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History of ECW 6/12/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA

Airdate: June 12, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles

From the WWE Studios Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW. This week’s episode emanates from the ECW Arena. In this episode Kronus will face Jamie Dundee previously of PG-13. A memorial segment for the Junkyard Dog will also be shown. Joey relates some memorable JYD accomplishments and feels honored to have worked with him in ECW.
We flash back to Wrestlepalooza ’98 and JYD’s appearance. His reception has to be seen to be appreciated. The opener follows.

Joey opens the program by stating that Joel Gertner will leave Dudleyville if the Dudley Boyz do not apologize for retiring Beulah last week in New Orleans.
Match 1: Kronus versus Jamie Dundee

Oh dear Lord! Dundee looks ridiculous in a jester hat. After Kronus enters the ring Dundee touts Kronus’ involvement in the Eliminators. He then touts PG-13 and the crowd rightfully boos. Next he runs down Kronus for getting dumped by Saturn. Kronus makes him eat a leg lariat for that one. While Kronus makes Dundee eat some knuckle sandwiches our Hardcore History nugget tells us that Kronus was trained by WWE Hall of Famer Killer Kowalski.
After slamming Dundee Kronus backs his way up to the top turnbuckle but misses the splash. Dundee removes his jacket and chokes Kronus with it. A cross-corner whip by Dundee gets reversed. He leaps to the second rope to deliver a back elbow but looks ridiculous in the process. The crowd proudly announces “You fucked up” at Dundee.

Kronus whips Dundee off the ropes and gives him a clothesline. Another slam by Kronus leads to a missed senton. Dundee comes back with a forearm to the back of the neck. After a snapmare he mounts the second turnbuckle and gives Kronus the double stomp to the gut. He cross-corner whips Kronus and gives him a handspring karate chop? Seriously? Kronus nails him between the eyes to show how lame that was.
To show Dundee how to properly perform the maneuver Kronus delivers a sweet double handspring back elbow. Next Kronus slams him and mounts the top turnbuckle. He finishes Dundee off with the 450 splash. *

Highlights of the six-man tag match from New Orleans are shown. The Dudley Death Drop (a.k.a. the move that retired Beulah) is featured. Joey is disgusted by the actions of the Dudley Boyz and refers to them as “scum.” Methinks Joey and DDP have shared a brew or two previously.
Highlights of House Party ’96 are shown where Stevie tries to kiss Beulah but is DENIED! She then informs him she’s pregnant. Raven interrupts and badmouths Beulah. She rebuts by telling him “(the baby’s) not yours.” Raven then punks out Stevie. Beulah screams at them to stop since it’s not Stevie’s either. She declares “it’s Tommy’s” and Raven begins to choke her. Dreamer comes to her rescue, lands a few right hands, and DDTs Raven. Dreamer and Beulah clear the ring as the crowd chants “Beulah!”

Dreamer continues to punish Raven on the outside with weapons and a whip to the steel railing. He then grabs a fan’s sign that reads “Tommy, use my sign!” Subsequently he nails Raven with it, unwraps it to reveal a STOP sign, and then DDTs Raven onto it. Beulah hands Dreamer a pie. After taking a big bite Dreamer piledrives Raven on the pie atop the STOP sign. Dreamer and Beulah embrace afterwards. Classic ECW stuff there, folks.
Lance Wright is in a parking garage backed up by Jack Victory. He will interview the Dudley Boyz and Joel Gertner who stand behind an ambulance. Victory frisks Gertner as a precaution. Gertner issues an ultimatum to the Dudley Boyz: either apologize in person to Beulah or lose the services of Gertner. Bubba says he doesn’t want to lose Joel’s services and will apologize.

Bubba opens the back door of the ambulance to reveal D-Von caught red-handed atop a blow-up doll on the gurney. Oh. My. God! D-Von claims that Beulah gave him crabs. Bubba notifies Tommy about his girlfriend’s distribution of her venereal diseases. Yuck! He then gives a faux apology. Wow! A completely tasteless yet effective segment making the Dudley Boyz the evil hunted.
Joey apologizes to us for giving Joel Gertner too much credit. He then segues to the conflict between the World Tag Team champions and Fonzie’s men. Unfortunately Lance Storm could not make the flight to Philadelphia in time.

The Triple Threat is in the back having a “meeting.” Candido laughs about Storm’s flight arrangements and needs to find another partner. Bam Bam Bigelow volunteers, but Shane Douglas interjects himself into the match.
Now the Triple Threat is in the ring. Douglas has the microphone and “has heard a lot about…Rob Van Dam.” The crowd cheers. While Douglas reminds us that Candido and BBB hold up their end of the bargain he tells a heckler where to go and provides directions. The crowd actually jumps all over the heckler! Wow!

According to Douglas, “I have heard from the Internet, the smart marks, the sheets that Rob Van Dam is the real singles champion here in ECW.” He cuts a promo on RVD and states that the ECW Arena is the house that he built not RVD. He then puts forth the challenge of RVD and Sabu versus Chris Candido and Shane Douglas.
Highlights of Taz’s interaction with Shane and the Triple Threat are shown.

After a commercial break, highlights of the match from “A Matter of Respect ‘98” are shown followed by highlights of last week’s match between RVD and Storm.
Match 2: ECW World Heavyweight champion Shane Douglas and Chris Candido (w/ Francine) versus ECW World Television champion “Mr. Monday Night” RVD and Sabu (w/ Fonzie)

Before the match starts Douglas grabs the microphone and states “…it’s time we find out who is the greatest singles champion in ECW.” It should be noted that a collection of signs to the left of Hat Guy anoint RVD as “The Best There Is, Wuz, and Ever Will Be.” While I enjoy RVD’s style he’s no Bret Hart.
Anyways, Sabu and Candido start. Sabu gets a single-leg takedown but misses the elbow. A cross-corner whip culminates with Candido pancaking Sabu. Candido then gives him a snap suplex. He hoists Sabu onto the top turnbuckle and tries to give him a huracanrana; however, Sabu counters by holding onto the top rope. Sabu then delivers a top rope leg drop for a 2 count.

We move ahead to a rope sequence between RVD and Candido. But when RVD drops down split-legged in preparation for a leapfrog, Candido dropkicks him in the face instead! He follows with a clothesline and a slam before heading to the second turnbuckle. He then delivers a leg drop which Joey dubs “the New Jersey Jam.” Jay-Z would be proud.
Candido hoists RVD up in his delayed vertical suplex, but RVD escapes and gives Candido a standing sidekick. Next he whips Candido off the ropes and delivers a great standing dropkick. We move ahead to where RVD delivers a tumbling splash to Candido. We then fast-forward to where Douglas enters the ring. It should be noted that Douglas Is not dressed to wrestle as he wears his Triple Threat t-shirt and black jeans.

Appropriately for Douglas he acknowledges this confrontation between the two singles champions with a middle finger to RVD. Douglas ducks a spin kick from RVD and pokes him in the eye. He takes RVD to the corner and works him over with chops and punches. Douglas whips RVD out of the corner only to whip him back into the same corner. He then gives RVD a powerslam then favors his injured elbow.
RVD kicks Douglas in the face then gives him a leg lariat and a corkscrew legdrop. Douglas counters with a low blow while RVD was showboating. He works RVD over in the corner then cross-corner whips him. A blind charge hits boot and RVD grabs Shane’s injured arm. As he holds the arm he walks the top rope and legdrops the arm! RVD tries an armbar submission but Candido saves.

We jump ahead to where Fonzie and Francine are in the ring. They tussle while Taz hits the ring. Douglas tries to suplex him, but Tax counters and applies an armbar submission move on him. Bigelow hits the ring to fight with Taz. Meanwhile Sabu sets up a table in the middle of the ring.
Sabu and RVD place Candido on the table as Taz and BBB continue their brawl at ringside. They then come off opposite top turnbuckles and deliver the double legdrop through the table to Candido! ECW! ECW! ECW! RVD covers and gets the pin! **1/2

Out in the parking lot Bigelow and Taz are still going at it. BBB whips Taz into a parked car and Taz’ elbow shatters the front passenger window!
Joey closes out the show dictating that there is “no clear #1 Alpha male in ECW.”

Overall this show presented a nice hodgepodge of the current ECW storylines. The match between Kronus and Dundee was forgettable at best, but the Dudley Boyz interview was certainly risqué and ground-breaking. Seeing the entire “Beulah is pregnant” segment was a definite treat. The main event was ECW-rific with that tremendous climax of a finish. What will happen next? Stay tuned to further reports of the History of ECW! Happy Holidays!
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