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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #20

November 13, 2002

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

Goldylocks opens the show by singing the national anthem. She did a good job.

Tenay lets us know that Mr. Wrestling III has not contacted Tenay, so he never signed the Truth’s open contract

West and Tenay run down the card:

Amazing Red vs. Jimmy Yang
Brian Lawler & April vs. Jorge Estrada & Priscilla
Kid Kash vs. Jerry Lynn for the X Division Title
Syxx Pac vs. Jeff Jarrett in the semi-finals for the #1 contender spot

AJ Styles and Mortimer Plumtree come down to the ring. Crowd is rowdy, with a loud “You Suck” chant directed towards AJ. He grabs the mic, calling Tenay “Sugar tit,” then says how the match between Kid Kash vs. Jerry Lynn will not happen. He turns it over to Plumtree, who says that AJ had an automatic rematch clause. He suggests that Kid Kash go away because he doesn’t have a match tonight. Lynn comes down to the ring, thankfully with new theme music, and calls Plumtree “Mr. Nerd.” Lynn tries to be funny but he is not good at all on the mic. Anyway, he says unlike AJ, Kash earned his shot at the title tonight. He calls AJ a “Whiny ass biatch” and says that he went to TNA management and turned the match into a three-way. The three way should be decent but that segment was largely terrible.

Tenay tells us that 100% of the box office receipts will go to the

Tony Mamaluke vs. EZ Money

Tenay mentions how after WCW was sold, EZ Money was on the verge of breaking out. He looks in good shape here, as he was just released from the WWE several weeks before this match. EZ gets a monkeyflip but gets dumped outside when Mamaluke pulls down the ropes after a charge. Mamaluke takes EZ out with a tope. He climbs up top and flies off  but EZ meets him with a dropkick in midair. EZ stalls as Mamaluke regroups. He flips in and clotheslines Mamaluke. He drops Mamaluke from the press position and follows with a standing moonsault. Only his shins made contact on that move. A loud “TNA” chant breaks loose. They do a nice sequence that ends with Mamaluke locking in a Fujiwara Armbar. EZ makes the ropes but runs into a boot off a charge. Neckbreaker by Mamaluke, who then climbs up top and hits a Guillotine Leg Drop gets two. A reversal sequence ends with EZ getting a legdrop for two. Mamaluke escapes from the powerbomb position but EZ catches his foot then hits the Cha-Ching (Forward Reverse Suplex) for the win (4:51) *3/4.

Thoughts: Nice debut for EZ Money. I have no idea why he never got a chance in the WWE. He has the look that Vince likes and was good inside of the ring.  

Chris Vaughn vs. Sonny Siaki

Vaughn doesn’t even get an entrance. He is billed as 219lbs and might actually weigh 165 lbs. He walks into a clothesline from Siaki. He is able to get his foot up on a charge but Siaki quickly sends him in the corner with a belly-to-belly suplex. He hotshots Vaughn then gets a pumphandle throw, picking him up before the three count as the crowd is starting the “Rocky Ripoff” chant. He puts Vaughn in a tree of woe and hits a few shoulder thrusts. He hits a Samoan drop then a backbreaker before hitting three straight Siakalypses for the win (2:06)

Thoughts: A squash for Siaki, who was pissed after losing in the tournament last week. He looked good and they seem to be shaping up for him to feud with Lynn over the X Division title.

Pre-Taped interview with Goldylocks and Brian Lawler. Lawler says that his relationship is going great as we hear moaning from the female locker room. Lawler gets concerned and barges in on April, who is naked but lathered in soap as to not see her tits. She is mortifed and yells at him to leave and orders the cameras to go away. We then see Bruce peak his head out from the curtain as the segment ends. This was surprisingly decent for a comedy segment. Plus, April was hot.

Father James Mitchell is on the ramp as the arena goes dark. He mentions the argument between wrestling and sports entertainment, citing that the New Church is neither but rather evil. He then introduces us the newest face of evil, Belladonna. She comes out, then turns around and reveals her ass. It’s a fantastic ass I must say. He then reveals his “weapon of mass destruction” as Malice comes running out to the ring. Someone else is in the ring as the bell rings.

Kaos vs. Malice

This is the same Kaos who wrestled in WCW as part of the team “High Voltage.” He looks completely different here, wearing all black. He looks about a foot shorter than Malice too. Malice tosses Kaos to the floor then grabs a chair and bounces it off his head He slams him into the guardrail then over the steps. He rolls Kaos back in the ring, who then fires away. Malice no-sells all of them and takes him down with a clothesline. Backbreaker by Malice as an “Evil” chant breaks out. Belly-to-belly by Malice who follows that with a big boot. He signals for the chokeslam and hits it but doesn’t cover him. He lowers his knee pad and heads up top, dropping the knee for the win (2:57).

Thoughts: An impressive return to TNA by Malice. He was the biggest wrestler they had so he did come across as a monster instead of another guy like he would if he as in the WWE. Speaking of the WWE, I remember a rumor around this time that he had left TNA because he signed a developmental deal with WWE.

Jorge Estrada w/Priscilla vs. Brian Lawler w/April

Lawler also has new entrance music, which is much better. This was billed as a tag match but it is now a singles match between the men. Lawler asks for the mic before the match and stands on the announcers table. He demands to know why the crowd was laughing and snickering. Lawler ducks an attack and asks April for a kiss. Estrada attempts a double noggin knocker but Lawler escapes. He pulls up on a whip and backdrops Estrada to the floor but he lands on his feet and trips up Lawler. Estrada gets a legdrop from the top then throws some forearms. Estrada gets whipped into the ropes then ducks several chops and ends this nonsense with a shitty looking dropkick. Lawler counters a backslide and hits a neckbreaker and grabs a purse from April. He goes through the contents but Estrada kicks him then places the purse around Lawler’s neck. He hits a legdrop on Lawler. He then charges at Lawler but retreats towards April, acting as if she tripped him. Holy shit did this spot look terrible. Estrada grabs April by the hair then Priscilla slaps April. They catfight on the floor and that allows Lawler to get a low blow then a rollup for the win (3:20) DUD.

Thoughts: This match sucked. Estrada gets worse with each match too. The guy fucks up constantly. Lawler’s act is beyond stale at this point.

Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett. She brings up his match against Syxx Pac tonight as Jarrett says how he has been screwed by TNA since the beginning. He also says how Syxx Pac is not here tonight, suggesting that it might be due to a missed flight. We are getting some inside info here.

Jimmy Yang vs. Amazing Red

Yang has ditched the Elvis gear and is wearing black pants and a red “King’s Road” jacket. West and Tenay plug the AJ/Red match from two weeks ago as these guys do some matwork to start. Red gets a sloppy looking rana but comes back with a multiple twirling headscissor that draws a good reaction from the crowd. Yang catches Red off a baseball slide but that is turned into a headscissor, sending Yang crashing into the announcers table. Yang dropkicks Red off the apron and hits him with a quebrada. He rolls Red back inside and gets two. Moonsault kick by Yang who then gets some shoulder thrusts. Red comes back and locks on an armlock/bodyscissor combo off of a tilt-a-whirl. Yang breaks and has Red in the Styles Clash position then lowers Red down and he turns it into an STF in a cool sequence. Red reaches the ropes but Yang gets a spinning heel kick for two. Clothesline by Yang but Red gets a rollup for two. Yang kills Red with a spinning leg lariat, getting two. He puts Red in the figure-four necklock then breaks the hold so he can throw him outside. He sends Red into the rail then face first into the steps. A loud “Let’s go Red” chant breaks out as Yang beats on Red inside the ring. A weak looking clothesline by Yang who then places Red in the corner. He gets the hanging head scissors but gets dropkicked in midair after a springboard. They slug it out, ending with Red getting a spinkick. Bicycle kick by Red who then spikes Yang with a DDT, getting two. Red climbs up top but Yang knocks him down. He climbs up and they go at it until Red gets the Code Red off the top rope! That only gets two. Red goes off the top rope with a crossbody but Yang drops to one knee. Yang climbs up and misses the Yangtime and Red goes back up and hits the Infra-Red for the win (9:40) **1/2.

Thoughts: Decent match but it did drag at times when Yang was on offense. Red seems to be in line for a push within the X Division.  

Goldylocks is outback with BG James. She asks him what is going through his head and brings up his history with Jarrett and ends with his catchphrase. However, Jarrett comes out and offers a handshake. BG says he isn’t stupid as Jarrett once again wishes him luck for next week. He extends his hand and Jarrett attacks and gets restrained by security.

Spanish Announce Team vs. Rainbow Express

This is apparently part of a mini-tournament that will have the winner of this match face the winner of the Hotshots vs. Harris Twins match for the #1 contender spot. The Rainbow Express stall to start things off. Lenny leaps over Joel in a very effeminate way and gets tripped up. Bruce yanks the hair of Joel then Jose dropkicks Lenny into Bruce, knocking him off the apron. Jose ducks a clothesline and takes out Bruce with a suicide dive. Lenny then dives outside as Joel is back in the ring. Double team moves by the Rainbow Express then Lenny gets a weak splash as Bruce stands behind him, humping him in sync with the referee’s count. Lane spills outside as the SAT’s hit a top rope moonsault/legdrop combo on Bruce. Lenny breaks that up and dumps Jose. He slaps Joel on the top rope and nearly kills himself trying a rana. Tag to Bruce and he stomps Joel. He slams his face off the mat but misses a charge in the corner. Joel comes back with a missile dropkick. He tags Jose, who gets a crossbody on Lane. Leg Lariat by Jose but Bruce attacks him. Jose crotches Bruce and he falls in the tree of woe position. He sends Lenny into Bruce with a drop toehold and they drop into the 69 position as Jose pushes Bruce’s head into Lenny’s crotch. Facebuster by Bruce gets two. Joel whips Bruce against the ropes and he flies outside when Lenny pulls down the ropes. He necksnaps Joel and heads up top. Jose gets a dropkick and they hit the Spanish Fly for the win (7:19) *. Tenay says how Lane tried to hurt Bruce on purpose in order to be crowned Miss TNA.

Thoughts: A basic tag-match that was bogged down with the Rainbow Express and their homoerotic antics. At least the SAT’s went over, as they show some promise, even if Jose is really not a good worker.

Goldylocks is with Bullet Bob Armstrong. She says how Don Harris was fired as head of security but is still in the building. He says he is still able to wrestle and that he fined Harris but feels okay after last week’s attack.

Hotshots vs. Harris Brothers

Harris brothers jump the Hotshots to start things off as West’s mic is not working. Hotshots takes the advantage and attack Ron in the ring. They fuck up a double hiptoss spot as O’Reilly whiffed completely, getting two. Ron certainly didn’t help him out by tucking his arm to his side. Stevens lands a few shots but Don pulls him out and roughs him up a bit. He slides him back in as Ron hits a bunch of corner clotheslines. Don tags and boots Stevens. They double team Stevens in the corner before Ron gets a sideslam. O’Reilly breaks up the pin attempt. Stevens gets a boot up on a charge and hits Don with a shitty looking leg lariat before tagging out. O’Reilly hits a few clotheslines. Hotshots double dropkick Don and have the advantage. Don elbows O’Reilly off the apron and attempt the H Bomb on Stevens but he escapes and hits a springboard clothesline. He is quickly tossed outside as they catch O’Reilly with the H Bomb for the win (3:55) ¼*. After the match, they destroy the Hotshots.

Thoughts: The outcome was never in doubt but the Hotshots sold well for the Harris Brothers, who are terrible. Then again, its not like the Hotshots are a team that anyone would ever take seriously.

Tenay says that next week, the SAT’s will face the Harris Brothers in a #1 contender match.

BG James is in the ring. He wants Jarrett to pay attention. He then insults his own intelligence, which was kinda funny. He calls Jarrett a “low down piece of shit” and tells him to come to the ring, not wanting to wait until next week. Jarrett comes out that they have tonight off and will face off next week. Says it won’t happen tonight. BG says that the fact that Jarrett is a pussy was made official tonight. He calls his dad a pussy, even bringing up his mama. Jarrett has had enough and storms the ring. They are brawling ringside as the camera shows Bob Armstrong on the ramp. Shortly afterwards, the bell rings

#1 Contender’s match for the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship
BG James vs. Jeff Jarrett

BG hits Jarrett with a chair and they brawl into the crowd. Jarrett attacks him and hits him with a chair on the back. He uses a trashcan lid but BG fights back.  He pulls the lid away from Jarrett and grabs a trash barrel. He chases Jarrett up the steps and throws the barrel off Jarrett’s head. They brawl on the steps as the spotlight is used on them. They brawl up the bleachers and head down the stairs. Jarrett uses the lid a few times then stomps on BG. He clobbers BG with a trashcan as they head towards the ring. BG uses a chair as Jarrett is walking up the bleachers. BG gets a bunch of punches but Jarrett uses a chair and BG falls off the second level and through a table. Jarrett goes back into the ring as the ref counts. Jarrett counts along with the referee as James is down. This is quite possibly the slowest ten-count in the history of professional wrestling. He makes it in the ring and knocks down Jarrett but struggles to stand up. He tries the pumphandle but Jarrett escapes then hits the Stroke onto the chair for the win (7:17) *1/2.

Thoughts: The brawling was good for the first few minutes or so but it got really tiresome after that. Everyone knew Jarrett was going to win.

NWA-TNA Tag Team Title Match
New Church w/James Mitchell & Belladonna vs. America’s Most Wanted

AMW comes in from the crowd and attacks the New Church from behind. Harris takes out Lee with a plancha as all four men are know brawling outside of the ring. Harris bounces a chair off of Slash’s head. Mitchell and Belladonna run away from the action as we see Harris busting open Slash. Lee is beating on Storm as the camera focuses on Slash, who is on the ground. Mitchell tries to help up Slash as Storm is now bleeding. In the ring, Harris hits Lee with the Catatonic. He tries it on Slash but he counters that with a DDT. Lee busts open Harris and tosses him back inside. Helicopter Slam by Slash gets two. They neutralize Harris as Storm is shown on the apron, struggling to stand. Harris gets a spear on Lee. He tags Slash but he misses an attack and it allows Harris to tag Storm, who runs wild. Eight Second Ride gets two as Belladonna took a tag belt and placed it in the corner. She and Mitchell are on the apron distracting the ref. Lee puts Storm on his shoulders and Slash comes off top with a missile dropkick. Harris breaks up the pin attempt and clotheslines Lee to the floor. Slash eats boot off a charge and Storm his the swinging noose but the ref neglects to count and orders Mitchell to get off the apron. Slash with a belt shot to Storm but that only gets two. They do a reversal sequence that ends with Storm accidentally hitting the ref with a crossbody. Mitchell gives Lee a spike as AMW hits the Death Sentence but the ref is still out. Storm blocks the spike shot from Lee and Belladonna jumps on his back. Storm dumps her but Lee then hits him with the spike for the win and the titles (9:07) **1/2. After the match, Belladonna smears the blood of Slash onto her body.

Thoughts: The match itself was a bit all over the place but it was action-packed and entertaining. The ref bump was well done though. AMW suffered their first loss in TNA and it looks like they will be chasing after the titles.

Video highlights of last week’s X Division action.

NWA-TNA X Division Title Match
Kid Kash vs. AJ Styles w/Mortimer Plumtree vs. Jerry Lynn (Champion)

AJ whiffs on a double clothesline and gets taken out with a double dropkick. Lynn and Kash engage in some token X Division matwork but in a cool spot they both manage to send AJ back outside by using a double drop toehold. Lynn and Kash do some more reversals then have a stand off. They shake hands right before AJ flies across the ring with a double springboard clothesline. AJ and Lynn brawl outside for a bit. Kash tries a quebrada but Lynn pulls him off the apron. AJ and Lynn are in the ring as Plumtree distracts the ref, allowing AJ to get a low blow. Lynn tries a reverse rollup but Kash slingshots back in with a sunsetflip, as AJ goes flying before breaking up the pin. He goes after Kash but eats boot. Kash with a rana as we see a replay of the sunset flip spot. AJ tries the Phenomenon on Lynn but he counters with a stunner. Has brings up the pin and hits Lynn with a moonsault block and Lynn breaks up that. A “TNA” chant breaks out as AJ hits Lynn with a neckbreaker. AJ and Kash exchange chops until AJ kills him with an enziguiri. Kash pulls up on a dropkick and rolls up AJ for two. Kash snapmares AJ and chops Lynn in the corner. Lynn reverses but Kash rakes the eyes. Kash DDT’s AJ but gets kicked by Lynn. Tornado DDT by Lynn gets two as AJ breaks up that attempt. Plumtree pulls down the ropes on Lynn. Kash flies out with a double springboard crossbody then after a replay of that, AJ takes out both men with a springboard shooting star press! West then makes a joke about needing four screens to watch this match then breaks out in laughter. AJ beats Kash in the corner but gets flattened by a clothesline from Lynn. Kash and Lynn then clothesline each other as all three men are down. AJ gets caught with a TKO from Lynn but Kash breaks that up. Bankroll from Kash gets two. Kash blocks a Styles Clash but AJ turns it into the Kryptonite Krunch, getting two. Lynn clotheslines AJ as he was about to finish off Kash. Plumtree hooks Lynn’s leg then Kash backdrops AJ to the outside and onto Plumtree. In the ring, Lynn gets Kash and hits the cradle piledriver for the win (10:49) **3/4. Lynn celebrates with the belt for a while.

Thoughts: The match was fine but it was a bit disappointing. You had three of the better X Division wrestlers in this match and it was wrestled at a slower pace than the usual. The again, TNA has set some pretty high standards for three-way X Division matches with the Low Ki/Styles/Lynn matches. It is very, very tough to exceed those standards.

Jeremy Borash joins the announcers booth. He talks up the X Division as Bob Armstrong hands Don West the lineup for next week’s show. West is ecstatic and hypes it up.

AJ Styles vs. Crimson Dragon vs. Jorge Estrada
Harris Brothers vs. Spanish Announce Team
Jerry Lynn vs. Amazing Red for the X Division Title
Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings for the Heavyweight Championship

Jeff Jarrett comes out with a microphone. He addresses Ron Killings, stating he is the first ever black NWA champion. He gives him credit for his accomplishments but says he has been screwed and held down by TNA, not getting a shot at the title. Jarrett mentions NWA title as a kid, with Flair, Jack Brisco, Funks, Sting and others. He says he went to wrestling matches and dreamed of being the NWA Champion. He says every place that he has been, he did his business in the ring. He closes by saying winning the belt is not his dream, but his destiny and promises that he will win the title next week. The promo was fine but a majority of what he said is something you would expect from a face, not the top heel in your company.

Final Thoughts: This show was fine. You had some decent matches and nothing came across as completely embarrassing. The have finally found a feud for the tag division and continue to build up the talent in the X Division. It was bit strange that there was only one brief mention about Mr. Wrestling III at the beginning of the show though. Next week has two title matches that look good on paper.


  1. I really enjoy these! Would it be possible to nab a couple of screen-caps for the post? I'm really interested in seeing the production values increase along with the product!

  2. "Nice debut for EZ Money. I have no idea why he never got a chance in the WWE"

    He retired not long after this show, so it may have just been a lack of passion for THIS BUSINESS.

  3. He probably lost passion after being in developmental. He was cut from them shortly before this show. Maybe he played video games in the locker room?

  4. Or didn't wear a suit at the airport...

  5. Think they would ever put a best of the weekly ppv days dvd? I wouldn't mind seeing that AJ/Kash/Lynn three way

  6. Didn't. Give the Undertaker a proper handshake?

  7. Maybe he called UT "Mark".

  8. Thanks. I will try to post a few next week

  9. 1.Who was EZ money in WWE?
    2."Tenay tells us that 100% of the box office receipts will go to the"

    To the what, wrestler's bounced checks foundation

  10. 1. He never made the main roster. He was one of the 24 wrestlers that WWE bought from WCW. He wrestled there as Jason Jett and spent time in developmental. He looked great in the last few months in WCW.

    2. Well, that sentence makes me look like an idiot. I forget, but I think it was for flood victims in the Midwest. I will go watch again and find out.

  11. Thanks for the Info, and no problem, we all have Typos


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