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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #11

August 28, 2002

Goldylocks is talking to Brian Lawler in the parking lot. They make their way towards the arena as Lawler is about to reveal what Jarrett did to piss him off but Jarrett attacks him from behind and a mix of referees and officials break up the melee. Still no reveal as to what happened between the two.  

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

 Kid Kash vs. Amazing Red

The two trade moves for a while and neither man can establish an advantage. Kash shoves Red in the corner, who comes back with a slap. Kash charges and gets caught in a drop toehold. They then do some over-choreographed stuff before trading armdrags. Red wants a test of strength but Kash replies with a middle finger. Red kicks and then punches away. He backdrops Kash, who lands on the apron, then knocks him to the floor. Red flies outside with a flipping senton. Kash reverses an Irish whip and sends Red into the guardrail then throws a chair at him. Back in, Kash gets a flying clothesline off the top rope for two. KOD (Elevated Boston Crab) by Kash is followed by an elbow drop for two. He pokes the eyes of Red in the corner but gets booted off of a charge. Red comes off top and lands on his feet in a mistimed spot before getting a rana for two. Spinning heel kick gets two. Red gets elbowed off a charge then Kash sits on the top rope and gets a clothesline on a leaping Red for two. Powerbomb by Kash but he gets caught with a sunset bomb for two. Spinkick by Red and then a jumping STO for two. They both climb up top and Kash gets a press slam for two. They then slap each other until Red kicks Kash repeatedly in the corner. Red misses a charge and crotches himself in the middle turnbuckle as Kash hits him with a slingshot legdrop for two. Double springboard crossbody gets two. Kash gets elbowed off of a charge and Red climbs up top. Kash shoves the ref against the ropes, crotching Red, and Kash picks him up and hits the Bankruptcy (muscle buster) for the win (9:25) **1/4. After the match, Red offers Kash a handshake but gets knocked down. The Maximos run out and eventually get the Spanish Fly on Kash.

Thoughts: A spotfest if there ever was one. There was no selling and just a series of highspots. Red tried too much and failed to connect on a few occasions. The beginning was far too over-choreographed . Kash looked good and was clearly the better worker here.

Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki. She asks him about his upcoming match with Monty Borwn. Siaki proclaims that he is bigger than the Superbowl and continues to talk in the third person. Siaki and Goldylocks were better than usual here.

Sonny Siaki vs. Monty Brown

Before the match, Brown grabs the mic and tells Jarrett that he doesn’t need chairs and that he will “systematically” take him apart with his bare hands. Siaki backs Brown in the corner but Brown chops away. He stomps Siaki in the corner then tosses him outside. Brown charges but Siaki gets a drop toehold, sending him into the guardrail. Brown quickly regains the advantage and beats on Siaki for a while before rolling him back in the ring. Brown gets two off a pin. Sideslam gets two. Back elbow smash and a series off stomps by Brown leads to a few two counts. More chops by Brown and a corner splash as Brown measures Siaki. Double underhook suplex gets two. Vertical suplex gets two and Brown is getting frustrated. Brown drops Siaki with a punch then chops him some more. Chinlock by Brown that Siaki eventually breaks, only to get knocked back down. Brown drops his head and Siaki gets a DDT as both men lay down. Siaki is up first and stomps away. Clothesline gets two but Brown catches him and gets a fisherman’s suplex as both men are back down. They trade punches until Brown gets a double underhook suplex. Brown catches and nearly drops Siaki before getting a catatonic. He signals for the Alphabomb as Jarrett comes out. Siaki gets a low blow then rolls up Brown for the win (10:11) *1/4. Bob Armstrong and the Masked Bullet come out with security. Brown then beats on Jarrett and Lawler pops up from behind the guardrail and chokes out Jarrett with a belt. They brawl on the ramp until security breaks it up.

Thoughts: The match itself was not good. Brown had no business going ten minutes and Siaki is not experienced enough to carry him. Brown has a ton of charisma but besides his subpar ringwork, his attire needs improvement. It is worse than most indy wrestlers. The Jarrett and Lawler stuff after the match was tiresome as the feud is not progressing and there is very little suspense in building towards the reveal of Lawler’s anger.  

West and Tenay plug the Triple Ladder Match for the X-Division Title and a “special interview” with Brian Lawler conducted by Goldylocks. Cut backstage to Goldylocks with Slash. He has his brother, Kobain, who states that he overdoses on the sweet nectar of his pain. He’s wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. Cobain is better known as Flash Flanagan, who wrestled in OVW in the early 2000’s. Segment didn’t do anything to get you excited about these wrestlers.

Elimination Match
Backseat Boys vs. Slash & Kobain vs. Hotshots vs. Chris Harris & James Storm

Whoever scores the winning pinfall gets to be the final entrant in the Tag-Team Gauntlet for the Gold on the next live show. The Backseat Boys are Johnny Kashmere and the late Trent Acid. O’Reilly starts by chopping Kashmere but gets caught with a spinebuster. O’Reilly slaps Kashmere in the face and tags Acid. They counter each other’s moves then high five each other. They dropkick Slash off of the apron and things break down for a bit. Acid with a Yakuza kick on O’Reilly that missed by a mile. The Backseat Boyz double team the Hotshots as the others brawl outside. O’Reilly and Acid moonsault onto the others on the floor. Kashmere with a flipping senton and Stevens almost kills himself with a shooting star press onto everyone. In the ring, Stevens and Acid are the legal men. Acid beats on Stevens but he doesn’t see the tag between Stevens and Slash and gets hit with a neckbreaker for the pin, eliminating the Backseat Boys (4:12). Slash legdrops Stevens for two. Tag to Cobain and they double-team Stevens. Stevens fights back but Harris tags Kobain. He punches Stevens but O’Reilly interferes and he gets kicked down. Double dropkick by the Hotshots and Storm breaks up the pin. Another pin gets two. Chops from O’Reilly but Harris fights back and chops him down. O’Reilly goes low then gets a sitout slam. He tries a springboard moonsault but Harris gets his knees up. Lariat by Harris and tag to Kobain. Storm tags Kobain and goes up top but is inadvertently knocked of by O’Reilly. Storm blocks a Frankensteiner attempt then gets the Hanging Noose (Inverted Tornado DDT) for the pin, eliminating the Hotshots (7:53). Slash runs in and beats on Storm. Back elbow smash is followed by a helicopter slam, which gets two. Kobain tags and tosses Storm to the floor the hits him with a flipping senton. Slash rolls Storm back in and drops an elbow. Brian Lee and Ron Harris come down to the booth and state how its “bullshit” that they are not in this match. Both men are now down in the ring. Storm makes the tag and Harris goes nuts. Kobain accidentally elbow drops his own partner. Slash and Kobain try a double-team move but Storm breaks it up. Superkick by Storm and Harris covers and gets two. Storm blocks a tornado DDT attempt by Kobain then superkicks him off of the apron. Harris whips Slash into Storm but he blocks the Hanging Noose and gets a running neckbreaker for two. Ron and Lee leave the booth as Harris blocks a neckbreaker by Slash and gets the catatonic for the pin (12:49) **1/4. After the match, Lee and Ron Harris attack the winners and the rest of the teams in the match run in for a giant brawl that ends with Lee and Ron clearing the ring.

Thoughts:  Match was a mess but did flow nicely towards the end. It’s quite clear that Harris & Storm are the best tag-team in TNA. Also, the crowd is responding favorably towards them. The Backseat Boys didn’t stand out, nor did the Hotshots, but Slash & Kobain did a decent job and it helped that they had teamed before in the indies.   

Backstage, Bob Armstrong and Jarrett are arguing as Jarrett yells at him to get things in order. Jarrett says he deserves a title shot and that he will reveal the “Surprise” to the whole world then kick his ass after he is finished.

Bruce is in the ring as the crowd starts a “You’re a homo” chant. He says that everyone is jealous and that April Hunter will not take the crown.

Miss TNA Crown and $5,000 Prize
Bruce (Champion) vs. April Hunter

Bruce pushes April away but gets hit with a forearm. Armdrag and more chops by April. Headscissor takedown follows but Bruce gets a hangman’s drop and then slams her face off of the mat. Scoop slam and vertical suplex by Bruce as the crowd chants “homo.” April tries to fight back but Bruce knocks her down. Springboard sunset flip by Bruce gets one. Powerbomb by Bruce finishes the match (3:01) ¼*. After the match, Bruce tries to remove April’s top but Slyk Wagner Brown, April’s boyfriend, runs out and chases off Bruce.

Thoughts: April tried and the match wasn’t terrible but these segments are awful as a whole.  

Goldylocks is with Jimmy Yang and Jorge Estrada. She asks them about Sonny Siaki and he appears in street clothes. Siaki tells everyone that if you take your vitamins and say your prayers, you will prematurely lose your hair. That was a funny line but the whole segment was useless.

Spanish Announce Team vs. Flying Elvises

Tenay says that after the match, Lawler will reveal his problem with Jarrett. Joel and Estrada start off. They trade off a bunch of moves, some of them really sloppy looking, in another over-choreographed sequence. Joel grabs a headlock then a shoulderblock followed by an ugly looking rana. Estrada brushes off a dropkick but misses an elbow drop. He catches Joel with a powerslam for two. Yang runs in and kicks Jose and both of the SAT’s are standing outside and the Elvises then hit stereo quebradas. In the ring, Estrada with a rolling fireman’s carry into a springboard moonsault gets two. Tag to Yang, who gets a leg lariat for two. Moonsault kick then mounted punches before tagging Estrada. Elbow drop gets two. Estrada gets booted off of a charge then hit with an enziguiri. Joel with a missle dropkick and tag to Jose. He lands several punches then the SAT’s double team Estrada for a bit. Jose is in the ring and gets a basement dropkick for two. Estrada puts Jose on the top and gets a neckbreaker before tagging Yang. Legdrop gets two. Neckbreaker gets two. Yang gets the figure-four neck lock as the announcers plug the triple ladder match. Yang with a front facelock and tags Estrada. Tope con hilo gets two. Clothesline gets two. Slam and Estrada heads up top but gets kicked by Jose. He climbs up but Estrada fights him off and gets a neckbreaker as both men are down and then they tag out. Joel runs wild. He catches Yang in a double underhook suplex. They double-team Estrada but Yang takes them down with a double dropkick. Suplex to Joel gets two. Jose slams Yang and gets a top rope legdrop for two. Estrada with a DDT then a springboard senton for two. German suplex by Joel to Estrada gets two. Dragon suplex gets two. Jose up top and gets a missile dropkick on Estrada, who was grounded in a full nelson. Yang breaks up the double-team and gets a leg lariat. SAT crotch Yang and go for Spanish Fly but Siaki runs down and pulls them off and Yang hits the Yangtime on  Joel, who gets back up and goes up top but Yang picks him up and hits something resembling a neckbreaker for the pin (14:19) **3/4. Siaki heads up the ramp as the rest of the Elvises sit in the ring, looking confused as to what just happened.

Thoughts: Match started out terribly but it became pretty good until the messed up ending. As far as Siaki’s involvement, its unclear as to why he helped the out seeing how he is trying to break away from the group.

Goldylocks is in the ring awaiting Brian Lawler. She says that this is his chance to tel the public about his problems with Jarrett. Lawler asks Goldylocks what her name is then points out how she dresses like a “floosy” and a “two dollar whore” before telling her that this is a wrestling ring and its no place for a piece of trash like her and orders her out. She leaves and the crowd boos as he then insults the crowd and wants complete silence. He says he will give Jarrett five seconds to get into the ring. After counting to five, he doesn’t come out and attempts to say what happened until he is cut off by Killings. Says he was not home with a concussion, playing up when Lawler accidentally hit him with  a chair last week. Lawler is scared and tries to say it was an accident, even saying how they are “homies.” Lawler points to his girlfriend in the front row, a young attractive blond, then yells at the photographer before hopping over the rail and attacking him before taking his girlfriend up the ramp. What a waste of time as there are still no answers as to what happened between him and Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett vs. The Masked Bullet

Jarret tosses him out of the ring and beats on him outside of the ring. He tosses him over the guarrail and repeatedly hits him with chairshots. He tosses him back over the guardrail then into the ring. Bullet is able to reverse an Irish whip then knocks Jarrett down. He drops the knee and gets an atomic drop. He tries for the pumphandle slam but Jarrett escapes and gets a low blow. Jarrett then pulls handcuffs out of his kneepad and cuffs him to the ropes and the match ends with a DQ (3:47) ¼*. He grabs the mic and says that he will reveal him to the world and grabs a chair. Bob Armstrong runs out and knocks down Jarrett to the reaction of no one. Jarrett then kills him with a chair and stomps away as the Masked Bullet remains cuffed. Bob is bleeding and Jarrett taunts the bullet as the crowd wants Jarrett to hit Armstrong again. He says he is kicked Bob’s ass and goes to unmask the Bullet until several security guards break it up.

Thoughts: The crowd was dead, except when they chanted for Jarrett to beat the shot out of Bob Armstrong. It’s quite obvious that the Masked Bullet is the Road Dogg, as he uses his signature moves. Hell, a fan chanted “Road Dogg” during parts of the match. He has gained a decent amount of weight since his last WWE run. To say the least.  

Don West plugs next week’s X-Division special then says that the Triple Ladder Match coming up next will be the best match he will ever see.

Highlights of last week’s 2-out-of-3 falls matches between AJ & Lynn.

NWA-TNA X Division Title
Triple Ladder Match
Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles vs. Low Ki (Champion)

Lynn and Ki trade chops in the ring as AJ ducks out and grabs the ladder. They realizes this and slide outside but AJ walks backwards and clotheslines Lynn with the ladder but then Ki kicks AJ. Ki beats on AJ in the ring. Lynn tries to enter but misses his apron legdrop. Ki with a springboard kick to AJ then goes towards Lynn. Lynn floats over on a suplex then ducks a kick before getting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Lynn then beats on AJ then puts Ki in a surfboard and AJ bulldogs Ki from that position. Lynn suplexes AJ then puts him in a Boston Crab. Ki gets up and kicks Lynn in the chest but he wont break the hold. Eventually, Lynn falls down and crowd chants for Ki. Ki with a rolling Koppu Kick to AJ. He puts AJ in the muscle buster postion and runs across the ring, ramming him into Lynn. Ki puts the ladder in the ring but AJ with a baseball slide kicks it in his face. AJ drapes the ladder across the rail and the ring apron then throws Lynn against the apron. Ki and AJ are on the ladder figting until Lynn joins them. He takes them off and all three men are on the floor. Lynn slides the ladder in the ring and prevents AJ from taking it away. Lynn sets up the ladder and tries to climb but is stopped by Ki. He tries to set up the ladder but gets hit by AJ. They brawl but that ends when Lynn knocks AJ down with a right. The ladder is lying against the ropes as Ki gets double-hiptossed. A nice reversal sequence ends with Lynn suplexing AJ against the ladder. Ki tries the Tidal Crush on Lynn but gets caught. Lynn attempts a running powerbomb but Ki snaps of a rana, sending Lynn into the ladder as the crowd is really getting into the match. Styles sets up the ladder and reaches the belt but Ki climbs and kicks him off as AJ is hanging by his feet. Ki is killing him with kicks to the chest and ends with a nasty kick to the head. Ki then climbs up but Lynn gets him from behind and takes him off with a back suplex. Styles beats on both men then climbs up the ladder. Ki stops him then both men fall off. Lynn climbs up but both men tip over the ladder. Ki tries to bring in another ladder but stops when AJ is about to climb. They trade kicks until AJ gets the Phenomenon. Lynn beats on AJ then catches Ki and powerbombs him. AJ grabs the second ladde and throws it in the ring, hitting Lynn in the face. AJ and Lynn fight as Ki brings in the third ladder. Ki climbs up the middle ladder, as all three are in a row. Everyone is now on the top of their ladders until Lynn falls. Ki puts AJ in the dragon sleeper until Lynn breaks that up. Ki’s ladder falls but he manages to keep his balance while bouncing it off the ropes and making it stand up right again. AJ gets shoved off and falls outside then Lynn pushes the ladder down completely. Ki and Lynn fight until Lynn hits Ki with eh cradle piledriver halfway up the ladder. Lynn then climbs up and wins the belt as the show goes off the air (19:57) ****. 

Thoughts: Not as good as the three-way from two weeks ago but a hell of a match. It progressed nicely and having Lynn win was good but hopefully it builds towards a feud between someone other than AJ.    

Final Thoughts: The Lawler/Jarrett feud is a waste and dominated the show. The triple ladder match was fantastic and Harris & Storm continue to impress but that is really the only positives from the show and the promotion in general right now. It comes across as second-rate and the fact that most of the crowd left (This was taped after last week’s show) really gave it a minor league feel. Next live show is on September 18th.


  1. Low Ki's balancing act on the top rope with the later still impresses me. How that guy never became a big star is still a mystery to me...

  2. If I remeber correctly next week was the X-Division special then they skipped the 11th of September since it was the 1st anniversary of ... well, you know.

  3. In a lot of ways, he was his own worst enemy. He's burned a lot of bridges with his attitude and has a notorious "will NOT job" reputation.

  4. I forgot about the Backseat Boys being in TNA. Kashmere's not a bad worker.

  5. Is that the show where one of the Harris brothers is wearing a "SS" Nazi shirt, or was that before this?

  6. Not to mention he was stiff as FUCK, which a lot of guys surprisingly do no like. It's probably even WORSE to go out there and kick the shit out of people these days, given the way everyone's looking at injuries, concussions and painkiller addictions.

  7. Oh yeah, I forgot about April Hunter in the wrestling business. She had a bit of an online following as a fitness/nudie model a decade ago, given that she had the Pamela Anderson Make-Up Job and the HUGE breast implants to go along with a pretty buff physique. The only problem was that she developed the ol' Joanie Laurer Man-Chin to go along with her steroids, and I heard she developed a bad rep in the indies, along with her boyfriend.

    And yeah, it's always fascinating to look at old TNA results and see what became of everybody. Brown, Harris & Storm were all looking like the "Next Big Thing", Low-Ki was thought of in the same sentence as Styles, and they were trying SO HARD with Sonny "Not Rocky" Siaki.

  8. That was a few weeks before this show. It was when he fought Malice


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