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Thoughts on 2012

Hey Scott, just a couple of questions.
So with 2012 officially in the books wrestling-wise, what would you say was your favorite moment of the year?
Who was your favorite wrestler to watch throughout the year?
What are your thoughts on where wrestling goes from here in 2013 and whether or not we will see a new champion being crowned?


Favorite moment:  Brock Lesnar delivering an F5 to John Cena and then kicking his stupid hat out of the ring.  That was where I was ALL IN and ready to give them my money for Extreme Rules without any further build.

Favorite wrestler:  Daniel Bryan.  He just did so much with so little given to him.

As for 2013, I'm pretty sure it's time to put the title back on John Cena   


  1. Brock kicking Cena's hat was such an awesome small moment. The way he kicked it away with such disdain was so great.

    My favorite moment had to be the Raw after WrestleMania where the YES chants ruled. It was rewarding seeing a guy who had busted his ass for years and for someone who many people said wasn't big enough or charismatic enough, and for him to have an entire arena full of people chanting "YES!" during a John Cena promo, and then a Rock promo was priceless.

    2013: It's pretty safe to say that John Cena will reclaim the title. I reckon we'll see Rock beat Punk and Cena beat Rock(not saying I WANT it to happen but it's likely)

    My more out on a limb prediction is that WWE will return to 2 hours(wishful thinking)

  2. For as bad as the TV product was, and it was dreadful, we had a consistently good-to-great string of PPVs this year, so that alone puts 2012 above a lot of years post-AE, along with the truly memorable moments we saw

  3. I'm sure 2013 will see plenty of AJ Lee

  4. Daniel Bryan essentially became a WWE superstar this year.

    He could always wrestle, but now he is the total package. You give him the dumbest idea possible, and he'll get it over. You job him out, and fans get him even more over than he was before. There's no doubt in my mind he'll win the Raw world title within 12 months.

  5. Kicking the stupid hat easily is one of my favorites. Then the WWE of course pissed it all away when Cena won. I loved the Bryan/Kane tag team especially after Kane's awful angle was all about embracing hate! And the reward for the champion nobody noticed goes to CM Punk thanks to Cena, Big Johnny, and HHH overshadowing him.

  6. 2012: agree with Bryan

    Moment, id say a toss up between the rock being hit with the go to sleep, hhh being booed at ss, and the whole shield match at TLC.

    For 2013, undertaker losing his streak, or bryan making Brock tap to the no lock.

  7. Yeah, that whole RAW was a massive high point with Brock returning and the Yes chants for Bryan (the moment when the crowd started chanting Si for ADR was particularly brilliant)

  8. That was probably my favorite Raw in a long time. No classic matches, but a hot crowd, WrestleMania fallout with Rock, the Yes chants all night, and Brock returning. Awesome Raw.

  9. I'm actually pretty optimistic about 2013. I think Sandow, Cesaro, and The Shield all become legit main eventers. We always bitch about them always using part timers and never pushing anyone new, but they've also never had a group of guys this good come up together. The last time was probably when Orton, Cena, Brock, and Batista all debuted within a few months of each other.

    I'm not saying there all gonna be as big as those guys but I think for fans like us, 2013 is going to be a fun year.

  10. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighJanuary 1, 2013 at 12:22 PM

    2012 was a mixed bag...

    *Bryan's emergence was great
    *Semblance of a tag division
    *Ziggler being awesome
    *Brocks return
    *Takers wig
    *Punk being a locked in main eventer
    *Cesaro and Ryback being booked strongly was nice

    The bad I would say is the lack of character development for Cena and Sheamus. 3 hour raws have been painful and smackdown just doesn't do enough to make me want to watch. 50/50 annoying booking sucks the fan out of me at times.

    As for 2013. I predict a good year overall. Rock will wresle a few times (I dig it). Wrestlemania should be impossible to screw up.... I predict Ziggler and Cesaro are elevated to huge levels, /Benjamin/MVP return to WWE to spice up mid card scene. I along with others think Randy Orton is a guy who just won't make it thru the year. I think Orton goes to TNA and is treated like a god and someone from TNA makes a jump to WWE (Roode?).

  11. Only if she wears outfits similar to the dress she wore last night.

  12. YES! As others have said, the Raw after Wrestlemania (including the dark match) was the highlight of the year.

  13. Don't let Caliber read that. In his mind, we're all a bunch of nerds for liking a beautiful woman with a B cup. Cool people like him are aficionados of cosmetically enhanced, sliced up porn stars and then go on to trash people on a message board on New Year's eve night, calling THEM the nerds.

    Nevermind the fact that most of the people here are making at least 40K a year and/or have a happy home life.

  14. Sorry. Had to be said. There was just something irksome about the lack of self-awareness last night by that dude while calling people nerds on several occasions. We're all wrestling geeks and nerds. That's kinda why we're here. And some of us are still pretty successful financially and socially.

  15. Funny that it's been ten years since the last big influx of promising talent: 2002 brought us Cena, Brock, Batista, Orton, Benjamin, and Rico; 2012 brought us Cesaro, Sandow, Ambrose, Rollins, Roman, and Langston.

    I mean, I'm not expecting all of them to become main-eventers, and I CERTAINLY don't expect it to happen for any of them this year (Cena, Batista, and Orton all took a few years, as well), but it is a promising batch. Even Langston, easily the guy that seems the least comfortable on camera, could eventually blossom into a charismatic performer - it happened to Batista and Henry.

  16. Ok, I'm not ignorant enough to think Cena will never be champion again, but if you ask me he's at a stage in his career, where he's become more redundant and tiresome than ever. I don't hate Cena, I'm just tired of him. If this year has proven anything, it's that he really needs an angle to light a spark under him again, and this Ziggler angle ain't going to do it.

  17. Reflecting on the year, I thought about seeing an ROH World Title change live for the first time ever.

    Then I had to LOOK UP who Kevin Steen beat.

    So, yeah... not a good year.

  18. Among my favourite things in 2012: Jericho grinning silently, Lesnar's brutal elbow strike on Cena, Punk's run of excellent PPV matches, Team Hell No, The Shield, and YES!. I recall there being plenty of shit too, but thankfully most of it's slipped my mind.

    Favourite wrestler is undoubtedly "The Dazzler" Daniel Bryan (as I truly hope he becomes known). I'm pretty positive about 2013. Lots of very talented wrestlers on the roster - some with the potential to be the Next Big Thing.

  19. Oh so what you're saying is that you find her sexually appealing. I get it! I get that reference!

  20. Ooh! Ooh! I got it, he can *singlehandedly* wipe out the Shield, after everyone else, including the super-trio of Ryback, Orton, and Sheamus has failed!

  21. Yeah but AJ sucks. She's pretty but omg her acting is awful and she's
    not a wrestler, she's an "actress." When does she wrestle? She's vickie G
    without the name and mic skills.

    Stacy Keibler was smoking hot but she added nothing to show either, but at least she wasn't over pushed.

    to your other point, I bet tons of people that post on this blog have
    good jobs. Aren't we all nerdy types? Don't we usually get the best
    jobs? I take some solace in knowing that I probably make more money than
    AJ Lee.

  22. The only thing I'd say to this is that she IS a wrestler. She can do everything Lita could do. They just don't let her. I've seen some of her early work and she's actually a good wrestler.

  23. YankeesHoganTripleHFanJanuary 1, 2013 at 6:16 PM

    Moment of the Year. HHH vs The Undertaker in the Cell. I was so emotionally drained then those three left the stage that I didn't even want to watch the rest of Wrestlemania, (I did but still.....)

    Favorite in ring wrestler...Punk. Wrestler that was the most fun overall...Bryan.

    New Champion.....The Rock but why does it have to be at the Rumble? The match would be SO MORE EPIC if Punk kept the title and faced off with The Rock at Wrestlemania.

  24. Yes, but how does that benefit John Cena?

  25. I think my favorite moment was actually from Raw the night after Tables, Ladders, and Chairs when Punk brought out Daniel Bryan and Zach Ryder and the three of them shared a "We did it" moment with their title belts. It reminded me of the Benoit/Guerrero embrace from Wrestlemania XX. I kind of figured it wouldn't last, but it was nice seeing three "IWC" Champions reign supreme for the moment.

    I would love it if Bryan stepped back up to the title at some point in 2013, and Ziggler should get a run too. I'm really hoping Punk somehow retains against Rock and Cena/Punk II doesn't involve the title, but I don't think that's likely. My left field prediction is that Cena leaves 'Mania with the title and drops it to a re-signed Lesnar--who loses it at Summerslam to Ryback. Not saying that's what I want, but I think it's just crazy enough to happen.

    Favorite in-ring performer of 2012: Obviously, without a doubt, Kyle O'Reilly.

  26. Fair enough. I don't doubt she's been trained etc but for the last 18 months she's either been a valet or some kind of non wrestling on air character like linda McMahon or vickie for instance

  27. My favorite moment if 2012 was the Superkick/Pedigree near fall on the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. That was one of the greatest sequences ever, and it made people believe that the streak was done right then and there.

  28. Wouldn't that RAW have been in 2011?

    And not to be a nit picking asshat but it would be Cena/Punk 99999 not II

  29. Wow, I guess that post was kind of a disaster. Meant to type Cena/Rock and you're totally right about the Raw, it was late 2011, thought it was early 2012. Guess I have to go with Lesnar busting up Cena's mouth or The Sheild's in-ring debut then. I'm not what you would call "high functioning" today.

  30. Gimmick and rookie of the year= Damien Sandow

  31. The Dazzler? I figure JoMo has laid claims to that from his jeweled abs days.

  32. Definitely - Rock/Punk should have been the WM main-event.

  33. Jeez, now we can't call each other nerds now. I doubt he meant it as a slight.

    Although,I still do agree with him when it comes to AJ. I just can't.......

  34. According to his Twitter, it's one of his new years resolutions to become known as The Dazzler. It's about time they brought back nicknames, and 'Let's Go Dazzler!' is a chant I can get onboard with!


  35. Just heard this on last week's Smackdown, too. I personally don't like it, sounds like he's trying to get something ridiculous over just for the sake of it. Nothing intimidating about "The Dazzler" - sounds more suited to Fandango.


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