to advertise him on PPV.  Then, his fans who are disappointed he loses, will get to see him stumble out at no. 30 and get the shot.  It's IMO, genius.

    Plus Taker/Cena would be pretty fucking crazy in the "Who's going to win?" department.

  15. Cena turns heel and cheats to beat Taker. THE INTERNETS EXPLODE!

  16. I know...was referring to the character and the person in the same line.

  17. Although I wouldn't want to see Cena with another long reign, would be great to see Punk cut it off just short of the length of Punk's current reign (whenever it ends.)

  18. So, do we cheer that Cena turns heel, or boo that Cena gets to end the Streak along with all the other insufferable things he's done?


  20. It didn't involve vignettes, but doesn't out-of-the-gate wins against Meng and Barbarian + a host of others count for one Goldberg, William.

  21. Yeah, I see now that I just read it wrong.

  22. So we've got The Rock vs CM Punk vs John Cena and The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar penciled in for WrestleMania. Any guesses as to the World Title match?

  23. WWF Superstars: Earthquake. No build up, just a big fat guy in the stands and oh crap he just squashed the Warrior
    AE Era: Edge
    WCW: Wasn't watching yet.
    Nitro/nWo: Glacier
    Current: Nexus
    TNA: Angle's the only debut I've seen, and that was on tape

    Special mentions:
    Rey Mysterio in 02. Awesome promos for his debut.
    Mr. America: Made a guy for an efed i was in back in high school called mr. america. My school friends in the fed knew it was me (the hogan mark) instantly. Fast forward 4 years later, hogan steals my idea...

  24. I see Punk losing to the Rock and somehow getting himself into the World Title Match.

    Heel Punk vs Face Sheamus would be pretty good if Sheamus keeps it that long.

    I'd go for:

    Rock vs Cena
    Taker vs Lesnar
    Punk vs Sheamus
    Bryan/Kane vs ?
    Rey vs Sin Cara

    Not sure what you do with HHH though


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