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Pro Wrestling X PC game (Kickstarter fund)

Worth checking out. A Kickstarter fund for a wrestling game for the PC that Lance Storm's helping with, and one of the main guys from No Mercy has pledged on.

Apparently they want to make it very customisable and base it around No Mercy.

At first impressions, it doesn't look great from the video. But they said some of the money will be used to re-do artwork and animation, so that's fair.

Looks interesting!

I don't know about their chances of hitting 75K with only a couple of days left, but I heartily endorse anyone trying to revive the No Mercy engine, so I'll be happy to throw a couple of bucks their way.  


  1. So how does this work, what happens to the money you donate if they don't reach their goal? What happens if they don't reach their goal?

  2. Pretty cool idea! So wait, is someone that actually worked on the original game going to work on this one?

  3. Not sure, but this new engine is greatly inspired by No Mercy. Plus, one of the No Mercy's original producers has given their vocal support! As a fan and watcher of this project for years, I really hope they can pull a miracle out of this.

  4. People who donate to the project are only charged if the project meets its goal.

  5. It was me that sent this to Scott btw. I basically found Lance Storm retweeting something to do with it. I'd heard about this game ages ago. It sounds like they hit a bit of a stump and havn't got to develop it further over the past few years.

    Definitely seems to have some potential, though!

    As mentioned, anything that's trying to base itself on No Mercy as a foundation gets a vote in my eyes.

    Such a shame that it doesn't look as though they're going to make it to the mark in time, though.

  6. The project has been worked on by one guy for 10 years, and he stubbornly refuses the hire or bring in other people to help get the project along for some reason. As promising as the idea sounds, I seriously doubt this project will ever be completed and givng him money for it through Kickstarter feels like pissing away your money.

  7. Wow, really? That's....not a viable process. One guy development works, if the game is stupid basic. This IS not basic.


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