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Wrestling all time supercard

Hi Scott long time reader and all that I have a question/discussion for the blog if you were to put together a wrestling event with the best matches that nwa/wcw/wwf/wwe have produced what would you pick? The only rule is you can only use a wrestler once ie you can't have hogan warrior and hogan Andre you have to choose

Well if I was putting together an all-time supercard, I certainly wouldn't be picking either one of those matches.

We've done this particular exercise with Wrestlemania and other major shows a lot, and the question as phrased is really too broad because it's basically just asking for a list of great matches without any overlapping people.  Plus if it's a three hour show you could just do Flair-Steamboat 2/3 falls, a one hour Misawa-Kobashi draw, and CM Punk v. John Cena and there you go.  

So I dunno, if you guys wanna have a crack at it, go nuts.


  1. I think a more interesting question would be to make an ultimate supercard based on wrestlers in whatever time period you choose (ie, 1990 Ultimate Warrior vs 1999 Goldberg), not forcing it to be matches that have already happened.

  2. That would be pretty sweet. Email the idea to Scott so he can post it.

  3. If it has to be a real all-time Supercard and everyone can only appear once, I give the idea of ideas. Take every wrestler who was ever a name, whether big leagues or independents, convert a football field into several larger than normal rings, and hold battle royals in each, taking the last guy from each into the next one when his is clear, to once and for all determine the one true "greatest wrestler of all-time". No scripts, no booking, just one big-ass shoot.

  4. Pretty sure this comes down to some combo of Angle, Lesnar, Regal, or Bruiser Brody for the finale.

  5. Without overlapping titles makes it even more interesting. I.e. you can't use Angle vs Benoit AND Hogan vs Savage since both were for WWF title. That really makes you choose.

  6. WWF/E Title: Austin vs Rock, WMx7.
    WCW Title: Hogan vs Flair, BATB94
    NWA Title: Flair vs Steamboat, pick 'em
    IC Title: Hart vs Perfect, SummerSlam
    WWF Tag: Benoit/Angle vs Edge/Rey, 2002
    NWA Tag: MX vs RnR, pick 'em
    US Title: TA vs Tully, Cage
    CW Title: Guerrero vs Mysterio, Havoc 97
    Grudge: Undertaker vs HBK, WM26
    Women's: Trish vs Lita

    Balance of workrate, name value, historical context. Really just depends on your favorites and who you would want to include.

  7. Not just overlapping titles, but what if your a huge fan of, say, a particular WarGames match? That will immediately disqualify 8 wrestlers from any other matches. Or you just love a Royal Rumble, such as Benoit's win, or my favorite, Austin's first "victory"? (in quotations since Bret technically was the last guy.) That's 30 guys, some big hitters, you have to mark off.

  8. IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Tetsuya Naito VS Kazuchika Okada, 3/4/12
    NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Ric Flair VS Ricky Steamboat, Clash of the Champions
    Triple Crown Championship: Misawa VS Kobashi
    WWF Championship: Steve Austin VS The Rock, WrestleMania X-7
    The Undertaker VS Shawn Michaels, Bad Blood 1997
    TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Bobby Roode VS Austin Aries, Destination X 2012
    WWF Tag Team Championship: Hardyz VS Dudleyz VS E&C, Wrestlemania X-7
    TNA X Division Championship: AJ Styles VS Samoa Joe VS Christopher Daniels, Unbreakable (I've never seen it, but I've heard this is a consensus 5-star match)

    This show would be in the neighborhood of 4-5 hours and the worst match would be at least ****1/2. There are many great workers that didn't even make it on the card. It'd be much more interesting to try something like this for Wrestlemania next year.

  9. I think it woudl be more interesting to do the best supercard on a particular date. For instance, can a supercard made up of guys from all promotions in mid-1989 beat a card of top guys from late 1997?

  10. Here's the Styles/Joe/Daniels 3 way. Awesome match.

  11. Yeah that's decent.

  12. That's really a bad ass card. Good work.

  13. Texas Wargames match:

    Stan Hansen('93), Steve Austin('01), Tully Blanchard('88), Barry Windham('88) and Shawn Michaels('97) vs. Undertaker('97), Dusty Rhodes('85), Terry Funk('89), Eddy Guerrero('04) and Kerry Von Erich('84)

    KENTA('12) vs. The Rock('12)

    Keiji Mutoh('01) vs. Randy Savage('87)

    Toshiaki Kawada('00) vs. Triple H('00)

    Hulk Hogan('89) vs. Lex Luger('89)

    Vader('93) vs. Brock Lesnar('03)

    Dynamite Kid('85) vs. Ric Flair('85)

  14. Fuck it, I'll take a shot. In no particular order. Before anyone tells me how stupid this card is, realize that it's mostly a joke:

    95 Shawn Michaels vs 2012 Daniel Bryan

    96 Rey Jr, 96 Eddy Guerrero, 97 Psicosis, 97 Juvi vs 2000 CIMA, 2000 SUWA, 95 Hyabusa, 97 Great Sasuke

    95 Shinjiro Ohtani vs. 2012 CM Punk

    Deathmatch invitational: Mick Foley vs Terry Funk vs Atsuhsi Onita vs Sabu vs Necro Butcher vs Nick Gage. Ages don't really matter in a bloodbath...

    93 Vader vs 2012 Kevin Steen

    Tag match involving some combination of ACH, AR Fox, Pac (all 2012), and 98 Blitzkrieg

    (Here's where it starts getting stupid, as if you couldn't tell...)

    Angry Stabby New Jack vs Jeff Hardy. Get him, Jerome!

    Amsterdam/Colorado match: Ruckus & RVD vs. Sean Waltman and Road Dogg. Ages again don't matter when every involved is stoned out of their damned minds.

    Crackpipe on a pole: Jake Roberts vs. British Bulldog

    Geriatric Park match: Hogan vs Piper vs Flair, all 2012

    Iron Sheik vs B. Brian Blair

    I think that's enough great matches/idiotic ideas for one post.

  15. Didn't Flair and Warrior meet up in 1992 on the house shows? I thought Warrior was responsible for hitting Flair with a potato shot that gave him vertigo and caused him to drop the title to Bret Hart.

  16. I assume that Scott reads these already, so I'll leave that up to him.

  17. that's what I was thinking about as well. it's easy to pick if you can choose from every timeframe. but what if you can't have (for example) 1989 Flair but are stuck with 2000 Flair?

  18. add a few of the Puro shooters and that sounds about right

  19. The only way to really do it would be generation against generation. 80s Flair vs 90s Shawn. Undertaker vs Andre. 80s Hogan vs 90s Austin. Things like that.

  20. I'd love to see late-80s Flair vs. early-2Ks Eddy Guerrero. From a wrestling standpoint, we'd get to watch two highly intelligent chess players try to anticipate and outmaneuver each other. From a performance standpoint, you'd have things like Eddy happily cheating as much as Flair, but the crowd would cheer everything Eddy does and and boo everything Flair does, which fits right into both guys personas. I think this match would be a rare perfect storm of workrate and entertainment.

  21. Ultimate Cage match supercard:

    Main event: WarGames 92
    HIAC: Undertaker vs HBK 97
    Owen Hart vs Bret Hart 94
    Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage from a house show in 91
    Kurt Angle vs Benoit from Raw. Can't remember the year.
    Edge and Christian vs Hardy Boyz 2000
    Elimination Chamber 2011 Cena vs Morrison vs Punk vs Sheamus vs Orton vs R-Truth

    XXX vs AMW

  22. There is a Guerrero vs Flair match from Nitro in 95 that is fucking awesome.

  23. Tricky tricky...

    WM 13 Bret Hart vs Steve Austin
    WM6 Hogan vs Warrior
    WM8 Macho Man vs Ric Flair
    Halloween Havoc 93 Vader vs Cactus Jack
    BB Undertaker vs HBK
    RR03 Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle
    TNA Unbreakable 05 Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles
    Starrcade 90 Sting vs Black Scorpion :-p
    Halloween Havoc 98 Goldberg vs DDP
    Summer Slam 2000 Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz

    Backlash 2000 The Rock vs Triple H

  24. Oops. Just realized I used Flair twice. Perhaps a Sting-Vader match for the WCW Title instead.

  25. If you take WWF 1989 and WCW 1997 you would get more or less the same card with Hogan vs Savage as the Main Event. ;-)

  26. If you can use anybody, my card would be like this:

    Main Event: Hulk Hogan (1985) vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (1998)

    Ric Flair (1985) vs. Bret "The Hitman" Hart (1994)

    Bruiser Brody (1982) vs. Mankind (1998)

    The Great Muta (1989) vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (1987)

    "Macho Man" Randy Savage (1987, Face) vs. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff (1984, heel)

    Sting (1989) vs. John Cena (2004)

    Big John Studd (1985) vs. Big Ron Studd (1995)

    Jake "The Snake" Roberts (1985) vs. Diamond Dallas Page (1997)

    Chris Jericho (2000) vs. Lord Steven Regal (1994)

    (2001) vs. The Dynamite Kid (1984)

    Eddie Gurrerro (2004) vs. Mil Mascaras (1985)

    Terry Funk (1982) vs. Jimmy Jack Funk (1986)

    Goldberg (1998) vs. Gillberg (1999)

    Big Bully Busnick (1992) vs. Earthquake (1994 - face)

    Crush (1993 face) vs. Kane (2000 face)

    Rob Van Dam (2001) vs. Ryback (2010) vs. Kurt Angle (2005)

    Tantaka (1993) vs. Big Charlie Norris (1993)

    Andre the Giant (1978) vs. The Big Show (2008 - when he was slim and first returned)


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