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History of ECW 5/30/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA
Airdate: May 30, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles
From the WWE Studios Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW. This week’s episode emanates from the ECW Arena. The ECW World Heavyweight champion Shane Douglas will enlighten us. Also in a 2 out 3 falls match Justin Credible faces Jerry Lynn. Additionally the dream partner tag team match will be our main event.
An absolutely raucous crowd assists Joey in welcoming us to another edition of ECW. The Triple Threat including Francine hits the ring. Immediately Shane Douglas references his NWA title victory from 1994. While carrying the yellow tights worn at Wrestlepalooza he touts his victory over Al Snow and the Head. As soon as he mentions said tights Taz’s music hits.
While carrying his FTW championship Taz enters the ring. According to Taz he “wants to shoot with Shane Douglas.” Just as Taz is about to deliver his message to Shane a fan heckles him. His rebuttal: “Well, if I suck, your mother taught me…” He then disses WCW indirectly by stating: “unlike wrestlers in other companies here we work injured.” Humbly he respects Shane’s ability to work injured at the PPV, offers his assistance to help, and then reveals that he’s wearing a Triple Threat t-shirt!
Taz asks who the biggest scumbag and asshole in this business is and refers to himself. Next he references the “goofy kayfabe” sheets by stating “…this wrestler left ECW because Taz is an asshole.” Following that he throws a fastball at Shane by stating that he is “the best thing that can watch your back.” However he offers a “loophole” to his membership inclusion. He wants a shot at the ECW World title after Shane recovers from surgery.
Hesitantly Shane makes his decision and everyone raises the 3 fingers, albeit Bam Bam Bigelow reluctantly. Shane has to talk BBB into shaking Taz’s hand but Bigelow leaves the ring instead. Taz and Shane shake left hands then Taz throws Shane over his shoulder to the mat! He applies the Fujiwara armbar and Shane is screaming in unbelievable pain! BBB returns to break Taz’s hold and hammers him until Taz grabs a double-leg takedown and goes to work on Bigelow. Security comes in to break up the fight. However, with only one security guard holding him Taz gets the standing switch and applies the Tazmission!
Now we get the opening credits with the subtitle “It’s a matter of respect.”
Joey hypes the dream partner tag team match between Chris Candido and Sabu versus Lance Storm and RVD. He also promotes the revenge 2 out of 3 falls match between Lynn and Credible. Get your copy of “A Matter of Respect ‘98” by calling 1-800-851-5831!
Match 1: Justin Credible (w/ Jason and Chastity) versus “Dynamic” Jerry Lynn
They tie up into the corner where Lynn cross-corner whips Credible. It gets reversed and Credible follows with a boot to the midsection. He then tries to cross-corner whip Lynn, but Lynn reverses it. Credible leaps to catch the charging Lynn with his feet, but Lynn reverses the momentum so that Credible crotches himself on the top rope. OUCH! To add insult to injury Lynn shakes the rope. He follows with a pair of forearms, a cross-corner whip, and a clothesline earning a 2 count.
Our next highlight of the match begins with a cross-corner whip by Lynn that sends Credible flying over the top rope to the concrete floor! The crowd mocks Credible by chanting “Just an asshole.” As Credible tries to recover at ringside Lynn gives him a pescado. After picking him up he gives him an Irish Whip, and Credible flies over the steel railing into the crowd! Lynn then mounts the apron and tries a springboard dive from the timekeeper’s table but hits the steel railing instead. YEE-OUCH!
Joey practically gives the first fall to Credible based upon the failed stunt by Lynn. Credible makes Lynn eat the steel railing then tosses him back to ringside. He whips Lynn into the steel railing then chops him to many a “Woo” from the crowd. They trade chops until Credible rakes the eyes. After they re-enter the ring Credible nails him between the eyes. He cross-corner whips Lynn but Lynn counters it into a sunset flip for a 2 count.  Credible tries a clothesline, but Lynn ducks and hits the ropes. In a split second Credible catches and powerslams him.
Our next highlight begins with Lynn bulldogging Credible onto a chair! The pin appears academic, but Credible raises his right shoulder at the very last moment. Lynn picks him up and stupidly tries to bulldog him again on the chair. This time Credible counters with a belly-to-back suplex on the chair. Credible drapes an arm to cover, but Lynn kicks out with barely a moment to spare. Credible signals for the end, and hoists Lynn up for “That’s Incredible,” however, Lynn escapes and pins Credible again with the tombstone piledriver!
Our Hardcore History moment informs us  that Jerry Lynn had a cup of coffee with the WWE and won the Light Heavyweight title in his debut.
The second fall begins with a tug of war between Lynn and Jason with Credible in the middle. Lynn easily wins that battle then applies the STF. Justin won’t tap out, so Lynn releases the hold and stomps on him.
Our next highlight begins with Credible reversing a cross-corner whip by Lynn. An attempted monkey flip by Credible gets countered. As Credible sits atop the top turnbuckle Lynn shoves him, but Credible catches Lynn with his feet so that both men hit the concrete floor!
In the following highlight Lynn is busted wide open, so Credible pounds away at the cut. He chops Lynn then whips him. After a boot to the midsection he sends Lynn face-first into the chair! After placing him in the corner he stomps a mudhole in him. He places a chair in Lynn’s place which is held in place by Jason then charges and knees the chair squarely into Lynn’s face.
Our next highlight begins with Lynn blocking punches from Credible. Justin boots him in the midsection again, and tries to suplex him. Lynn escapes, boots Credible in the midsection, and gives him a DDT. Both men are out. Lynn drapes an arm over Credible and gets a very long 2. Both men are on the middle turnbuckle. Credible rakes the eyes then sunset-flips Lynn all the way down to the mat for another 2 count.
We move ahead to where Credible gives Lynn “That’s Incredible” and pins him. The match stands at one fall apiece.
The third fall starts with a Credible boot to Lynn’s midsection. Justin then comes off the ropes and gives him a variation of a swinging DDT. He gets a 2 count and argues with the referee. Next he puts Lynn in position for either a piledriver or powerbomb. Despite a bit of resistance he gets the piledriver. Lynn’s goose should be cooked by now. Instead Lynn kicks out at 2 again!
We move ahead to where both men are on the top turnbuckle, and Joey cannot comprehend what is going on. In a spectacular moment Lynn gives Credible the huracanrana through the table to the concrete floor! Joey reacts with “Oh My God” while the crowd celebrates with an “ECW” chant.
Next Lynn picks Credible up for the tombstone piledriver, but Credible counters. He looks to hit “That’s Incredible”, but Lynn counters again and hits the tombstone piledriver. Maybe I didn’t say that with enough emphasis, because he PLANTED him with it! The daisies are already popping up around Credible as I type.
Jason enters the ring and receives his own tombstone piledriver. Chastity comes in to confront Lynn but gets shoved away. Lynn prepares to finish off Credible; however, Chastity gets behind him and hammers him low. After all the interference Credible somehow returns to life and hooks the inside cradle on Lynn for the pin and the victory! Credible and Chastity celebrate on their walk back to the dressing room. On the other hand when Lynn reaches his feet the crowd rises and chants “Jerry!” I truly wish I had the entire match to recap here as these highlights do not provide the match with proper justice. ***1/2
We return from commercial and get the flashback moment to Hostile City Showdown ’96 when RVD disses Sabu on a handshake. Secondly, at A Matter of Respect ’96 Sabu collapses after being unable to shake RVD’s hand again. Thirdly, brief highlights of their stretcher match from The Doctor Is In ’96 are then shown. Fourth, we get the highlight of RVD winning the ECW World Television title from Bigelow. Lastly, we get the standoff from the 30 minute draw at Wrestlepalooza. All of this buildup sets up the dream partner tag team match next!
Match 2: Chris Candido and Sabu (w/ Fonzie and Francine) versus Lance Storm and RVD
Joey argues the choice of referee in Jeff Jones for this match due to his indecision at Wrestlepalooza and the supposed payoffs from Fonzie. While Candido and Sabu receive separate entrances RVD and Storm enter together. Storm and Candido start the match with a tie-up to the corner. Candido gets the first chop in, but Storm returns fire. A chopfest ensues as I begin to crave delicious eats from Morton’s Steakhouse. Anybody care to help a starving writer out for the holidays?
All jokes aside, Candido cross-corner whips Storm, but Storm vaults over the charging Candido and leapfrogs him upon his return. That segues to a cross-corner whip by Candido which is countered by Storm. Lance charges and nails the clothesline in the corner. Storm follows up with an elbow and a dropkick to cement Candido seated in the corner.
RVD tags in and puts the boots to Candido. After a back flip he dropkicks the seated Candido and showboats. RVD grabs a headlock, but Candido shoots him off the ropes. An excellent rope sequence culminates with an RVD leg lariat. As Fonzie jumps on the apron to celebrate RVD’s feat Storm tags back in. He prevents Candido from tagging out but gets leveraged into Candido’s corner.
Sabu tags in and gives Storm some kicks and punches. He whips Storm off the ropes and gives him a clothesline. Barely a 2 count occurs then Sabu grabs a reverse chinlock. Mistakenly Storm backs Sabu back into his respective corner. Candido tags in and they double-team Storm with punches. Storm tries to fire back, but Candido rakes the eyes. He gives Storm a snap mare and then a leg drop off the ropes. As Candido puts the boots to Storm in the corner Sabu sets up a table between the ring apron and the steel railing.
Sabu tags back in. He and Storm trade punches until Storm whips him off the ropes and delivers a beautiful dropkick to Sabu’s face. He attempts a powerbomb, but Sabu escapes. Next Storm tries a victory roll, but Sabu gives him a tiger bomb instead for a 2 count. Momentarily he applies the camel clutch until RVD taunts him from the corner. As the crowd beckons for tables Sabu reapplies the camel clutch, releases, and then tosses a chair into Storm’s face.
Sabu sets up the chair and gives Storm the Whisper in the Wind. Storm falls face-first onto the chair. That may require some dental work afterwards. Stupidly Sabu sets up the chair and tries the Whisper in the Wind again. This time Storm ducks out of the way and Sabu is hung out to dry in the corner. RVD tags in. Before we get the RVD-Sabu confrontation, Candido tags back in.
Quickly they tie up and Candido grabs the advantage with forearms then tags Sabu in. Sabu gets a single-leg takedown but misses the elbow. Subsequently RVD gets the single-leg takedown but misses the elbow as well. Sabu ducks a punch and grabs a waistlock. RVD gets the standing switch. Sabu lowblows him to break the hold, comes off the ropes, and counters the back body drop by landing on his feet. Sabu then tries to give RVD a huracanrana, but RVD just drops him. He whips Sabu off the ropes. Sabu stops before RVD can split-legged leapfrog him then dropkicks RVD’s knee.
Sabu momentarily stuns RVD by whipping him into the corner face-first. He then cross-corner whips him and tries to springboard sidekick him; however, RVD has the same idea and sidekicks him first! RVD gets up first, dropkicks Sabu, and then kips up. Who does he think he is? Shawn Michaels? Next he gives Sabu a corkscrew legdrop. He tries to come off the ropes, but Candido puts a knee in his back. Sabu kicks RVD down to the mat and tags in Candido.
As soon as Candido goes to work on RVD in the corner Storm comes in and fires away at Candido. Unfortunately for Storm Candido tosses him out of the ring and into the steel railing. Sabu comes in and tosses RVD out of the ring. Candido grabs Storm and makes him eat the steel railing. What? No cranberry sauce with it? Sabu and Candido switch, but Storm grabs Sabu and tosses him into the ring.
Candido tosses RVD back in as Storm tosses Sabu out. RVD whips Candido off the ropes. Both RVD and Storm leapfrog Candido then deliver a double crescent kick similar to the Rockers. Storm then gives Sabu a pescado. Candido boots RVD in the midsection then powerbombs him. Candido then comes off the ropes and delivers the pescado to both men on the floor. RVD then comes off the ropes with a sweet tope con hilo onto Storm and Candido.
Sabu is back in the ring and sets up a chair. The triple-jump dive works this time. Sabu then tosses Storm back in the ring and gives him a slingshot somersault legdrop for a 2 count. He picks Storm up and places him in the corner. He sets up the chair and gives a springboard dropkick to Storm. Soon thereafter he cross-corner whips Storm. Out of desperation Storm jumps to the middle turnbuckle and delivers the flying back elbow to Sabu. Not only did Sabu get hit with an elbow but also both men hit the chair that Sabu was wielding.
Both men are down. Out of habit Storm tags in Candido!!??!! RVD comes in, thinks for a quick second, and then nails Sabu in the corner. Meanwhile Candido tosses Storm out of the ring. After some fists are exchanged Candido whips RVD and leapfrogs him. Candido ducks the leg lariat and then gives RVD a vicious piledriver. That didn’t look crisp. Although Fonzie’s attempt to revive RVD appears to fail Candido can only get a 2 count.
An attempted slam by Candido gets blocked, but RVD cannot stop Candido from delivering an excellent enziguri. Candido mounts the top turnbuckle but misses the diving headbutt. RVD retaliates with a spinning leg lariat. He then mounts the top turnbuckle and gives Candido a leaping sidekick for another 2 count. RVD then tries to suplex Candido through the table, but Candido blocks it by crotching RVD on the top rope.
Storm comes in to attack Candido; however, a Candido back drop puts Storm on the apron. Sabu gives Storm a flying body press through the table to the floor! Without hesitation RVD gives Candido the ***** frog splash for an unbelievable 2 count! RVD then slams Candido and places a chair on top of him. He tries the split-legged moonsault but only hits chair. Intuitively Candido ducks the Van Daminator and nails RVD with a chair to the face!
Candido sets up RVD on the top turnbuckle then gives him a top rope superplex. Sabu then gives RVD the Arabian facebuster from the top rope. Out of nowhere Storm flies from the opposite corner with a high cross body press. Candido saves then tosses Storm out of the ring. He follows and tosses a second chair into the ring. RVD and Sabu each grab a chair and swing at one another. After four dueling chair shots RVD drops his chair and eats two chair shots from Sabu.
 Lackadaisically Sabu bides his time then covers RVD for yet another 2 count. Sabu sets up the chair again and hits the triple-jump moonsault. Sabu mocks RVD but makes the mistake of mocking the Triple Threat, so Candido nails him from behind! He turns around and Storm nails him with a chair! Sabu gets up and eats a chair shot from Storm as well. While not thinking clearly Storm almost hits his partner with the chair but is able to stop himself. Instead RVD gives him the Van Daminator!
Sabu locks Candido in the camel clutch and holds a chair in front of Candido’s face. RVD comes off the ropes and kicks the chair right into Candido’s face. Both RVD and Sabu execute Rolling Thunder onto Storm. Storm appears to be busted open. This match has broken into pieces as RVD and Sabu raise the tag team belts overhead. When RVD holds up his hand for a high-five from Sabu it gets reciprocated. Fonzie’s men have reunited! ***
Back in the WWE Studios Joey states that while the situation between the tag champs appears to be muddy RVD and Sabu are “back on the same page.”  On the next episode a six man tag match involving the Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer, and Sandman will take place.
Overall this episode rocked! The angle between Taz and Douglas sets up a match in the distant future. At the same time the 2 out of 3 falls match between Justin Credible and Jerry Lynn was fantastic. To reiterate the entire match would probably garner a higher rating if it had been shown. In addition the dream partner tag match had lots of drama, angle development, and excellent wrestling to complete the great show. If you get the chance catch this episode before it disappears from WWE Classics On Demand. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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