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NXT - November 28, 2012

Date: November 28, 2012
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tony Dawson, Jim Ross, Tom Phillips

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

Back to the Florida guys this week as we approach the title match between Rollins and Mahal. We're also getting towards the point where this show will catch up to WWE and we'll see Mahal as a leather clad rocker and potentially Rollins as a guy in a police themed gimmick. Other than that we've still got Langston vs. Vickie's guys for the bounty. Let's get to it.

We open with Bryan, saying that he's coming back to the place where it all started for him. Since he was here, he became world champion, started a successful line of t-shirts and now HE IS THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Tonight he demands that no one say YES and that no one call him a goatface. He also says that Kane, who is standing next to him, must stay out of his way. Kane says HE is the tag team champions and for Bryan to stay out of his way. You know where this is going. Bryan lets out the biggest NO ever but Kane says yes to counter.

Theme song.

Trent Barreta vs. Leo Kruger

Trent has banged up ribs due to the presumed attack by Kruger last week. He takes Kruger down with some running shots to the head to start, but the ribs keep him from being able to follow up. Leo sends the ribs into the corner and rips off the tape. A knee drop keeps Trent down and Kruger goes after the ribs. Off to an abdominal stretch as the tape is rapidly disappearing from Barreta's ribs.

Kruger goes up to the middle rope but jumps into a dropkick for two. Trent keeps hitting moves but he has to stop to breathe after every single one. The running elbow in the corner staggers Kruger but a release flapjack stops the momentum cold. The Kruger End (neckbreaker into a cutter) gets the pin on Trent at 4:39.

Rating: C-. The match makes sense from a logic and psychology standpoint which I like, but it wasn't exactly an interesting match due to all of the slowing down. Trent is a guy who will go out there and give you a good match most of the time, but he wasn't able to be himself here. Odds are we'll get another match soon when Trent is healthy.

Xavier Woods vs. Memo Montenegro

Woods is billed as being from Angel Grove, California. Isn't that where the Power Rangers were from in the first few seasons? Woods likes to dance apparently and also is good in hip hop kido. JR doesn't care for whatever that is but likes headlocks. The voice Ross uses when saying that was hilarious. Woods continues to control with the headlock as JR continues to sound like he cannot stand Woods' gimmick. Memo misses a clothesline and a dropkick puts him down. In a stupid/AWESOME ending, Woods shouts that IT'S MORPHING TIME (awesome) and hits a rolling clothesline for the pin at 2:14.

Wait a second. During the match, Dawson said that Woods was trained by Zack Taylor in Hip Hop Kido. A quick Wikipedia search shows that Taylor was the name of the original Black Power Ranger and his fighting style was in fact Hop Hop Kido. I take what I said earlier back. Woods is AWESOME!

Audrey Marie vs. Emma

Emma is from Australia and Audrey is officially a cowgirl. A dropkick puts Emma down quickly and Audrey hooks a “unique submission” according to Tom. JR: “It's called a bodyscissors Tom.” That gets a few rollups for two on Emma and it's off to a move I've heard called a Tumbleweed for more twos. JR continues to be funny because he's annoyed and/or bored, saying that he feels sorry for these girls because neither has a last name. Tom calls a cross body a giant play to annoy JR even more. After a backslide gets two for Emma, Audrey finishes her with a Catatonic (spinning Rock Bottom) at 2:40.

Roman Reigns has issued a press release, saying that he doesn't want to give an interview right now. He has meetings with his “team” to determine various endorsements because he's a blue chipper, but he'll participate in this interview at a later date. Ok that's pretty awesome.

Here's Michael Cole to moderate a face to face meeting between Rollins and Mahal. Cole's music sounds like it's being sung by a bad Frank Sinatra impersonator and is called Never Thought My Life Could Be This Good. It sounds like it's describing a scene from Leave It To Beaver, talking about having a mowed lawn and a picket fence. It's kind of catchy actually.

Anyway he brings out Rollins and Mahal for the face to face confrontation. Mahal says what he did last week wasn't an attack. Rollins says it was the action of a desperate man, because Mahal knows he can't beat Rollins one on one. Mahal talks about how it's his birthright (his destiny if you will) to be a champion. Rollins talks about being a man of the people and sharing a mind and a spirit. Rollins says he's better than Mahal because he has the heart of a champion. Mahal goes on a rant about prejudice and attacks Rollins, putting him in the camel clutch.
Tag Titles: Michael McGillicutty/Johnny Curtis vs. HELL NO

Curtis is already dancing and is apparently a stripper now. Oh joy. Apparently THIS is Johnny's cash in for winning NXT Season 4. Wow they actually remembered that. Points for continuity! Bryan and Kane argue before the match, which starts with McGillicutty vs. Bryan. Michael takes him down to start and Bryan pretends to tag Kane, just to tease him a bit. Now be nice to that monster.

Kane tags himself in and clotheslines McGillicutty to the floor, only to have Bryan tag himself back in. The challengers take over with some double teaming and Goatface plays Ricky Morton. Curtis puts on a bow and arrow submission hold before it's back to McGillicutty for some shots to the ribs. Johnny hooks a chinlock for a bit before a double clothesline puts both guys down. Hot tag brings in Kane and house is cleaned. Bryan tags himself in again and the champions argue. McGillicutty gets two off a rollup as everything breaks down. A chokeslam puts Curtis down as the NO Lock submits McGillicutty at 7:05.

Rating: D+. Nothing to see here as the whole match was just killing time until McGillicutty and Curtis realized they were McGillicutty and Curtis. Why in the world Curtis is getting repackaged and put on the main roster instead of McGillicutty is beyond me, but it might be because Michael is talented and might get over, and we wouldn't want that.

The champs hug it out to close the show.

Overall Rating: C-. This wasn't their best show. The Power Rangers thing is a great geek out moment, but the rest of this show doesn't work for me. The main guys other than Rollins weren't here and they were clearly missed. I can't complain about seeing Audrey Marie on my screen, but JR being belligerent is sad to hear. He just doesn't care anymore and that's very clear. Not a terrible show, but their worst in months.

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  1. "Cole's music sounds like it's being sung by a bad Frank Sinatra impersonator and is called Never Thought My Life Could Be This Good."

    It used to be Kerwin White's theme, and somehow it fits Cole perfectly.

  2. I thought of White when I was listening to it. That makes sense.

  3. See ya, The Ascension. Maybe Connor O'Brian can be the dude who looks like a rat again


  5. Oh wow, I wanna see Xavier Woods now.

  6. And your new TNA Cham....oh, sorry. Thought this was 411 for a moment.

  7. Xavier Woods may have the most stupidly AWESOME indy gimmick I've ever seen!

    There is absolutely ZERO chance it survives if he makes the main roster.

  8. It just figures that they came out with the perfect theme song for Heel Cole over a year after the character outlived its usefulness and months after the character was scrapped.

  9. Actually, if WWE cuts a deal with whatever company owns the Power Ranger rights...there's ZERO chance of it not making it to the main roster.

  10. While it's likely they will ditch the explicit Power Rangers references maybe he'll come in as the new version of The Hurricane, a wrestling super hero gimmick.

  11. Anyone know how many weeks they are behind in the taping schedule ? I reckon it would be confusing for foreign viewers seeing the likes of Rollins, Mahal and Curtis in totally different persona's.

  12. (That company would be Disney . . .very unlikely :p )


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