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Jericho on Nerdist Podcast

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Second wrestler in a few weeks on the Nerdist podcast, and Hartwick remarks in the beginning how he's been awesomely surprised by the Punk and Jericho interviews and their nerdishness.

While you're there, search for the Tom Hanks podcast. Best single edition of a podcast I've ever heard and well worth the hour-and-a-half.


  1. Also, Neil Degrasse Tyson. Also Tina Fey. Also Mel Brooks. Also basically everyone. Anyone with a commute should be wasting some of it listening to Nerdist.

  2. Jay Mohr's Mohr Stories is one of only two podcasts I've found I enjoy (The Place to Be is the other). Great guest variety, not your typical interview questions, funny stories, and the best Tracy Morgan impression ever. Even better than the REAL Tracy Morgan!

  3. I listen to Adam Carolla everyday; great guests, great stories and time just flies by listening to him.

  4. Tacos and Chocolate Milk is my podcast of choice, but I'm one of five people who actually know who PackFM is.

  5. How they got Hanks on the podcast is excellent.

  6. Get it on! I've been a part of the pirate ship since '09.

  7. Howard Stern on Sirius 100 and 101

  8. I love the nerdist podcast and listen to it regularly, so I was psyched when I saw Punk on the podcast a few weeks ago. Jericho was another pleasant surprise. I actually liked Jericho's episode more, with him texting Slash for dinosaur facts probably being the most awesome thing ever.

    Agreed on the Tom Hanks episode. I also love the Robert Kirkman episode. "Squatching" had me dying on my commute. Also, the podcast they did with Kevin Smith and their invention of "Vader Pussy" was hilarious.


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