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Shoots and Street Fights

If you can link this to your readers I'd be very appreciative.

Ha, the Randy Savage pistol-whipping story, awesome.  Sure, in the real world he'd be classified as a sociopath, I'm sure, but somehow his craziness and drug-addled rages just made him all the more charming within wrestling's confines.  


  1. Reading Dundee's version of the story just brings back memories of the varying recounts of the Syracuse incident. Oddly tho, at least Shawn never went to the point of saying he overcame the situation with superkicks and moonsaults of the car trunk, which would have been comedy gold in his DX days.

  2. I love that flyer for the show... RnR Express and Midnight Express mingling in different matches, on the same side!

  3. You'd have a hard time convincing me that this entire situation was anything but a total work.

    And a *great* one at that.

  4. 9 feet tall? Sounds like a Hulkster story.


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