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The Only Review Of WWE's Top 50 Finishers DVD That You'll Ever Need

I love releases like this. I know some people think they're stupid, but there are few things I dig more than a wrestling documentary. I pop something like this on and time flies by. Having said that, this documentary is a great one. If you read my reviews, you know that I don't really review the documentary, but I talk about my own personal experiences regarding the subject. 

The Razor's Edge. That was the first finisher I ever fell in love with. It was my go-to when people would say wrestling was fake. "What? Fake? No way. You COULD NOT fake The Razor's Edge! That would hurt!" Beyond that, one of the joys when you're a kid and a wrestling fan is when you and your friends or brothers try the moves on each other. I have countless memories of us watching our tapes and pausing them to figure out how to get the Sharpshooter right. Then, when you'd lock it in, the recipient would scream and tap out, but you'd always hold it a bit longer just because of how cool you felt. I've been put in them all, and I can say without a doubt that the Ankle Lock hurts the most. When I first had it put on me, I ripped the door off a cabinet as I was thrashing about. I grew up with friends who were all athletes, including a few wrestlers. Well, as friends do, there are always a few bouts of wrestling. One of them was ranked here in Washington in wrestling, and was so mad that I made him tap out he got directly up and punched me in the face. Good times. 

The King of all Finishers, for me at least, was the Stone Cold Stunner/Diamond Cutter. I was absolutely obsessed with this move growing up and would constantly try to put people in the move. I tell you, it's really not a move that's very effective unless you catch someone off balance, then you can dish out some pain. 

I've broken three beds in my life time due to wrestling moves. The first one was due to me powerbombing my brother on it too much. The second was because my friend told me it was OK if I gave his bed a 5 Star Frog Splash. He was pretty mad afterwards that his bed lost that fight. The third was the result of a Macho elbow. Of course, that was a bed that belonged to my friend and he swore up and down that it was a tank, and wouldn't break. Pssh. 

I do have a few beefs with the listing. First off, where's The Scorpion Death Drop? Back in the day, that move was DEATH. If Sting hit someone with that, it was game over, and you could get a 30 count if you so desired. I also thought it was stupid that his Scorpion Death Lock and Sharpshooter were both on the list. It's the same exact move. I was really pissed to see the Diamond Cutter so far down the list. That move was over on its own. There are countless YouTube videos you can find that are compilations of all the awesome ways DDP hit the Cutter. It was always cool to see how DDP would catch the guy this week.
Before we get to disc 2, here's the list:
50. JBL - Clothesline
49. Vader - Vader Bomb
48. Dusty Rhodes - Bionic Elbow
47. Million Dollar Man - Million Dollar Dream
46. Kerry Von Erich - Iron Claw
45. Ravishing Rick Rude - Rude Awakening
44. Lex Luger - Torture Rack
43. Dudley Boyz - 3-D
42. Bam Bam Bigelow - Moonsault
41. DDP - Diamond Cutter
40. Mankind - Mandible Claw / Socko
39. Honky Tonk Man - Shake Rattle and Roll
38. Yokozuna - Bonzai Drop
37. Flash Funk - 450 Splash
36. Sting - Scorpion Lock
35. Lita - Moonsault
34. Kevin Nash - Jack-knife
33. Jerry The King Lawler - Piledriver
32. RVD - Five-Star Frog Splash
31. Big Show - Chokeslam
30. CM Punk - GTS
29. Brock Lesnar - F-5
28. Bob Backlund - Chicken Wing
27. Batista - Batista Bomb
26. Mr. Perfect - Perfect Plex
25. Kurt Angle - Ankle Lock
24. Chris Jericho - Lion Tamer / Walls of Jericho
23. Edge - Spear
22. Iron Sheik - Camel Clutch
21. John Cena - Attitude Adjustment
20. Scott Hall - Razors Edge
19. Goldberg - Jackhammer
18. Rey Mysterio - 6-1-9
17. Road Warriors - Doomsday Device
16. Bruno Sammartino - Bearhug
15. Sgt. Slaughter - Cobra Clutch
14. Jeff Hardy - Swanton Bomb
13. Eddie Guerrero - Frog Splash
12. Macho Man Randy Savage - Elbow off Top Rope
11. Randy Orton - RKO
10. Bret Hitman Hart - Sharpshooter
9. Jimmy Superfly Snuka - Superfly Splash
8. Nature Boy Ric Flair - Figure Four Leg Lock
7. Hulk Hogan - Leg Drop
6. Shawn Michaels - Sweet Chin Music
5. Jake The Snake Roberts - DDT
4. The Rock - Rock Bottom / Peoples Elbow
3. Triple H - Pedigree
2. Undertaker - Tombstone Piledriver
1. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Stunner

 SGT Slaughter demos the Cobra Clutch. 
As a kid, I always thought it was weird that a G.I. Joe had his move named after Cobra. I also thought the people who drew Slaughter's character in the World of G.I. Joe were rather generous. The person that Slaughter is demonstrating the move on is apparently named Tony Anthony. Or Tony Tony.
As Slaughter details the move, he clearly shows how the Clutch and The Million Dollar Dream are the exact same thing. Slaughter of course won't let up when the kid starts to tap. This was much better than a match, I'll say that much.

Rick Rude vs Jack Roberts - DDT vs. Rude Awakening Match - Madison Square Garden - October 24, 1988
Rude does deserve his own 2-disc set. He had a perfect gimmick. I miss the old-school MSG entrance of the face. It always started some ways back behind the curtain. Cheryl Roberts is actually pretty attractive, looking like Tawny Kitaen's sister. Funny moment when Rick Rude is in a wrist lick, we get a nice shot of his back, which looks like all the stars in the sky because of his steroid use. Some guys get side-effects worse than others. Later, when Rude has Roberts in a sleeper, Jake digs his nails into Rude's back and digs downward. I imagine Jake was digging puss out of his fingernails for weeks. A decent match that's nothing extraordinary, and just about what you'd expect.
Jake hits the DDT for the pin at 13:02 | ***

Mr. Perfect [C] vs. Kerry Von Erich - Intercontinental Championship - Dayton, OH – January 13th, 1991
I understand putting this match in here, since they're both on the countdown, but c'mon. Mr. Perfect is one of the best sellers of all time. I mean, it's almost Shawn Michaels-esque in its goofiness, but it's Perfect. Oh snaps! We're about to see a Perfectplex! However, Kerry kicks out. Earlier, he had Perfect up against the pole outside, and went for the Tornado Punch. Perfect ducked, and Von Erich decked the post, which
would shatter the absolute shit out of his hand and hurt like hell. Then again, that would defeat the purpose of putting somas on your cereal, wouldn't it? We end up getting a DQ, and I'm not sure why. I think it's because Kerry had Perfect in the dumbest move ever, The Carrey Claw, and Perfect pulled the ref into the both of them. Match was alright for what it was. I still feel bad for Kerry. 
Ref calls for the DQ at 8:30 | **1/2

Bob Backlund vs. Bret Hart [C} - WWE Championship - Superstars - July 30th, 1994
Honestly, the crazy Backlund deal is pretty ingenious. Being that I've never seen a Backlund match, he's one hell of a wrestler. Tons of really interesting near-falls at the beginning, as Backlund shows this won't be easy. I've never really seen a match like this. It's probably the most technically-sound bout I've ever seen, it's fantastic. I mean, wow. If you haven't seen it, you really need to. Especially since Backlund was the most white bread babyface of all time. I'd like to see the whole angle on a DVD. Really interesting match, that's the best way to explain it. You have to love how at the end, Backlund just snaps. I can only imagine how crazy this was to older fans watching at the time. Since I only started watching in 1995, I only know the crazy, head-shaved, suit-wearing antiquated-term-using Backlund. 
Bret Hits an inside cradle for the pin at 14:27 | ****

Hall & Nash [C] vs. The Giant - WCW Tag-Team Championship - Superbrawl, February 23rd, 1997
Dusty of course is already in the throes of brilliance. Hall & Syxx are wearing shirts that say 'Aztecas' and Dusty says "You see what their shirts say, 'Alcatraz'....does that say Alcatraz?" "No, it doesn't" "Ah...I was just testing you! Ya'll was looking over there!" Man, Dusty is awesome on commentary. Man alive, it's absolutely night and day between Big Show of late 90s, and today. He's doing dropkicks, moving quickly, it's incredible. Nice botch where The Giant is hanging on the middle rope and Syxx does a spin kick towards his head, but misses it by a mile. Thankfully, Tony doesn't try and convince us of The Giant's second, invisible head that rests behind his first, visible head. Soon after, Nash hits the powerbomb and it's damn impressive looking. Luger shows up, in street clothes and cast. He tags in to rack Nash, and win himself and The Giant the belts. Of course, the next night on Nitro, they had to give the belts back due to Luger not being cleared. See, this is a perfect example of everything that did and didn't work with the nWo. This match is fine, I enjoyed it. There were no slow spots, the drama was there, and you were wondering if The Giant could take both of 'em. Then at the last minute, Luger shows up to make the save for the good-guys. But then, it's all reversed, like nothing happened. Once? Sure, that's acceptable, but this is the SECOND time in two months they pulled some BS like this. Still, for just the match, it's fun. 
Luger racks Nash for the win at 9:04 | ***

Mankind vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler - King of the Ring - June 8th, 1997
It's a shame the match-up from later, HHH vs. Mankind isn't on here. That's one hell of a match. Another shame is that kids these days just see the kindly, smiling King, because he really was a fantastic heel in the 90s. One of the best cowardly heels ever, that's for sure. As for the match, this just never picked up. Lawler just beat the hell out of Mick for the entire match before he fell to the claw. 
Mick clamps the claw on Lawler for the win at 10:28 | **

RVD vs. 2 Cold Scorpio - Living Dangerously - March 1st, 1998
I'm still unsure if RVD calls himself that because of how much he looks like JCVD. The crowd is being pretty merciless, giving out "this match sucks" and "boring" chants, during the first 10 minutes. The match starts to pick back up, as Scorpio brings an innovative display to his offense. He does one move that I've never seen before. Rob is laying in the ring, Scorp goes out, looks like he's about to do the Eddie ploncha, but instead does a full 360 splash after whipping himself into the ring. Incredible. I really wish I could say that the match continued upward, but Scorp and RVD just have no chemistry. There's a ton of botches, a lot of stumbling and no real flow. I've seen a hell of a lot worse, but I just expected so much more. 
RVD hits a roll up at 27:10 | **3/4

Ric Flair [C] vs. DDP vs. Hulk Hogan vs. Sting w/ special guest ref Macho Man - WCW Championship - Spring Stampede - April 11th, 1999
Geez, look at all that star power in there. This is basically their version of the 6 man HiAC from 2000. After the match gets going, Hogan is taken to the back because of a knee injury. I HATE stuff like that, because isn't that the point? Isn't said wrestler trying to hurt another said wrestler in order to make him submit? Moving along. Awesome moment where Flair has Sting in a sleeper, then DDP had Flair in a sleeper, as Sting drops down, causing a double jaw-breaker, getting Macho so excited that he does a spinning finger-twirl. Seriously, I can't see any reason for Macho Man to not always be the champion of any company he was working for. For no reason at all, he drops an elbow on Flair while he had Sting in the figure-four. No complaints. A lot of people complained about DDP winning the match, but I don't see the big deal. DDP works his ass off, has great matches and feuds with everyone, and I think he deserved it. Of course, if there was ever a time for him, it was probably in 1997 or so, but hindsight is 20/20. In the end though, this match was clunky, and really didn't pick up until the end. The Hogan thing is still a mystery. 
DDP hits Flair with the Diamond Cutter for the pin and the title  at 17:27 | ***


Chris Jericho & The Rock vs. Stone Cold & Kurt Angle - Smackdown - November 15th, 2001
I think it's no surprise when I say this is a hell of a match. Angle and Stone Cold make for a great team, as they cut the ring in half and keep Jericho constantly in need of a tag, doing their absolute best to keep him from getting it. Would have been nice to get a real finish out of this, but since it was Survivor Series in a few days, Alliance vs. WWE, that wasn't going to happen. I will say, however, it's one hell of an ending. Taker comes out to prevent Angle and Stone Cold from killing Rocky, then Angle takes out Taker, Booker shows up, Jericho gives him the Lionsault, only for RVD to show up and deliver a 5 star to Jericho, which then allows Kane to arrive and chokeslam RVD, as Shane flies out of nowhere and hits Kane with a chair, giving The Big Show a chance to get into the ring and punch said chair into Shane's face, allowing Kurt to give Show the Angle Slam, which distracts him long enough to have Rock give him the Rock Bottom just before Stone Cold drops him with a Stunner. 
Match never really ends, as Stone Cold throws the ref out and everyone runs in. About 10 minutes | ***3/4

Brock Lesnar & Eddie Guerrero vs. Bubba Ray & RVD - Monday Night Raw - June, 3rd, 2002

Lesnar is a beast, plain and simple. He's the type of guy who should never be a face. Speaking of face, around the middle of the match, Bubba aims to put a table in the ring, but Eddie baseball slides it right into his grill. The match doesn't go for long, but what we do get is hard-hitting and fast, a perfectly fine addition to the set. Proof again why Lesnar became champion so damn fast. 
Eddie hits the Frogsplash on RVD for the pin at 9:00 | ***

Chris Jericho & Christian vs. Jeff Hardy & Shawn Michaels - No-DQ - Monday Night Raw - February 17th, 2003
As Jeff comes down to the ring, JR says he's tried to get into Jeff's head, but was never successful. Dixie Carter succeeded where Jim Ross could not. Great spot where Jeff does his rail run and Jericho catches him mid-air and turns it into a powerslam. Soon, they handcuff Shawn to the bottom rope and proceed to annoy me by then beating on Jeff in the ring one at a time while the other stands on the apron. It's no DQ, c'mon, quit bein' a couple of fair bears! Eventually, Shawn gets the key and unlocks himself, but waits at the ropes for Jeff to tag him. I know it's petty, but things like that annoy me. Really, this was more about progressing the storyline with Jericho and HBK at the time, it didn't need to be on this DVD
Jeff hits the Swanton & pins Jericho at 6:20 | **

Triple H, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton vs. The Dudley Boyz & Spike - Monday Night Raw - July 14th, 2003Spike is the first to go after an RKO. A little later, Randy goes up for a 3D, and before he goes down he's shaking his head no while he screams it. I thought that was a nice touch. Hunter hits D-Von with a flag, then places Randy on top of him for the pin. After a little while, Triple H hits the Pedigree on Bubba, allowing Randy to get the pin once more. I'll assume this went down as some sort of punishment for misconduct backstage. The Dudleyz probably brought their wives/girlfriends around, Randy made extreme sexual advances towards them and the Dudleyz were yelled at for bringing their wives/girlfriends backstage. An alright match, nothing special. 
Randy gets the pin after HHH hits the Pedigree on Bubba at 11:38 | **

Trish Status [C] vs. Lita - Women's Championship - Monday Night Raw - December 6th, 2004
I've never seen this match, so I'm looking forward to it. Pretty nasty landing for Lita when she does a suicide dive to the outside towards Trish. She lands mostly on her face, and flips forward. Gnarly. Is there anything hotter than heel Trish? It's rhetorical, there isn't. A shame this match didn't get another 5 minutes or so, because it's great, and was really picking up a good amount of steam near the end. I think some more near-falls, and Lita really struggling to put Trish down would have helped the match out a lot. However, what we get is still damn good stuff, and places it as one of the best women's matches I've seen. 
Lita hits the moonsault, nabbing the pin & the title at 7:12 | ***

Randy Orton vs. HBK vs. JBL vs. Randy Orton - Monday Night Raw - December 29th, 2008
Match gets off to a great start, especially when it's Jericho and HBK. Great series of moves as JBL attempts the Clothesline, Jericho ducks it, hits the Codebreaker, goes to pin but Shawn makes the save. Jericho puts JBL in the Walls, unknowing that Shawn got a tag, as he Superkicks Chris right in the face and scores the pin. Randy is soon put down with Sweet Chin Music as well. Now that Shawn and JBL are left, Bradshaw demands that Shawn lay down for him. The angle with JBL hiring Shawn was great, it's just too bad that Bradshaw was God-awful in the ring, and that not even Shawn Michaels could have a decent, non-hardcore match with him. Pretty awesome ending with Shawn not being able to lay down for him, so he asks to be knocked out. Again, great angle, terrible payoff. This match was fine, nothing too spectacular, and would have probably been something great if it were on PPV. 
JBL pins Shawn after the Clothesline From Hell at 18:04 | ***1/4

Undertaker [C] vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk - World Heavyweight Championship - Bragging Rights - October 25th, 2009
It's funny, every time Taker goes to slap on Hells Gate, it's like he doesn't know how. Punk is like a scavenger in this match. He's constantly breaking up pins, and then running in to take other people's pin attempts, it's great. I'll say this, main events like this annoy me. Well, I should say the time limits do. I understand that Taker is limited, but there are three other guys in there who can go, so they should be allowed to. It's for a major title, with FOUR guys, it shouldn't be lasting only 10 minutes. 
It's an OK match, and I understand its inclusion. Unfortunately, the match doesn't have the awesome interview afterward where Batista calmly says to Rey "I'm gonna rip your head off"
Undertaker hits the Tombstone on Batista at 9:55 | **3/4

Sheamus [C] vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. Wade Barrett – WWE Championship - Six Pack Challenge - Night of Champions - September 9th, 2010

Jericho is eliminated first rather quickly after an RKO. Bummer. For some reason, the entire match shuts down over this. All the wrestlers watch him walk to the back. It literally takes about three minutes of the match to watch Jericho walk to the back. Did I miss something? Was there a stipulation that the first person eliminated is killed with a pair of nail clippers or something? Edge is second to be eliminated after he receives an AA, with Cena soon following after Barrett hits a Wasteland. Nexus comes down to help him out, but they can't keep him from eating an RKO followed up by a pin. Sheamus and Orton battle it out for a minute, but Orton gets the RKO. They don't do a lot of matches like this because they're hard to pull off, but with this much talent, it wasn't a problem. Great match
Sheamus eats an RKO, a pin, and loses his title to Orton at 21:23 | ****

Showcase Showdown: The documentary portion is great. I know some people don't care about watching these sorts of list programs, but I love the hell out of 'em. They’re great to have on while I'm working, or going to bed. The match selection is interesting, with some awesome choices, but also leaves you wanting more. Some choices are only put in because it's two guys or more from the list fighting it out. However, with gems like Bret vs. Backlund from Superstars, and Jericho and Rock vs. Stone Cold & Angle, I'd say this set is definitely worth it. Honestly, if you wait another month or two, you can cop it at Walmart for a cool $10. Worth it. 4 Head-Butts out of 5.

For those curious, here's what's available on the blu-ray:

Triple H & Undertaker vs. Big Show & Edge
SmackDown - 6th February, 2009

Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy & The Great Khali vs. Edge, Dolph Ziggler & Chris Jericho
Raw - 22nd June, 2009

No Disqualification, 6-Man Tag Team Match
Mr. McMahon & D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) vs. Randy Orton & Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase)
Raw - 24th August, 2009

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Team Mysterio (Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Chris Masters, Kofi Kingston, & MVP) vs. Team Alberto (Alberto
Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, & Tyler Reks)
Survivor Series - 21st November, 2010

John Cena & Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk & R-Truth
With Special Guest Referee Bret "Hitman" Hart
Raw - 23rd May, 2011

Thanks to my editor, Steven Ferrari. There was a time once when the President was kidnapped by ninjas. So, he and I were called upon to save him. We donned our sweatshirts & tank-tops, because we're bad dudes. 

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  1. I never understood why people shit on DDP as WCW Champion. I didn't start watching wrestling until 2000 so I guess it was definitely one of those "you had to be there" things to fully understand it, but I go back and read Scott's reviews from that time and he goes on about how confounding it was and what a huge mistake it ended up being. I don't understand it, DDP was a main event player for years, why was it so weird that he was given the ball for a bit?

  2. And I just now realize how often I used the word "understand" in that diatribe Oh well, you know what I'm getting at.

  3. I dont like that Ric Flair's Figure Four is so high up the list. How often did he actually beat people with that move? The majority of times opponents would reverse it or reach the ropes.

  4. A lot of dumb stuff here. The Rock getting 2 moves as 1 entry. The splash/frog splash making at least 3 different appearances, Scorpion Deathlock/Sharpshooter etc... still probably a fun documentary to watch.

  5. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 14, 2012 at 12:08 PM

    I agree. When I saw it on the list, I thought of when Jericho talked about facing him at SummerSlam 2002. He said if he's gonna beat me, let him beat me with the Figure 4, since he NEVER beats anyone with it. I can really only think of two times he won with it, against Terry Funk in the I Quit, and Jericho at SummerSlam.

  6. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 14, 2012 at 12:12 PM

    Yeah, it's kinda like at my middle school, they'd do a costume contest every year for Halloween [until Columbine happened]. Every year the person who'd win was the most popular person, who's costume always sucked. So that's how I view this. I mean, The Diamond Cutter being behind the RKO? The RKO is such an obnoxious, business exposing move.

  7. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 14, 2012 at 12:15 PM

    I never understood the bashing. At the time, he was the only guy who got a great match outta Goldberg, he had a great feud with Macho Man, and he busted his ass to get over. Then after he won the title, he went on to give Sting what is arguably the best match of his career. I honestly think the problem was that DDP was heel. He should have been a face, and I think things would have been just fine.

  8. DDP was kind of similar to Randy Orton in that regard. Love him or hate him, there seems to be almost no middle ground. I can't stand Orton, but I can understand how someone could enjoy his work. I don't think it's even up for debate who does the better Cutter, though, even if you like both guys. It'd be like trying to argue that Empire isn't the best Star Wars movie, it just can't be done.

    I didn't get the backlash either, especially considering how little there was to like in WCW at any given time. DDP was usually one of very few bright spots.

  9. Huh? No roll-up? I thought that was the most devastating finisher ever.

  10. Hard to argue with the top 2 and I'm glad to see Bam Bam's moonsault made the list. However the RVD frog splash is way underrated. Rob wasn't half the worker that Eddie was but he definitely did a way better frog splash. He get's up so high and really sells the movement in air, and I love how he always flys off the guy he does it to. My mileage varies on a lot of the RVD ecw stuff (at the time I loved it all, I'm just talking about it holding up as great rewatchable ring work) but the way he did that frog splash always made the finishes matter.

    Also the Banzi drop was a fucking brutal finisher. As a little kid I thought it would kill you, and I loved watching him destroy jobbers with that move. That should be way higher too.

    And fwiw Bob Backlunds crossface chicken wing is the best move of all time.

  11. Yeah at the time I loved DDP. I definitely viewed him as a very credible upper midcard guy who could beat any main eventer on his best day. Plus at least he tried hard in the ring unlike a lot of wcw main event guys *coughhogannashstinglugercough*

  12. The savage feud ruled. I'd like to see DDP get one of those superstar dvds one day. No need for a big retrospective, just put a few hours of highlights together.

    Also caliber have you ever reviewed Halloween Havoc 98? If you haven't you totally should. n paper it looks like the most stacked card ever with Sting v Bret, Hall v Nash, Hogan v warrior 2, raven v jericho and the ddp v goldberg match, but somehow it was a shitty show only remembered for one match.

  13. Maybe if you're a diva. 8 )

  14. He beat Carlito for the IC title with it, I believe.

  15. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 14, 2012 at 1:56 PM

    I've never done Havoc 98, but that does sound like an interesting show. So perhaps I'll do that before I review the winner of the poll, since a show like this will be pretty quick.

  16. Oh....And the time he won the WWF TITLE by having Macho pass out from the move and his (Savage's) shoulders being counted for three.....

    (That one probably should be mentioned)

  17. You should do something about that cold you got there.


    Damn, it's contagious.

  18. I blame the timing. DDP should have beaten Hogan and ended the NWO after like a year. He was already fueding with Hall and Nash. Have he and a partner beat the Outsiders, then beat Hall, then Nash, then Hogan for the belt. Booking 091

  19. The Diamond Cutter is top 10. Name two moves that were more over.

  20. It's a really good show overall, especially in the cut version where all the prelim matches are trimmed off. Jericho vs Raven is probably my favorite WCW Chris Jericho match, DDP/Goldberg is excellent, and the Rick Steiner/Scott Steiner stuff is done really well. Sting/Bret is decent if unspectacular and Hall/Nash is okay as an angle. Even with Hogan/Warrior, you've got two **** matches on the same show.

  21. Sweet Chin Music and the Stunner.

  22. Jericho left WWE for the second time after that six pack match. That grand exit was his "so long, thanks for the memories" from everyone.

  23. *coughBretSteinerPiperBagwellcough*

    Great, now I've got the cold.

  24. How did the Steiner Screwdriver and Earthquake's Aftershock not make this list? Those two moves were far more lethal than most of the moves on the list.

    Bam Bam Bigelow's Moonsault is a puzzling induction; sure it looked awesome, but I don't recall him ever winning any matches with that move, his finishers were the slingshot splash, then the diving headbutt, then the Greetings From Asbury Park (basically an over the shoulder Tombstone) so his moonsault doesn't really qualify as a finisher.

  25. He stuck around a little longer. Orton wound up punting him after a match on Raw to write him off.

  26. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 15, 2012 at 3:56 AM

    Yeah, I think his last PPV match was against Evan Bourne, in an attempt to put over a new guy, like he did with Cena back in 2002. And much like in 2002, the WWE completely ignored it.

  27. Other than the Savage title change, I can't remember one big name opponent Flair beat with the figure-four over the normal course of a match. Sure, if they were injured before the match, they would pass out and be pinned. But other than that, it was only ever the enhancement talent that submitted.

  28. no.

    i will still attest that DDP should have gotten the week title reign instead of Luger

  29. It was the next night at the RAW taping that Jericho got the punt.

  30. Most of the list doesn't matter to me because I agree that the Stunner is possibly the greatest wrestling finisher ever. Simple, it looks like it would hurt, it probably doesn't actually hurt legit, it can be done from anywhere, it can be done to anyone of any size, it's easy to sell, it can come out of nowhere, and it was and still is an instant pop. Austin really needs to bequeath that move to someone. If they ever do another season of Tough Enough, the prize should not only be a WWE contract but that Austin should give his blessing for the winner to use the Stunner as their finish. Something like that would give whatever schmoe wins the thing instant credibility.

  31. I was just about to say the same thing about Bigelow's moonsault. Sure it looked cool, but it rarely even hit. It was more a signal to the crowd that the face was starting the comeback than a finisher.

  32. I think he used it (and some help from one of the 7 women he brought to ringside) to win the U.S. Title at BATB 96. Against K-Dog, I think.

  33. I never had a problem with it either. He was basically the most over guy in the promotion at the time, was a decent worker (better than most of the main-eventers at the time), and fans wanted him to have the belt. The booking afer he won was pretty suspect, but this is WCW we're talking about.

  34. Ah yes, performing wrestling finishers on each other and trying to smear the one carrying the football, the stables of growing up a boy in America.

  35. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesDecember 16, 2012 at 12:57 PM

    I thought it was odd too. Plus, his moonsault is really sloppy. It's not even a moonsault, it's more like a cart-wheel.


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