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Snickers Presents The Only Review Of Halloween Havoc 1998 That You'll Ever Need Presented By Snickers

Halloween Havoc - October 25th, 1998
MGM Grand Garden Arena
10,663 in attendance
Buyrate was 0.78. Year prior was 1.17, headlined by Hogan v Piper, Age in the Cage.

You know, it's probably a blessing that Havoc didn't do mega-numbers, due to the fact that it went a half & hour longer than what they told the cable-companies. So millions of screens went black and WCW had to reimburse all of those people, while showing the main event for free on Nitro.

One thing I can say right away, is the set is looks awesome. One of the best I've seen.

Nitro Girls do their Nitro Girl thing. Shawn's wife is rather attractive, although too tall for my tastes. I always thought Fyre was the best looking, personally.

We start off the PPV with an interview. Alrighty. Rick Steiner shows up and informs us he's the hound, in the pound, and he's gonna get down. Buff comes out wearing one of those driver-caps, but wearing it backwards like people did in the 90's. Those hats are cool, but when worn backward, man, they look SO stupid. Especially HHH's 'Harley Davidson' one. Buff is also wearing FuBu. Buff is also timeless. Buff is also going to be in Rick's corner,
and would never, EVER turn on him. EVER. That's spelled E-V-E-R.

Raven vs. Chris Jericho [C] - WCW Television Championship
Huh, Tony just called Jericho's cover the “arrogant cover.” I thought that was solely a CAW reference. Speaking of CAW, this is easily my favorite Raven look, and I really wish he would have kept it. He really started looking weird as time moved on. They made Jericho look tough as all get out in this match. I mean,
he kicks out of a catapult into the turnbuckle bolt followed by a clothesline. Then he kicks out of Raven's Evenflow. It's too bad this didn't get longer, because this was hard-hitting, fast, and extremely close. Great opener. Plus, we get the irony of Jericho almost losing to the Evenflow DDT, while his entrance music is a rip off of Pearl Jam's Evenflow.
Raven taps out to the Liontamer at 7:49 | ****

You know, something I miss is the match re-caps that WCW would do, where they show the high-lights, and even the entrance of the winner. 

Hogan comes out for an interview in an nWo Nitro shirt. I imagine after the rating that show had, there were a lot of homeless folk around Atlanta that became nWo-ites. You know, the Bischoff/Hollywood Hogan relationship was awesome. Punk and Heyman need to act like that. We get a recap of Hogan beating up Horace, reminding me how stupid it was that Stevie Ray was in the nWo, and that Stevie Ray was one of those people who felt you could eat whatever you want while on anabolics. In the crowd, I see a Kenny's Krib Sting. Anyone else remember Kenny's Krib? Afterward, Hogan says he's gonna rip out Warrior's heart, and then bury it along with his soul in a toxic waste dump. That sounds very specific, and painful.

Disco Inferno vs. Juventud Guerrera
You know, props to Disco for getting over. Do you know how disheartening it must have been to get your big break, and then be told they want you to be the wrestling version of John Travolta from “Saturday Night Fever”? You'd be better off being the wrestling version of John Travolta from “Urban Cowboy.” Disco outsmarts Juvi, and points to his head, letting us know he's SMART. Disco gives us a little Macarena action, reminding me of the Macarena contests my middle school would hold at lunch. Not a bad match, really. They just didn't click very well.
Disco hits a jumping piledriver on Juvi for the pin at 9:39 | **1/2

Scott Steiner comes out. He tells us that Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps, which is fine for him, because he's been up for three days and 30 nights. I have to admit, that's a neat trick. 

Disco Inferno vs. Kidman [C] - Crusierweight Championship
Alright, why couldn't Disco just wait in the ring until Kidman came out? It would have been rather impressive if he wins the strap. Man alive, if there's
one guy who looks nothing like he did, it's Kidman. And Barry Windham. Disco needs to work on his trash talk. Screaming things at Kidman such as "turn down the music" and "pip-squeak" just aren't working. He tries to powerbomb Kidman, and we all know what that leads to. Decent bout. 

Kidman hits the Shooting Star for the pin at 10:49 | ***

Scott Steiner & The Giant [C] vs. Rick Steiner & Buff Bagwell - WCW Tag-Team Championships Face Buff is No-Buys Buff. I want the top-hat. Giant is in first, and he works Rick over. It's great, because he goes to tag Steiner in, and Steiner tells the Giant 'one more! one more! break him!' then when Rick is toast, Scott comes in. It's great heel stuff, because he's completely avoiding one-on-one, and being a total ass. Brilliance. Tag to Buff, and turn from Buff. Thankfully that was fast. He's quickly back into heel Buff mode, further confirming my belief to be proud that I cheered for him in Tacoma, even if this was his THIRD heel turn to the nWo. Giant misses a drop kick, nailing Scott, giving Rick his opening. 
Bulldog to Scott gives Rick the pin, the titles, and singles match with his brother at 8:24 |  **

Scott Steiner walks away, seemingly reneging on his original deal! That no good-nik. So, Rick follows after him and pulls him into the ring. 

Rick Steiner vs. Scott Steiner
Some suplexes here and there before a very bizarre sequence; Some guy in a suit and a Bill Clinton mask jumps the rail, knocks out a few dudes, takes the slap-jack from Stevie Ray, then runs into the ring and knocks out Rick as well as the ref. He unmasks to reveal Buff Bagwell. Seriously, what the hell? We saw Buff earlier, so why on Earth did he need to disguise himself? And WHY did he need to be Bill Clinton? Was the Rick James mask lost? Then, if that wasn't odd enough, he proceeds to drag the ref around and use his hand to make 3 counts. Rick makes the comeback, puts down Scott with the Bulldog. His theme music is a pretty decent rip-off of “Welcome To The Jungle,” I might I add. Despite the weirdness, it was still entertaining. 
Rick hits Scott with the Bulldog for the win at 5:10 | *** [match wasn't much, but I'm giving the whole ordeal 3 stars]

Scott Hall vs. Kevin Nash
Scott comes out apparently drunk. Once Nash hits the ring, though, he throws the drink he's been carrying into Kevin's face and reveals he's not drunk! Joke's on you, Kevin, he's only in a soma coma. Unfortunately, Hall is clearly on his way to that ESPN documentary at this point, and Nash is rich, so this
match doesn't even come close to their matches in the WWE. The entire match is punch-punch-knee-knee-punch-punch. There was a decent amount of drama, but for their history and such, this needed to be mid-80's NWA violent. 

Nash walks out of the match after giving Hall two Jack-knife powerbombs at 14:19 | **

Bret Hart [C] vs. Sting - US Championship
Man, Bret's WCW music is absolutely terrible. This was when Sting had the goatee, so he looked like a character from Dick Tracy. He keeps doing this thing where he stomps Bret's hands, and that's something a heel should add to his moveset, because it's fantastically cheap. Man, Bret is actually
a pretty decent heel. He's doing all sorts of awesome bad-guy stuff in this match, from faking injury, to using international objects and low blows. At one point, Bret has just dropped Sting neck-first on the guard-rail, but a female fan has all the words of encouragement for him, letting Stinger know "GET UP! YOU'RE SO SEXY!". It works. I email Mickie James x-rated drawings I do in Microsoft Paint all the time and she's always kicking ass. So, you know. Soon, the ref is knocked out and these two just don't give a shit. Running over the ref, suplexing each other on top of him, it’s good stuff. Soon, Stinger does the splash, but knocks himself out on the ringpost, resulting in him hanging over the ropes. Bret then commits murder by BASHING Sting in the head with the baseball bat repeatedly. Pretty awesome, actually, as it was done just right, not with a ball-peen hammer, and it didn't go on for 40 minutes. I remember this match being really bad, but on second viewing, it's not bad at all, just didn't live up to the hype. Honestly though, Bret as a heel is awesome, and I actually want to see the rematch between these two.
Bret slaps Sting in the Sharpshooter, and the ref drops his hand 3 times to give Bret the win at 15:03 | ***1/4

Hollywood Hogan vs. Warrior - The Match WCW Paid $1 Million For
We get a shot of a tasteful sign that says "Bischoff is...A] retarded B] broke C] a gimp D] All of the Above." Well, the sign gives away the answer, as D is circled with heavy enthusiasm. I will say, Warrior's music is actually pretty bad-ass, and one has to wonder if Mac got his fascination with dusters from Warrior. I'm inclined
to believe that he did. Seriously, this match honest to God looks like two guys are out there having their first match ever, not two guys who have a combined almost 30 years of experience. Haha, the log roll. This in no way can be considered one of the worst matches of all time, because it's damn entertaining, especially with Hogan throwing unlit flash paper at the Warrior. At least he took full credit for the stupid fireball ordeal. Scarier than burning oneself is leaving these two to call an audible mid-match. I'm shocked it didn't involve Truckasourus. Now they're going to cover Warrior in lighter fluid, as we're to REALLY believe that they're going to burn him alive in front of people. If I were Warrior, there's absolutely NO WAY I'd trust Hogan to NOT burn me alive. I'd be afraid after he dumped all the fluid on me that he'd wonder where the lighter was, so he could secure it, and then use the lighter in his hand to add extra light in aid of his search of the lighter that he's sure is around my body somewhere.

Horace Hogan hits Warrior with a chair to give Hogan the pin at 14:18 | * [but really, if we're talking how entertaining it is in its awfulness, then we're talking ****]

DDP vs. Goldberg [C] - WCW Championship
It's truly stunning that they screwed up Goldberg's run. I mean, it'd be so much harder to screw it up, than to not. This match is fantastic from the get go, which is all credit to DDP. I will give props to Goldberg though for doing the backflip when Dallas tried to sweep his legs out from underneath him. I know I may get some flack for over-rating, but anyone who thinks this isn't at least ***1/2 stars is crazy. The beginning is great with DDP refusing to be afraid, and doing everything he can to wear Goldberg down. Great moment with the missed Spear and Goldberg being weak from then on. DDP actually had Bill with the Diamond Cutter, but just couldn't cover in time. Again, great match. They also should have had a rematch where DDP beats him finally. He's easily the closest anyone has come at this point, and the match was awesome. DDP beating Goldberg would have been believable, and told a great story. Oh well. Nash winning ended up just fine. Goldberg with the Jackhammer at 10:28 | ****1/4

Showcase Showdown: You've got two matches that reach 4 stars, one of the greatest train-wrecks in wrestling history, and a solid under card. It's a fun show that gets a bad-rap, simply because of Hogan/Warrior, I believe, even though it's one of the most entertaining things on the card. If you don't feel like watching the whole show, then just snag Jericho/Raven, and DDP/Goldberg. However, if you've never seen Warrior/Hogan II, then by all means you need to see that too.  3 and a half head-butts out of 5.

Thanks as always to my editor, Steve Ferarri. We were both in the Vietnam War, where we both ended up dead, but then were brought back to life under a secret program called The Universal Soldiers. 

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  1. Nice review man, I enjoyed that.

    I looked back at Hogan/Warrior II a year or two back and REALLY wanted to like it, but man, it just didn't work again, did it? Such a shame.

    I rate Hogan/Warrior I as one of the best pro wrestling matches you'll ever see (as far as clash of the titans, two legit huge names, OTT gimmicks, at Wrestlemania. Perfect stuff). If you havn't seen their WM encounter, please do yourself a favour and check it out. Love the finish. Also loved Warrior's two-part finisher, something that's SO rarely done in wrestling.

  2. So Bagwell turns heel and Rick Steiner wins anyway. Then, Bagwell interferes in the second match and Rick Steiner wins anyway, rendering the Bagwell heel turn completely meaningless. Got it.

  3. Seems like Rick Steiner had the whole HHH pull when working with his brother.

  4. The bagwell stuff was annoying and took forever but this show has two 4 star plus matches and some glorious train wrecks. Definitely worth watching

  5. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 17, 2012 at 2:25 PM

    Any format errors are entirely bloggers fault. It's a real pain in the ass sometimes. I had the font bigger, and everything looking crisp & orderly, then blogger just went and did it's own thing.

  6. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 17, 2012 at 2:26 PM

    And on top of that, he comes out in disguise! For NO reason! And he's disguised as Bill Clinton of all things.

  7. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 17, 2012 at 2:28 PM

    Thank you, I'm glad you dug it.

    For my entire child-hood & teenage years my favorite match was Hogan v Warrior from WM. It really is one of the best in terms of crowd, delivery, and drama. And I agree, two part finishers are awesome.

  8. "You know, props to Disco for getting over. Do you know how disheartening it must have been to get your big break, and then be told they want you to be the wrestling version of John Travolta from “Saturday Night Fever”?"

    If I am not mistaken, he was using the DI gimmick in the indies before breaking in with WCW.

  9. It really wasn't a bad gimmick, very Honkytonk Man-esque. I think the biggest problem he had was the manner in which WCW could never figure out how to use him. One week he was a comedy jobber, then a contender for the CW title, he wins the TV title only to job to Jaqueline for no apparent reason, then later he's an NWO lackey...he never really settled into a niche where he could find the character within his gimmick. I think he was a decent worker nevertheless and might have earned a push if he'd been booked with a little more consistency.

  10. If only Sting could have been such a force at Starrcade 97... Maybe WCW should have sent Rick Steiner after Hogan instead.

  11. Good review man, that title made me laugh way harder than it should have.

  12. "Man alive, if there's one guy who looks nothing like he did, it's Kidman."

    What the fuck does that mean?

  13. As long as it wasn't MY fault!


  14. WCW was really fond of the naive babyface who was too trusting.

  15. Might be completely off here, but the Warrior seems to get a bit of a bad rap -- He was over, he had a formula that he stuck to but could adapt when he needed to (Hogan, Rude, Savage) and he cut a pretty awesome promo (who would you rather listen to, Steamboat or Warrior -- Or Cena, for that matter? And Steamboat's one of my all-time favorites) -- And his tribute to Savage was pretty great stuff (talking about wrestlers having a stupid ass code of weak handshakes to show respect and how he and Randy would shake hands like two men do is pretty cool and moving at the same time) -- I don't agree with his politics but he's a guy I would buy a beer for if I ran into him at a bar -- He's not stupid, he just isn't built for the industry -- Kind of like Phrederic :-)

  16. Finally, somebody gives Hart/Sting the deserved rating. Too bad you short-changed Hall/Nash. Goddamn I love this PPV, the Last Great WCW PPV. In fact, it completely exemplifies the entire late nineties WCW era.

  17. Buffwell was a douchebag who got his comeuppance -- That's pretty logical, WCWS just got it wrong by having an over the hill non-sympathetic Rick Steiner as the protagonist -- Lazy guys are never the answer -- WCW tried to recreate the magic that Rick had when he beat Rotundo(a?) all those years ago but couldn't because you can't put new wheels on a '72 Stingray and expect to sell it as new...

  18. You know what it means but I'm with you on calling him out on his shitty phrasing -- Caliber does a good job; let him feel his way out here -- Scott's giving him a chance, so should we (at least he's not talking about bags of dicks and boners and the like anymore)

  19. First of all, he's been feeling his way for like...two years now.

    Second of all, what the fuck does that mean? I have no fucking clue. Is he saying Kidman doesn't look like a kid, that he doesn't look like a man? What on earth is he talking about? Is he saying he looks bad? Is it some bizarre expression I've never heard before?

    And Caliber is a big boy, he can defend himself.

  20. The industry of what? Internet wrestling discussion?

  21. I don't think you overrated DDP vs. Goldberg at all. That is one of my favorite matches and I really don't know why. There have been better matches. There have been hotter crowds. There have been better storylines. But everytime I see this match I remember when they showed it on Nitro and just being mesmerized by it. I remember thinking Golberg was unstoppable and after the match I legit thought DDP was the second best wrestler in the company because he took Goldberg to the limit. No one has done that! I miss my younger mark days.

  22. Ultimate warrior was my favorite childhood wrestler until flair jumped to the wwf

  23. Same here. I think it really shows the promise the promotion likely had at the top of the card with younger guys and harder workers. It was nice to get a hard hitting, well booked match on top instead of a huge letdown after an otherwise solid PPV.

    An extended Bret/Goldberg program would have done Goldberg wonders I think.

  24. Steroids. Kidman was skinny in WCW, then he was a little ball of muscle in booty shorts with WWE.

  25. I think what he meant was Kidman looks completely different now than he did then.

  26. Good review from you as usual, Caliber.
    I've gotta add that I really enjoyed the recap of the entire Warrior-Hogan feud that you did on your own blog a few years ago, that was some seriously funny stuff.

  27. Yeah, it seems weird that Rick had so much pull by this point considering that only a few years earlier Scott had to turn down a World title reign just to keep Rick from getting fired.

    How exactly did Rick mysteriously start getting more backstage pull than Scott by 1998 considering that Scott was always higher than him on the totem pole before then?

  28. I think the Las Vegas crowd really helped in making that a great match. The crowd and the setting motivated both guys to put on a great performance.

    On the flipside, their rematch at Fall Brawl '99 in front of a dead, indifferent crowd at Winston-Salem, North Carolina absolutely sucked. That match was Phone-In City all the way.

  29. Actually, he's not referring to Kidman's steroid phase in WWE, but rather what Kidman looks like today. He's been spending a LOT of time at the catering tables since he stopped wrestling.

    It seems like Kidman, Dean Malenko and Simon Diamond are having a running contest to determine who's the most out-of-shape road agent in wrestling today.

    To put it you this way, you can tell that Kidman has ZERO interest in making an in-ring comeback.

  30. I haven't seen their rematch(nor have I seen ANY WCW from 1999 or 2000. Yes I consider myself lucky lol) But yeah I could see how an unmotivated 'Berg and DDP could be an ugly sight.

  31. Couldn't there have been a somewhat more graceful way of saying that?

  32. Oh most definitely. I'm just trying to help clear up(at least)what I thought he meant. Definitely a clunky sentence. I guess a better way to say it would be: Billy Kidman looks totally different now. But that's kinda boring if you ask me.

  33. "Wow Billy Kidman has gone downhill, no wonder Torrie dropped him for A-Rod."

    Maybe I should slip in a no homo there somewhere to make it more Caliber-esque.

  34. Yeah they've made a couple Kidman fat jokes on Are You Serious. Hell I'd get fat too if I got divorced from Torrie Wilson. He achieved his highest rung of success. He had Torrie at her peak. He ain't topping that.

  35. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 18, 2012 at 9:32 AM

    Nope, see, now that you're my editor, you have to shoulder all the blame. If someone says I'm not funny, or got a fact wrong, or shouldn't have gone on that huge racial epitaph spouting rant, it's all on you. I no longer have to take the blame for anything!

  36. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 18, 2012 at 9:34 AM

    All I meant was that Kidman today looks absolutely nothing like he did 15 years ago. I mean, not even close.

  37. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 18, 2012 at 9:38 AM

    Thanks, Waylon.

    I don't know if you've seen it yet, but I got the review for China Strike Force up. Definitely an interesting film.

  38. Didn't necessarily realize I was defending him but my post does come across that way -- I suppose that I should just simply state that Caliber is entertaining and has come a long way from where he started and that your contrary nature can be appreciated when you're not being a hostile dickhead, clear enough?

  39. You have really hit the big time Caliber, there was a whole conversation on what you actually meant when you wrote a line, like J. D. Salinger!

  40. How did you get a real editor? My sister is a teacher and edited my first post, then she could not keep up with the schedule I wanted to keep and I have had to hamfist edit my own crap since.

  41. Well I'm always being a hostile dickhead, so you probably won't appreciate most of my contrary nature.

  42. That's not fair, Caliber is way less obnoxious than J.D. Salinger.

  43. Huh, pro wrestlers aging ungracefully. Imagine that.

  44. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 19, 2012 at 5:56 AM

    *Macho Man finger twirl*

  45. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 19, 2012 at 5:57 AM

    You'll enjoy my work some day, Phred. I've converted them all.

  46. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 19, 2012 at 6:20 AM

    Actually, Steven was very gracious in the fact he offered to help me. He's since improved my work 10 fold, and actually given me a confidence I didn't know I was lacking. That sounds extremely ass-kissy, but it's true. Hopefully I can reciprocate his good nature by actually getting him paid in my future, more financially prosperous ventures.

  47. DDP/Goldberg: certainly underrated. But that whole Luger/Pillman series in 89, seriously underrated. Excellent stuff.

  48. It's not a compliment really, I HATE J.D. Salinger.

  49. The biggest problem with Hogan vs. Warrior II was that everybody knew Hogan agreed to it - so he could get his win back from 1990. If you edited this match to highlights, its not that bad of a match - actually. It's just that you can't build a feud and rematch from another promotion without the footage of the original match. Not to mention neither guy were the same person anymore. Hogan was a cowardly Memphis type heel from Hollywood, and Warrior was Batman with smoke pellets.

    What is ironic about the match - Hogan carried the first one. Warrior carried the second one. Warrior made an effort to make that match into something workable. He salvaged a chop-block (Tony: That's some kind of roll-over move that the Warrior used to take out Hogan's leg), and he did some impressive ax-handles.

    The bad parts of the match was the stalling. The first nWo run-in that wasn't needed, and the botched fireball.

    It also didn't have any type of plan or outline. It was two guys trying to remember what they had done eight years earlier without any planning. Seriously, for a bad match - without any planning - it had some good spots. All done by Warrior too.

    Hogan proved he could still put on a good match when he cared. (Rock-Hogan I proved that, and Rocky carried the second one to be somewhat decent.) This was not one of them.

  50. Semi-jack: I was watching a few Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff matches yesterday. When we talk about Warrior vs. Hogan II - and how they booked it like it could be as good as the first - well he is a series of matches done when Hogan still cared and he had a great opponent to work with in the name of Paul Orndorff.

    One was from Phili from 1985, right after Orndorff had fired Heenan - but was still wrestling as a heel - but after he'd lose to Hogan - he'd put the hand out and the two would shake. [They did this in a few house show matches]

    One of their best matches still might have been the 1984 from MSG. Maybe it was because Hogan had to work just to retain against Orndorff in this match. He won by a countout victory after Orndorff attempted to do a second piledriver. Some of their 1984/85 matches were better than the 1986 ones.

    There was a 1986 one where "the no DQ rule was waived." Where it was booked that Hogan could lose if he was DQed. It was a great psychological bout actually, and different from their other matches too.

  51. Fair enough -- And I like how you've given my posts a thumbs down -- Kinda cheating, don't you think? Maybe I should go back and give all of my posts a self high five multiple times to make me look better -- Your thoughts?

  52. Bitching about thumbs downs? Grow some fucking scales you bitch.

    I didn't thumbs you down before, but I will now.

  53. Why do you care? And why do I owe you a list of my likes.

  54. "A man got to have a code."

  55. How do you come to the conclusion that somehow I believe you "owe" me your list of likes? Don't really care -- Just enjoy fucking with you at this point -- Buck up, little trooper...

  56. Ah, the "I'm mad but don't want that to come across in my discussions so I will dismiss the person I'm mad at as unimportant" defense, I call it the Chan.

    A Song of Ice and Fire, RPGs, Wrestling, Hopsin, Tech N9ne, the Sword, Breaking Bad, the works of HP Lovecraft, most of the works of Games Workshop.

    That enough for you?


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