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Legend of Neil

Have you seen this shit?
It has NOTHING to do with wrestling, but the premise is ridiculous.  As a gamer and someone my age, you might get a kick out of it.

I should note that I'm not able to view this video being that I'm in Canada, but Rob was very passionate about trying to find a link for that would work, so I'll put it up here for others to enjoy.  


  1. Seeing "Legends of Neil" in the title and then catching the mention of Canada in Scott's blurb erroneously led me to believe this would be something about Neil Peart.

  2. Well, I know I see Felicia Day in a whole new light now ...

  3. I saw "Neil" and "gamer," and got my hopes up that there were new Community webisodes about Fat Neil playing D&D.

  4. Legend of Neil is brilliant!!!

  5. Why can you not see it in Canada?

  6. Because Canada sucks. They block all sorts of content here. We can't access shows on Hulu and lots of stuff on Youtube. Can't watch any shows off the network (ABC/NBC/CBS/etc) sites. Good thing for Hide my Ass, only way I can watch Hulu. Stupid Fascist government.


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