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Do you watch big brother canada?

Hey Scott, it's PeteZahut from the blog comment section. I was curious if you have watched any episodes of Big Brother Canada? There was a contestant that got evicted recently named Peter. Peter is an avid Pro Wrestling fan and references CM Punk multiple times throughout the show including his exit speech by sitting Indian style, drawing in the sand, and even calling him and his friend from the game Alec (also evicted) the Shyled (spelled that way for some stupid reason). They even use the phrase "believe in the Shyeld. 

Keep up the hardwork man. We love you!

It's Shyeld with a "Y" because Y Not, Bro?  No, really.

Yeah, I've mentioned this season of BB a couple of times on the blog now, but I'm a hardcore Big Brother fan and I've been watching BBCan, of course.  Although the ENDLESS Jillian and Emmett HOHs (they've literally alternated something like 5 or 6 times now leading up to the finish) has sucked all the drama and entertainment away.  If Emmett doesn't win this thing 7-0 I will be totally gobsmacked.  Peter and Alec (and AJ as well) really are giant wrestling nerds, though, and might even be blog readers judging by how Peter talks.  It's very much a difference in Canada, where it's socially acceptable to watch wrestling for some reason.  Alec reminds me a lot of Edge, too, in his speech patterns and face.  

The season's been good, but way too "twisty" and showmancy.  I was disappointed when Peter was sent out, though, and there's no one left in the final four that I'm really cheering for or anything.  


  1. Thanks for the reply Scott. I agree that Emmett should win 7-0. Jillian broke A LOT of promises so she is screwed in the final if she makes it. Talla is just stupid and doesn't eve realize that people are taking her further because she sucks and wouldn't get one vote in the final. Andrew was pretty cool. Sucks that he got eliminated.

    The twists ruined the season. I'm never a fan of people being put BACK into the game. It's a complete F-U to those that voted them out and gives them an unfair advantage of being in the game twice.Topaz got screwed the most I think. Having the whole house watch her deliberate in the HOH room was awful. I cringed the entire time. I'm still angry that Peter is gone too. Seems like him and Emmett are the only two that know how to play the game.


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