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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #19

November 6, 2002

Clips of the NWA 54th anniversary event in Corpus Christi, TX are shown. We see TNA superstars like Jorge Estrada and Ron Killings winning matches. They also keep zooming in on some goon with the NWA logo tattooed on his arm. Normally, I’d say someone would regret a decision like that, but if you saw this clown, its clear that he is quite proud of that tattoo.

Your Hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

West runs down the show, which will feature Curt Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett. Plus, Brian Lawler vs. Syxx Pac in a 1st rd. match and AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn for the X Division championship.

 Video recap of the feud between Bruce and Priscilla for the Miss TNA crown.

Goldylocks is with the Rainbow Express, as Lenny Lane makes his return to NWA-TNA. Bruce asks the camera to pan down to his shoes and Goldy calls him a “bitch.” Bruce says that Lenny and him fought but have now made up and he made him runner up to Miss TNA, so if he cannot perform his duties, Lenny will get the crown.

Jorge Estrada w/Priscilla vs. Bruce w/Lenny Lane

Lenny is simulating oral sex on a banana as he walks Bruce to the ring. Bruce lands some forearms then gets two off a sunset flip. Estrada gets two off of a rollup and hits a few armdrags. He lands on his feet after a monkeyflip and gets a suplex for two. Priscilla is on the apron complaining to the ref as Estrada is on Bruce’s shoulders. Lane climbs the turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick. The ref turns around and Bruce gets two with a homoerotic cover. Mounted punches by Bruce. Slam gets two. He covers again then throws him in the corner. Estrada floats over in the corner and Lenny is now on the apron. Estrada gets a reverse rollup and Lenny comes in the ring. Estrada hits him with a Northern Lights suplex while bridging Bruce, getting two. That looked cool. Bruce scratches the eyes and hits Estrada with forearms. Estrada comes back with a crossbody but gets hit with a back elbow smash. Estrada lands on the apron after a backdrop. Bruce tries a sunset bomb but Estrada counters with a terrible looking rana, almost breaking his own neck in the process. Bruce floats over on a suplex then gets two off a sunset flip. Estrada floats over and gets a back suplex for two. Bulldog by Estrada then he gets a few clotheslines. Backdrop and a slam as Estrada yells how he is going to Graceland. He then completely fucks up the Trip to Graceland, spilling into the ropes, then Bruce gets his knees up on the quebrada attempt. Bruce gets a tilt-a-whirl slam for two. Priscilla goes into the ring and kisses Bruce. He is yelling at her then gets dropkicked out of the ring. Lane chases Priscilla and Bruce joins. Estrada then takes them out with a pescado. Bruce chases Priscilla then slips on Lenny’s banana peel and gets counted out (8:48) ½*. Estrada puts the tiara and sash on Priscilla but the Miss TNA crown does not change hands because it was not an intentional disqualification. Just last week, Bob Armstrong came out and stated that titles can change hands during a count out.

Thoughts: No one cared about any of this. The Miss TNA angle is terrible in every single way. In regards to the match, Estrada was terrible, even sloppier than usual. He almost knocked himself out giving his opponent a hurricarana. These two do not work well togetehr at all.

Tenay mentions that the TNA website is undergoing renovations and will be back better than ever shortly.

Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki. She asks him about his semi-final match against BG James tonight. He says that he is the past, present, and future of TNA, He refers to BG James as Goofy then tells everyone how Goldylocks bid in the silent auction to be his valet. Sonny says he will let Goldy feel his love after the match. Siaki showed a lot more confidence than usual here and gave one of his better promos. Still, it wont stop the “Rocky Ripoff” chants.

Before making his way to the ring, BG James comes out with a mic. He says that Siaki looks like he butt cheeks and rambles on, ending with his catchphrase

NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Tournament
Sonny Siaki vs. BG James

Siaki attacks James and beats on him in the corner. He continues his beating until James ducks a clothesline and fires away. James gets a corner clothesline and kicks him in the corner. He works the arm then the two men trade punches. Siaki gets a single-leg takedown and works the leg for a while. James manages to get a small package but Siaki takes him down with a basement dropkick to the knee. Siaki gets an Indian Death Lock and goes back to beating on the leg. Siaki springs off the middle ropes and James pushes him to the floor with his feet. He goes outside and slams his head off the apron before rolling him into the ring. Siaki sweeps the leg. James fights him off but Siaki stops that. Corkscrew neckbreaker and Siaki heads to the top rope. Jerry Lynn comes out and Siaki is distracted. He jumps off, allowing James to get a flying forearm. Kneedrop gets two. James ducks a clothesline and gets the pumphandle drop for the win. (7:09) ¾*.

Thoughts: Match was nothing and the decision to have James go over Siaki doesn’t make much sense but it looks like they are going forward with continuing the feud between Siaki and Lynn. James is completely washed up and is in terrible shape, which is sad because he was only 33 years old at this point. 

Video Recap of the New Church destroying Chris Harris & James Storm. The song they are using his horrible but at least they have a decent tag-team feud.

Goldylocks is with Harris & Storm, who is pacing around angrily in the background. Harris yells at Goldy then tells the New Church he might go insane on them and will run evil all over their carcasses. Storm finally approaches and almost says his “buckaroo” line but stops and starts getting angry. Storm then drops the “Sorry about your damn luck” line for the first time to close the interview. Good promo work by the two, especially by Storm. They showed lots of intensity. Also, this is the first time that they have referred to themselves as “AMW.”

New Church comes out as James Mitchell grabs the mic. He tells Storm & Harris they haven’t learned their lesson and promises blood will be shed tonight.

NWA-TNA Tag-Team Championship Match
New Church w/James Mitchell vs. Chris Harris & James Storm (Champions)

AMW, still referred to as just Storm & Harris by Borash, charge the ring and take out the New Church. They brawl outside the ring for a while as Mitchell looks worried. Double clothesline on Lee then they roll Slash into the ring, who is pouring blood from his forehead. AMW gets a corner clothesline/superkick combo on Slash. Harris gets a top rope elbow then set up the move that would later be known as the Death Sentence. Lee pulls Storm out of the ring and beats on him. Lee beats on Harris as Mitchell carves up Storm’s forehead. In the ring, the New Church double-team Storm. Lee starts to work on the leg for a bit. A sideslam/top rope elbow drop combo by the New Church gets two. Slash misses a top rope move and Storm makes the tag. Harris runs wild on the New Church. He has Lee pinned but Mitchell is on the apron distracting the ref, allowing Slash to grab a chair and hit Harris no the head. Lee covers but only gets two. Lee tags Slash, who punches away. Lee then distracts the ref as Slash chokes Harris out on the ropes, which has both men screaming. Harris ducks a double-team and hits a double clothesline. Tag to Storm, who runs wild. All four men are brawling in the ring. Mitchell hands Lee a spike and he uses it on Harris. The ref sees this and rings the bell for the DQ (7:45) **1/4. Mitchell orders the New Church to go back in the ring and attack AMW. Security comes out and the New Church walks away. West refers to the New Church as “demons,” stating they are under the spell of James Mitchell.

Thoughts: Decent match while it lasted. The crowd was really into the match, especially so for AMW. This feud will continue and that is a good thing.

NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Tournament
Brian Lawler w/April vs. Syxx Pac

Lawler and April walk to the ring all over each other, appearing happy. He even wipes off her chair with his headband. Lawler sneak attacks Syxx on the ramp. He rolls him in the ring and tells April to look at him as he is holding Syxx’’s head up. He beats on Syxx in the corner then chokes him out. Syxx fights back but Lawler stops that with an eye rake. Neckbreaker and Lawler once again orders April to come over and slap Syxx. April refuses so Lawler ducks out and yells at her. Syxx kicks Lawler off the apron then hammers away. Lawler ducks a clothesline and picks up Syxx, ramming him crotch first into the rope. Lawler yells at the crowd before going back in the ring. A weak looking clothesline by Lawler and he heads up top. West declares that Lawler is Bipolar as Lawler misses the Hip Hop Drop. Syxx fires up and takes Lawler down with some spinning heel kicks.  Powerbomb by Syxx, then chokes him out in the corner. Bronco Buster and Syxx goes out towards April and kisses her. Lawler comes out and takes him out with a superkick. Lawler wipes the kiss off of April’s face and rolls Syxx back in the ring. He orders April up on the apron then calls her a “cunt.” You gotta be kidding me. As Lawler is distracted, Syxx gets the X Factor for the win (5:01) ¾*. After the match, Syxx grabs April and takes her in the ring. He then takes her outside as they walk up the ramp together. Lawler sees this and starts crying then getting angry. He holds his chest and fakes a heart attack. April is worried and breaks free from Syxx and runs to Lawler. Borash and the ref are also in the ring checking on April.

Thoughts: Match was nothing and the attempts to seem edgy with all of the constant swearing from Lawler did not work. They spent a lot of time trying to build up Lawler but the only reaction he gets from the crowd is the occasional “Jerry’s Kid” chants. The saga between April and Lawler continues. Syxx advances to face Jarrett next week in the semi-finals.

Mike Tenay in a pre-taped interview with Ron Killings. The Truth says that Tenay is the only person in TNA that he can trust. He says that Mr. Wrestling III has fooled him. He has a contract that he will give Tenay that he has already signed. He asks Mr. Wrestling III to find Tenay and sign the contract.

Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ring and asks Tenay to come into the ring. He tells him about the rumors about him being Mr. Wrestling III, then says that if he signs the contract, he will get the match. Jarrett looks at the contract then tears it up. He tells everyone that he was waited over twenty weeks for a title shot. He promises two weeks from tonight, he will walk out of the building as the new champion. So, getting denied a chance at the title for months by authority figures is now a heel storyline?

Elimination Tables Match
Kid Kash vs. Jose Maximo vs. Joel Maximo vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Ace Steel w/Mortimer Plumtree

For some reason, the bell rings before Steel is introduced. He just runs into the ring fifteen seconds later and is introduced by Borash. Winner of this match faces the X Division Champion next week. Everyone then brawls with each other. Joel and Steel do some sloppy lucha stuff. Jose then takes out his brother and Ace Steel with a quebrada. Mamaluke then takes them out with a crossbody from the top rope as Kash takes everyone out with a beautiful looking double-springboard senton. In the ring, Kash takes down Steel with a springboard forearm. He runs into an elbow and Steel hits a suplex. Top rope dropkick by Steel, who then gets suplexed by Mamaluke. He puts Jose in an armbar but Joel breaks that up. Kash takes down Joel with a rana, who goes outside. He ducks a baseball slide by Kash and they do a nice little sequence that end with Kash getting powerbombed onto the floor. Ouch. The SAT’s set up Mamaluke for the Spanish Fly as Steel slides the table into the ring. Steel breaks that up for some reason and finishes putting the table into the ring. Mamaluke with a superplex to Jose then puts on a front face lock with body scissors. Mamaluke lays the table in the corner on the ropes and sets up Jose on the table in the ring. Steel and Mamaluke fight on the top rope as Steel takes him off with a Rydien Bomb. The table that was lying on the ropes in the corner falls off and Plumtree catches it and casually pushes it back where it was. The SAT’s place a table in the corner as Mamaluke DDT’s Steel through it in a sloppy looking spot (6:16). Thank god Steel was eliminated first. He sucks. Plumtree is upset. Mamaluke flies off the apron, over a table, and DDT’s Jose. Mamaluke grabs another table but Kash kicks him and places in on the table and Jose comes off the top and eliminates Mamaluke (8:15). In the ring, Joel hits a back suplex on Kash, who comes back with a brainbuster onto the knee. Kash and Joel slug it out and Kash hits him with the bankroll. The SAT’s regain control and set Kash up for a double powerbomb, but he rolls through that and takes them down with a double dropkick. Kash takes a table and positions it diagonally in front of the announcers table. Joel gets a wheelbarrow slam as an “SAT” chant breaks out. Jose repositions the table outside. Back in the ring, Kash takes the SAT’s and himself to the floor with a double clothesline. Kash bounces a chair off Joel’s face and places him on the table. He goes up top but Jose meets him. Kash then positions him for a rana and takes him off and he crashes through the table and onto his brother, eliminating both men (12:52) **.

Thoughts: A few nice spots but the first half of this match was unfocused and uneventful. Kash was easily the best worker out of the five in the match so its good that he went over. Steel is terrible but the SAT’s looked fairly decent this week, especially Joel. Mamaluke hit a few nice moves but he is rather bland and never sticks out in these multiple man X division matches.

Video recap of the Jarrett/Hennig feud.

Jarrett comes out to the ring. He says that no one has seen Hennig tonight and lets us know that the first time they wrestled in this business, he nearly took the AWA title from him at age 19. He says that he was a World Champion in WCW and multiple time Intercontinental Champion in the WWF. He orders the ref to ring the bell and award him the match.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Curt Hennig

Jarrett gets out of the ring after the bell rings and yells at Tenay. Hennig then comes out of the crowd wearing street clothes and attacks Hennig. They go in the ring and Hennig takes him out quickly. They go into the crowd as Hennig nails the ref. He chokes out Jarrett with his belt. Jarrett fights back, using a crutch from a spectator, but Hennig regains control and chokes away. The crowd is loving this as Hennig is now whipping him with the belt. More choking by Hennig but Jarrett escapes and they trade punches. Hennig grabs a chair and softly hits Jarrett on the back. The ref grabs the chair and Hennig slaps him down then nails him with a chair. They go back over the guard rail and into the ring. Hennig hits three Perfect-Plexes in a row, without using the bridge. Hennig grabs the belt as another ref runs into the ring, slides out and rings the bell as Hennig has been disqualified (4:32) ½*. Hennig is held back by security as Jarrett goes to the locker room. Bob Armstrong comes out and walks around for a bit, not saying a thing. Hennig holds up his belt before he exits.

Thoughts: A weak brawl that featured Jarrett working his ass off in selling for Hennig’s shitty offense. The crowd was into it though. I have no idea where this feud is going at this point.

West runs down next week’s card:

Kid Kash vs. the winner of AJ/Lynn
Jeff Jarrett vs. Syxx Pac in the tournament semi-finals
Brian Lawler & April vs. Jorge Estrada & Priscilla
Amazing Red vs. Jimmy Yang vs. Tony Mamaluke

Video recap of the AJ/Lynn feud. This was nicely done, easily the best TNA video package to date, with quotes from journalists like Alex Marvez, Dave Meltzer, and Buck Woodward that put over Lynn and Styles.

NWA-TNA X Division Championship Match
Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles (Champion) w/Mortimer Plumtree

AJ works the arm and gets an armdrag. They lockup again and Lynn gets a fireman’s carry. Lynn then takes down Styles with an armdrag as Tenay lets us know that EZ Money will debut next week. They do some matwork for a bit and Lynn grabs a standing side headlock. The crowd cheers both men as AJ reverses. They do some counters that ends with Lynn getting an armdrag. Tenay states how both men know each other moves as AJ gets a cheapshot in the corner. Lynn floats over and ducks an attack from AJ. He gets two off of a crossbody. AJ gets a legsweep for two. AJ taunts the crowd and walks into a clothesline. Lynn grabs a chinlock but AJ breaks that with an eye rake. Lynn then catches him a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, getting two as West demands a replay. Lynn puts AJ in a bow-and-arrow then stomps him down. AJ regains control but Lynn blocks a headscissor with a stungun, which gets two. Lynn chops AJ hard in the corner, causing AJ to scream. AJ lands on the apron after a  backdrop but Lynn knocks him off with a dropkick. Styles climbs the apron and is able to snap Lynn’s neck off the ropes. AJ goes back on the apron and dodges Lynn’s legdrop but gets taken down with a legsweep. Lynn goes outside and slams AJ’s head off the steps. In a cool spot, Lynn whips AJ towards the guardrail but AJ leaps over it then catches Lynn with a superkick as he tries to climb over. AJ wins a brawl with Lynn but gets kicked in the gut after spring-boarding off the guardrail. In the ring, they trade punches until Lynn knocks him through the ropes. AJ then sidesteps Lynn and tosses him to the floor. AJ distracts the ref as Plumtree stomps on Lynn. AJ takes Lynn off the apron with a baseball slide then hits him with a pescado. He rolls him back in and gets two. AJ sets up for a powerbomb but Lynn counters with a rana in mid-move. AJ backdrops Lynn after a piledriver attempt then takes him down with a clothesline. He goes for the Styles Clsah but cant get Lynn in place so he turns it into a Boston Crab. AJ then delivers from kicks as Lynn tells him to bring it some more. He ducks a kick then catches AJ and hits a facebuster. Plumtree is on the apron as AJ goes low then gets the Phenomenon for two. They show a replay of the Phenomenon as both men are down. AJ gets a moonsault kick in the corner but walks into a right hand. Lynn then flattens AJ with a sitout powerbomb but is unable to make the cover. Lynn gets a few clotheslines and beats on AJ in the corner. Lynn blocks a tornado DDT attempt and sends AJ into the corner with a Northern Lights Suplex. He makes the cover but only gets two. Plumtree is on the apron and Lynn knocks AJ into him. He hits AJ with the cradle piledriver but AJ kicks out at two. TKO gets two as Sonny Siaki pulls the ref out of the ring. Lynn yells at Siaki as Plumtree wedges a steel chair in the corner. Styles sends Lynn into the chair with a drop toehold and makes the cover but the ref is ordering Siaki to leave the ring. Plumtree throws the ref inside as AJ gets two. He picks up Lynn and hits the Styles Clash but Lynn kicks out of that. AJ goes up top but Lynn knocks him down. He climbs up and gets a superplex, getting two. They fight over a backslide but AJ gets him up and hits a facebuster from the splash mountain position, getting two. Lynn escapes from a powerbomb and they keep on countering tombstome piledriver attempts until Lynn hits one for the win (20:59) ***3/4. The show goes off the air as Lynn holds the belt.    

Thoughts: Very good match. The story that both men knew each other’s moves, ending with the veteran Lynn getting the upper hand, was well done. This match took a bit to get going but the nearfalls at the end were fantastic. The part with Siaki was meaningless but all signs point towards the Lynn/Siaki feud going on for the X Division title.

Final Thoughts: A decent show. Sure, the Miss TNA and Lawler stuff is crap, but they are building to a nice tag-feud between AMW and the New Church and also breathing some life into the heavyweight title scene. Also, looks like they have closed out the Lynn/Styles feud and seem focusing on others in the X Division. Hopefully, they bring in more talent.  


  1. Thanks for doing these recaps of the early TNA shows. This was before I started watching the program, as I just figured it would be another short-lived doomed project of old WWF/WWE and WCW castoffs and indy nobodies not good enough yet or ever for the big league. Glad I was wrong on that one. I didn't start watching until the period that had Micheal Shane and Frankie Kazarian battling AJ Styles over the X-Division title leading into Ultimate X. All these years later, AJ is still fighting Kazarian. Props for watching these, as they seem like a chore to sit through, except for historical curiosity watching the rise of guys like Styles and Killings, and AMW.

  2. Your welcome and I appreciate the compliments. One of the reasons that I review these shows is because I have never seen most of them myself and thought reviewing them here would give some insight to the early days of TNA for most who probably did not order these shows. I ordered semi-regulary around the XXX-AMW matches and the X Cup stuff but not much at all from 2002.

  3. Where do you find all of these old ones?

  4. I bought the TNA shows off a guy selling on ioffer. I got the whole weekly PPV collection for a decent price. If you do use ioffer, do not buy from seller canadianwrestling. He is a total scam artist.


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