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NXT - April 24, 2013

Date: April 24, 2013
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tony Phillips, William Regal

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

If my memory is correct tonight we've got the Clash of the Champions, which means four title matches and I don't think anything else. We've got Maddox challenging Langston for the NXT Title, Kaitlyn defending against AJ Lee, Cesaro (no longer champion) defending against someone and Barrett defending against Bo Dallas. Hopefully the show isn't horrible like the last time it was mostly main roster guys. Let's get to it.

Dusty tells us the basic idea of the show.

Welcome Home.

US Title: Antonio Cesaro vs. Adrian Neville

A crawler tells us that this was taped several weeks ago. The fans of course chant USA with an Englishman challenging for the title. Cesaro says hey to the crowd and the fans shout him down. Antonio demands a standing ovation because he's the best US Champion in history. This would be before Cesaro was turned into a yodeler who lost clean to Zack Ryder on Raw. After some big match intros we're ready to go.

Neville grabs a quick rollup for two but Cesaro takes him down and messes with his hair. A rollup gets two for Adrian and it's off to a chinlock by the champion. That would be the US Champion as Neville is half of the NXT Tag Champions here. Neville fights up and sends Cesaro to the floor with a headscissors before a quick rollup gets two on Cesaro. A monkeyflip attempt is countered into a hot shot onto the top turnbuckle as we take a break.

Back with Antonio holding another chinlock and countering a sunset flip. The crowd was freaking out as he tried to fight it off too. Neville goes up but dives into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two and Cesaro is getting frustrated. Back to the chinlock but Neville fights up and sends Cesaro to the floor. A BIG top rope Asai Moonsault lays out Cesaro and a springboard missile dropkick gets two for Neville back inside.

Adrian hits a standing shooting star (described as “WHOA LOOK AT THAT” by Phillips) and a quick rana for two each. A moonsault into a tornado DDT gets two more and Neville loads up the corkscrew shooting star, only to be crotched down. The European Uppercut and Neutralizer retain the title for Cesaro at 8:00 shown of 11:00.

Rating: C+. This was fine. Neville wasn't going to win the title and even with the mystique of the match being gone due to the crawler, the power vs. speed dynamic worked quite well here. Neville's flips worked fine out there and Cesaro actualy looked like the worse of the two talents in the match. The chinlocks got annoying after awhile but the stuff after the break was much better.

Divas Title: AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is defending. The fans chant YES at AJ before we get going. Kaitlyn runs her down to start but Kaitlyn shoves her into the corner to take over. Off to a Fujiwara Armbar by the challenger and she even throws in a Dolph Ziggler handstand. A hammerlock suplex puts Kiatlyn down and AJ is in full control. Kaitlyn gets in some right hands before rolling through a top rope cross body for two. A reverse DDT gets two on AJ but she sends Kaitlyn to the floor for an eight count. Back in and AJ puts on a sleeper followed by an enziguri for two. Kaitlyn pops up and spears AJ out of nowhere to retain at 5:06.

Rating: D. Again, the WWE Divas show that they have nothing on the NXT girls. I have no idea what the appeal of Kaitlyn is as her two moves are both terrible and she can't work a match to save her life. AJ was fine with the Ziggler impersonations being a nice touch. Anything from Kaitlyn was just dreadful though.

NXT Title: Big E. Langston vs. Brad Maddox

Maddox, the challenger, introduces himself at 295lbs. Langston throws Maddox around to start and runs him over for good measure. The Big Ending ends Brad at 1:16.

Post match Langston hits another Big Ending for a five count. Maddox's carcass rolls to the floor so Langston throws him back in for another Big Ending and five count.

We recap the history between Bo Dallas and Wade Barrett which started great and then stopped cold with no explanation.

Bo Dallas talks about Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Randy Savage being underdogs but winning the Intercontinental Title. Tonight it's about the Bo Barrage.

Chris Jericho will be here next week.

Intercontinental Title: Wade Barrett vs. Bo Dallas

Dallas gets a mixed reaction but the fans chant for him during Barrett's intro. After the intros that chant sounds a lot like “No More Bo.” Ouch. Dallas hits a hard forearm out of the corner to start and three straight rollups for two each. A dropkick sends Barrett to the floor and we take a break. Back with Barrett hitting a hard elbow and what looked like a shoulder block to put Bo down. The fans are almost entirely behind Barrett here.

A hard forearm to the head gets two for Barrett so he puts Dallas on the top rope and kicks him to the floor. Off to a bow and arrow hold by Wade (bends both arms back and puts a knee in the back) followed by the pumphandle slam for two. Barrett puts him in the ropes and hits the big boot to send Dallas back to the floor. This has been completely one sided since the break. Barrett suplexes him in from the apron and puts on a reverse chinlock (fans: “TAP! TAP! TAP!”) before charging into some boot in the corner.

Dallas drop toeholds him down into the corner and fires off some forearms for two. Another pumphandle is countered into a rollup for two for Bo but the tornado bulldog is countered. Winds of Change get two for the champion but the Bull Hammer misses. Tornado bulldog gets two but Barrett can't hit Wasteland. Bo tries to dive at Barrett but jumps into the Bull Hammer for the pin at 8:40 shown of 12:10.

Rating: C+. The match was ok but man alive I haven't heard a crowd turn on someone that fast in a long time. The fans just did not care about Bo Dallas in the slightest, and that's a major issue for NXT given that the crowd is the same group of people every month. They're going to have to change something fast or Bo's matches are going to become rather embarrassing. As for the match itself, it was nothing of note and it came off as a learning experience for Dallas.

Overall Rating: C+. Well it was better than the Wrestlemania show but that's not saying much. The show was entertaining enough but the main problem here was you didn't need to see this show at all. It came and went with nothing of note going on and that's not what I watch NXT for. The show wasn't horrible or anything but it was certainly nothing I'll remember in a few hours.

Antonio Cesaro b. Adrian Neville – Neutralizer
Kaitlyn b. AJ Lee – Spear
Big E. Langston b. Brad Maddox – Big Ending
Wade Barrett b. Bo Dallas – Bull Hammer

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  1. Is Bo Dallas the next Ricky Ortiz?

    Didn't they turn him heel just before he got canned?

  2. What is NXT? I think I know, but I stop caring about wrestling a long time ago - but I'm curious - is it a training show or a WWE farm league?

  3. It is a training show AND a WWE farm league!

    And it makes great bass, too!

  4. It's basically what FCW used to be. Or OVW. It just took on the NXT name.

  5. There is a fundamental difference. Those other places were territories. They actually did house shows, giving the talent a lot more experience.

    NXT is just a show. That's all they do. If they aren't lucky enough to appear on WWE shows, then they only get to appear in front of a live audience once every several weeks.

  6. I'd give AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn a solid A+. If only for AJ's amazing ass.

  7. AJ stands for Ass Job.

  8. She's got a GREAT ASS!

    And you've got your head, ALL THE WAY UP IT!

  9. NXT is not just a show, they run 4-5 house shows a week throughout Florida and Georgia under the NXT name. It is just a new name for what FCW was.

  10. The NXT fans started to turn on Bo the taping before this as a lot of fans are upset he got the Royal Rumble call up over the better talent on the NXT roster.

    I thought the Cesaro/Neville match was a bit better than you rated it, but haven't seen how it translated to tv yet.

  11. the prior taping it was a dueling Let's Go Bo Bo and No More Bo chant, now it's just the No More Bo chants. Let's Go Bo Bo was one of the silliest things I've ever heard chanted at a wrestling show.

  12. So they do.

    My bad.

  13. What did Maddox do to get this title shot?

  14. I thought this was a pretty good show. I enjoyed the Cesaro/Neville match and despite Dallas being generic, boring and not over, the main event was a good hard-hitting battle. I'm surprised at such a lower score.

  15. Holy God almighty, please never, ever mention Ricky Ortiz again.

    The 'Big O'. Oh my lord...

  16. They should repackage Bo as Brey Wyatt's dimwitted, redneck brother.

  17. That proud tradition now being carried on by Adam David.

  18. A reason why Smell-O-Vision should exist!


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