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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #15

October 9, 2002

Your announcers are Don West and Mike Tenay. However the graphics state that it is Don West and Ed Ferrara.

Tenay lets West tell us how Chris Rock will be here tonight as well as Hermie Sadler. AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn in a ladder match for the X-Division. Also, 6 man grudge match featuring Syxx Pac & BG James and a surprise partner vs. Ron Killings, Jeff Jarrett, and Brian Lawler.

 Clip of the masked man attacking Ron Killings from last week

Ron Killings walks out unscheduled, as usual, and tells the crowd they should be booing their football team and cant think of which is worse, the Grizzlies or the Titans. He calls out “Team Derelicts” as the crowd starts up with the “overrated” chants. Killings yells at West, who then tells the Truth that he is not telling the truth at all. West orders the cameraman to show Killings attacking people last week. Killings refers to West as “Baseball Card Man” and says he will “Sammy Sosa his ass.” He threatens team derelicts once again but BG James and Syxx Pac interrupt. James is rhyming and it is terrible. All of a sudden, Curt Hennig walks out, looking completely bloated. He passed away about four months after this match and even here he looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.  He says nothing of note as Syxx babbles on afterwards. As they make their way to the ring, Lawler and Jarrett jumps them from behind. In the ring, the faces gain the advantage and clean house. James says lets fight right now and we have the match. A very long segment and its even worse when you factor in that just one of the people talking are actually decent on the mic.

Ron Killings & Jeff Jarrett & Brian Lawler vs. BG James & Syxx Pac & Curt Hennig

April comes down to the ring and Lawler orders her to sit down. Jarrett and James start off. Crowd wants Hennig and James tags out. Crowd is now taunting Lawler as Jarrett and Hennig jaw at each other. Hennig slaps him and Jarrett stalls. Lockup and Hennig grabs a side headlock. Shoulderblock by Hennig, who then takes Lawler and Killings off the apron. Jarrett gets some punches then slams Hennig down. Jarrett stumbles to the opposite corner and gets knocked down. Hennig with his running snapmare then weakly pushes Lawler and Killings off the apron as Jarrett rolls out. Hennig brings Jarrett back in and tags Syxx. He chops Jarrett but runs into an elbow. Lawler tags and taunts the crowd. Syxx ducks a crossbody but gets caught with a powerslam. Killings tags and slams Syxx. He misses a splash and James tags. He does his dancing punches but gets hit by Jarrett. James misses a clothesline and gets kicked. Axe kick by Killings gets two. Jarrett tags and roughs up James until he crotches himself (he clearly didn’t even come close to the ropes) but Lawler knocks down James behind the ref’s back and Jarrett tags Killings. Heels make quick tags and beat on James for a while. Crowd is all over Lawler with the “Jerry’s Kid” chants. James clotheslines Jarrett and both men are down. Tag to Syxx, who gets two spinning heel kicks on Jarrett that weren’t even close to making contact. Crossbody off the top rope gets two. Jarrett manages to get his foot up on the Bronco Buster and tags Killings. He gets a running powerslam and tags Lawler. Crowd is loudly behind Syxx Pac as the heels cheat behind the ref’s back. Gordbuster by Killings gets two as he threatens the ref afterwards. Lawler tags and works a chinlock. Syxx fights out and catches Lawler with a powerbomb. Hot tag to Hennig and he cleans house. I give the heels credit for their selling as Hennig was already gassed and could barely swing his arms. James chases Jarrett up the ramp with a chair. Lawler goes low on Hennig then flips off the crowd before landing the Hip-Hop Drop, which gets broken up by Syxx, who then gets the X Factor on Killings and Lawler breaks up that count by pulling the ref out of the ring. Lawler knocks down the ref then Syxx beats on him outside of the ring. The Masked Man comes out again, this time with “Mr. Wrestling III” on the back of his shirt and he powerboms Killings. Hennig comes in as the ref rolls in and gets the Perfect-Plex for the win ** (14:20).

Thoughts: The wrestling was passable and it looks as if Hennig will be the next challenger for Killings, which would freshen things up at least, but doesn’t look like it will make a good match as Hennig clearly looks unable to wrestle a solo match that lasts for than five minutes.

Backstage, BG James is unconscious as it looked like Jarrett hit him with a steel pipe. Jarrett himself is hurt as Goldylocks has no clue what took place.

Video Recap of the AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn ladder match that took place last week. 

Jeremy Borash brings out Jerry Lynn. He is pissed at Sonny Siaki and challenges him to a match next week. Siaki comes out and says that Lynn forgot one thing, that Sonny Siaki is life. He continues to talk in the third person and Lynn runs down the ramp and the two brawl. Siaki throws him off the stage into the guardrail and Lynn’s leg is through the guardrail. Tenay mentions that this was the same leg that he injured in the WWF. The medics come out and this goes on for a long time until he is put on a stretcher. It looks to set up for a Lynn/Siaki feud.

In a pre-taped interview earlier on today, Godylocks is with Syxx Pac. He brings her to the men’s locker room and he apologizes to Low Ki after belittling him last week. AJ interrupts and says he has beaten Low Ki four times already and that he should be his favorite wrestler. Both men call AJ a jerk as he walks away. Looks to setting up for a possible AJ/Syxx Pac feud down the line.

NWA-TNA Tag-Team Championship Match
Spanish Announce Team vs. “Cowboy” James Storm & “Wildcat” Chris Harris

Joel and Storm start off with a bunch of counters. Storm works on the arm for a bit until Joel comes back with an enziguiri. Baseball slide to the legs and he applies a death lock. Jose tags without Storm seeing and comes off top with a missile dropkick but gets speared by Harris. Jose then tries to climb up top but Harris shoves him off and he lands on his brother outside. Harris then follows out with a plancha. They double team Jose for a bit until Joel crotches Storm on the top rope and tags himself into the match. He hits Storm with a rolling slam that looked awkward. Storm tries a bulldog but Joel holds him up on the top rope and leans him back, allowing Jose to get a moonsault, which gets two. Storm gets Jose up in a fireman’s carry then turns in into a catatonic or sorts. Harris tags and it seems like the crowd is now rooting for the SAT’s. Powerslam by Harris gets two. Crowd getting behind Jose as James and Harris are now playing heels. Harris eats boot off of a charge and Jose gets a tornado DDT. Both men tag and Joel cleans house. Powerslam gets two. Moonsault gets two. Joel blocks the superkick but gets caught with one as he comes off the top rope. That gets two. Jose gets a suplex on Storm. Joel comes off top with a legdrop that gets two as Harris comes in after beating Jose. He catches Joel off top and gets the Catatonic but Jose breaks that up. Harris cllibs up top as the SAT’s tries the Spanish Fly. Storm dropkicks Jose to the floor. Joel is shoved off and the two hit him with a double uranage for the win (10:25) **1/2.

Thoughts: Decent match. The tag-team division is a joke at this point but this was the best match in quite some time. The SAT’s didn’t blow too many spots and Storm and Harris finally got opponents to work with that aren’t Ron Harris.

Goldylocks brings out Chris Rock, who gets a loud applause. He says that NWA-TNA is the best wrestling in the world and if you think it is fake, come on down and get your ass kicked. He leaves the ring and slaps hands with the crowd. That was the entire segment. He was a bigger star at that time than he is now and they should have hyped it up more than they did.

Tenay plugs the NWA 54th anniversary show in Corpus Cristi, TX

15 Minute Ironman Match
Kid Kash vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Ace Steel vs. Low Ki

Whoever scores the most pinfalls in 15 minutes will be the winner. Mortimer Plumtree joins the announcer’s booth as the match starts. All four trade armdrags to start. They do a spot where Steel puts Ki in an armbar and Mamaluke puts one on Steel then Kash breaks that up with a springboard dropkick. It didn’t look that great. Steel and Kash trade reversals until Ki kicks Kash. Steel backdrops Kash who then takes Mamaluke down with a rana. He gets one on Low Ki but then completely botches a springboard attempt on Steel. Plumtree says that he is scouting the division as nothing much is going on in the ring. Ki an Steel fight outside until Kash breaks it up with a splash. Mamaluke then gets a somersault senton to knock everyone down. In a non-sensical spot, Kash and Ki stand on opposite sides of the ring and take each other in mid-air with springboard clotheslines. At least it looked decent. Mamaluke and Steel capitalize by hitting top rope moves on them and score pinfalls (4:31). Ki kicks Kash then gets hit from behind by Mamaluke. Crowd chants for Low Ki. Too much is going on right now, making it difficult to keep track of the match. Also, its dragging on without any remarkable spots or anything to keep you entertained.  Kash hits Mamaluke with a brainbuster for a pin (7:16) Steel fights out of a Ki Crusher. Steel almost drops Ki, who springboarded onto him, and Ki turns it into an armbreaker and Steel submits (8:15). Kash slams Mamaluke off the announcers table. In the ring, Ki hurts his ankle after landing on a leapfrog attempt. Kash and Mamaluke come back in the ring as Kash gets a quick rollup on Steel for two. Ki rolls up Steel for two. Kash powerbombs Mamaluke, getting two. Low Ki is selling the injury and the crowd won’t stop chanting for him. Kash tries a high-angle Boston Crab on Mamaluke but Steel breaks it up with a missile dropkick. Two minute warning as everyone is hurt. Kash and Ki have a chopping battle outside. Kash breaks up a leg lock by Mamaluke. Kash gets dumped by Mamaluke as Ki locks in the Hanging Dragon on Steel. He breaks the hold and in one of the worst timed finishes I have ever seen, Ki tries to suplex Steel back in the ring but the bell has rung, so everyone in the match pretends like it never rang and Mortimer Plumtree holds his leg, allowing Steel to fall on top and get the win (15:04) *1/2.

Thoughts: Wow, did this match disappoint or what. There was no flow and it just dragged on endlessly. The last two minutes were okay but the ending was fucking ridiculous.  Also, Ace Steel flat out sucked in this match. He was sloppy and was easily the worst wrestler in the entire match.  

Don West brings out Hermie Sadler. He will be driving the NWA-TNA car this weekend and talks about that when Bruce comes out to interrupt. He calls him “Sweets” and calls him a horrible driver, because he is always in his ring. He asks if he is a wrestler or race car driver. Hermie goes off until Jeff Jarrett comes out with a bunch of lame driving insults. Says he isn’t a wrestler, or even a driver. Says he has a problem with Sadler representing TNA, instead of a real NASCAR superstar. He says it is not personal but there are two facts at life, he sucks as a wrestler and a race car driver. Hermie insults him for not being a champion in a redneck way that the crowd understands and is upset about people essentially shitting on him. Bruce blows a kiss at him as Hermie asks if he will grow up to be a man or a woman. He runs in an attacks Bruce but Jarrett hits from behind and continues to beat him until BG James makes the save. He clears house and quotes Karen Carpenter and says his catchphrase (Get it, got it, good) as the segment ends. Just a terrible segment all around and it looks to set up a tag match that no one wants to see. The whole Bruce/Miss TNA angle is a giant waste of time. Also, BG James is delivering the worst promos of his career. The dated references are not helping either.  

Ron Harris & Sonny Siaki vs. Chris Michaels & Rick Michaels

Harris & Siaki attack from behind to start. This leaves Siaki and Rick in the ring. Siaki beats on him for a bit until Rick gets a hiptoss. He follows that with an armdrag and then a really shitty looking dropkick that gets two. Tag to Chris but he gets taken down with an uppercut and Harris tags into the match. Chris fights off and gets a missile dropkick and works the arm before tagging Rick. Harris immediately beats on him and throws him over the top rope. Siaki hits him on the floor before rolling him back into the ring. Suplex by Harris and he tags Siaki. Crowd is booing Siaki as he beats on Rick. They completely mistime a spot in which Rick ducks his head and Siaki hits him with an uppercut. Superkick gets two as Chris breaks up the pin. Rick manages to get a facebreaker and then a neckbreaker before tagging Chris. He knocks down his opponents until Harris drags him out of the ring. Siaki comes out and hits a release belly-to-belly suplex. He rolls him back in as Ron beats on Chris in the corner. He hits a few corner clotheslines and tags Siaki. Chris ducks a few clotheslines and hits a flying forearm as both men are down. Tag to Rick and no one in the crowd made a single noise. All four men are in the ring as Harris backdrops Chris to the floor. Siaki gets the Samoan Pop on Rick but Harris breaks up the pin by stopping the ref and wants Siaki to hold him up for the big boot. He accidentally hits Siaki and Rick rolls on top for the win (7:20) *1/4. After the match, Harris and Siaki argue then start fighting. Security comes in and Don Harris tosses Siaki around until he clears the ring. Don orders him to leave as Tenay questions if the Harris’s are up to something.

Thoughts: This was a glorified squash. The Michaels look, dressed, and wrestled like WCW Saturday Night jobbers. Rick was actually a tailor for the WWE several years ago but was let go for having inappropriate relations with a minor. The fact that the tag division revolves around Ron Harris finding a partner is probably the worst thing you can do for a promotion trying to establish themselves.

Bill Behrens is in the ring. He states that because Jerry Lynn was injured and out for tonight, he will compete or the X Division title when he is ready. Since Ace Steel won the Ironman match, he will face AJ in a ladder match for the title. Oh boy.  Low Ki comes out and is pissed at his decision. Mortimer Plumtree comes out with Ace Steel. He calls Low Ki a liar about his accusation of offering people money. He calls him a bunch of PG insults in a bit that Cena will probably rip-off next month. He says the whole world knows he made an ass of himself for fighting with Tammy Sytch. He is referring to an incident at an indy show in which Low Ki apparently took the seat of Tammy and refused to give it up, causing Tammy to hit him with her shoe and Ki throwing a chair in the direction of Tammy. Says he will never get a shot at the X Division Title. Ki calls him a nerd and says that he has a nerve as the crowd starts a “Nerd” chant. Says he hates outsiders in his business until Bob Armstrong comes out. He says this isn’t “Professional Talking” but rather professional wrestling. He orders Low Ki vs. Ace Steel tonight. I am starting to think that they ending of the Ironman match was not a botch and done on purpose

Ace Steel w/Mortimer Plumtree vs. Low Ki

Steel goes for the injured ankle as Ki tries to fight him off. Ki reaches the ropes but Steel wont break until Ki kicks him away. The crowd continues with the “Nerd” chant. Ki struggles to stand on the apron then Plumtree hits his ankle with a chair as Steel distracted the ref. Ki is rolling around in pain on the floor as Behrens and Armstrong come out. A bunch of X Division wrestlers comes out as the ref rules Low Ki wins by DQ (1:29) NR. Armstrong climbs into the ring and says the X division has been a “Clusterbomb” from the start and every X division wrestler in the building can join the ladder match tonight.

Ladder Match
X-Division Title
Ace Steel vs. Kid Kash vs. Joel Maximo vs. Jose Maximo vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. AJ Styles

Everyone starts by brawling. The Maximos duck out and grab ladders. Mamaluke runs out too but gets taken down by a double ladder shot. Kash and Steel then do stereo baseball slides into the Maximos. AJ then hits everyone with a beautiful SSP from the top rope. In the ring, AJ hits Jose with the Phenomenon then challenges Joel to leap from the top rope and throws a dropkick that missed by a mile. Kash rolls in and AJ hits him with a brainbuster. AJ then beats up Steel on the ramp. He slides a ladder into the ring as does Mamaluke. He sets it up but gets speared by Mamaluke. He climbs up but Joel dropkicks the ladder. Kash slingshots outside and hits Jose with a rana. Ace rams the ladder into AJ and places it in the corner. He puts AJ in a tree-of-woe on the ladder then gets a basement dropkick. Kash suplexes AJ then climbs up top and uses the ladder to slam into AJ, causing him to bleed. Kash places Joel on the ladder in a tree-of-woe and AJ runs full-speed, ramming the ladder into his mid-section. Steel climbs up top but Kash cuts him off and slams him off in a sloppy sequence. Ace Steel fucking blows and I have no clue as to why they decided to push him tonight. Kash tries to climb the ladder but Mamaluke shoves him off. Steel tosses AJ to the floor and Mamaluke climbs the ladder. Kash climbs too and kicks him off. He then flies off with a moonsault that barely connected with Steel and Joel. AJ tosses Joel then charges but gets hit with a ladder. Kash and the SAT’s brawl on the floor as Steel beats on Mamaluke, who is selling an arm injury. Styles and Kash then set up the ladders next to each other in the ring. Kash knocks off AJ but the SAT’s climb up too. He kicks off Joel and takes Jose down with a DDT. AJ climbs up top but Kash and Steel shove him off and he lands on the ref. Kash flies out and hits Jose with a plancha. AJ takes Jose down on the ladder. Mamaluke and Steel fight on top until Kash springboards in and dropkicks the ladder. Kash sits on the ladders until Joel suplexes him off. AJ takes Steel off with a vicious sunset bomb. Mamaluke tries to take down AJ with a DDT but gets tossed. AJ press slams Mamaluke to the floor, leaving just him and Kash in the ring. He puts him up top and gets a super brainbuster. He position the ladder and climbs until Syxx Pac runs out. He suplexes him off then climbs the ladder and gets the belt. (15:42) **1/2.

Thoughts: Sloppy at times but everyone busted their ass. However, the ending with Syxx Pac winning really made no sense. Why have him win by showing up and hitting one move? Just have him enter the match from the start. Plus, they are trying to establish him as a face against a heel AJ and they have him screw AJ out of the belt by using a heel tactic.

Don West runs down next week’s show in a few seconds before it goes off air:

AJ Styles vs. Syxx Pac in a ladder match
Chris Harris & James Storm vs. Chris Michaels & Rick Michaels for the tag-titles

Final Thoughts: This show sucked. They manage to cheapen the entire X-Division in one night. The tag-team division is extremely weak as well. The injury angles to Low Ki and Jerry Lynn took out two of the top three guys in the division and replaced them with losers like Ace Steel. They continued the Bruce/Hermie Sadler feud and are continuing the heatless Ron Harris angle of finding a tag partner. They brought in Curt Hennig, which I don’t have a problem with, but he was in no shape to wrestle and looked like his cardiovascular system was going to blow at any minute. The Mr. Wrestling III angle is a bit intriguing but everything else is either stale or no one cares.