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The greatest comic ever
A better way to waste 3 hours than watching RAW.

That is quite the webcomic.  It just keeps going and going!  

Also:  Big Brother 14:  Miscarriage of justice on a massive scale, or massive dropping of the ball at the last minute?  Also, FRANK!  


  1. Randall Munroe is the greatest comic artist alive. He's just killing it right now. No one else is on his level.

  2. I'm guessing that that was the penultimate comic, and that he's going out with #1111.

    At least we'll still have his What If's to enjoy...

  3. For all of us lazy bastards 

  4. I never could get into xkcd, way too fucking pretentious for my liking.

  5. In regards to BB14, there is no justice when there's an aggressively angry jury. Dan's only hope was to win that last HOH.  When Ian won it, it was a forgone conclusion that he would win the whole game. Danielle coasted on Dan's back, and the jury could still pinpoint exactly where on their backs Dan stuck the knife.


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