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Smackdown - April 19, 2013

Date: April 19, 2013
Location: Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, Tennessee
Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

Back to the blue team again as we're starting to set up Extreme Rules. The main stories around here are Ziggler vs. Del Rio vs. Swagger and Henry vs. Sheamus which were both furthered on Raw. We're still in that limbo period between the aftermath of Wrestlemania and the build to Extreme Rules so it's kind of hard to guess what's coming tonight. Let's get to it.

We open with a recap of Swagger breaking up Alberto's rematch and then beating the champion on Raw, only to be beaten up by Del Rio seconds later, thereby making everyone look weak at the same time.

Here's Fandango to open the show. Cole tells us how Fandangoing is taking over the world, continuing to bury the idea into the ground. Fandango hits on Lillian who doesn't seem repulsed by him. He asks if she's ever Fandangoed before and that's too much for her......until he spins her around and dips her back. Apparently she's terrible though so Fandango drops her to the mat. Fandango asks Lillian to pronounce his name but is interrupted by Santino.

Marella says that Fandango can dance but he's a very rude person. He liked watching the cheerleaders on Youtube Fandangoing a lot better than he likes watching the real thing. Santino offers to Fandango for us here but introduces us to his dance partner the Cobra. The dance discombobulates Fandango and he gets sent to the floor. The match is after a break.

Santino Marella vs. Fandango

Fandango pounds him down as the announcers tell us about all of the Fandangoing around the world. The fans think Fandango can't wrestle as he stomps on Santino. Santino tries to nip up but can't do it so Fandango pounds on him even more. Off to a quick cravate but Santino comes back and gets the nipup this time. The Cobra is countered into a downward spiral for the pin for Fandango at 3:10. Yes make sure to take away the one good looking move he has and replace it with one of the most overused finishers in wrestling.

Rating: D. It really is pitiful how WWE has screwed up ANOTHER hot start for a character. Fandango got hot for a single week, so WWE's move is for him to not have a match on Raw and then squash a jobber to open Smackdown. That's fine for most people, but when your first match is against Jericho at Wrestlemania and now you're doing this two weeks later, it's a big step down. They should have given him the US Title on Raw or something like that, as it would at least show they're doing SOMETHING with him, other than telling us how awesome Fandangoing is and killing the concept right out of the gate.

Booker yells as Teddy for making Swagger vs. Ziggler on Monday when Big Show comes in. He thanks Teddy for giving him a partner tonight, unlike Booker who gave him a handicap match. Booker glares at Teddy so he leaves with Big Show.

Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett

Non-title all around. Barrett pounds Kofi down to start but gets caught in a standing rana for two. A dropkick gets the same for Kingston and it's off to an armbar. Believe it or not, Barrett actually uses his punching background for a few seconds here but Kofi easily fights him off with a kick to the head. Back to the arm for a bit but Barrett knocks him off the top rope.

Wade takes Kofi to the floor and rams Kofi's face into the announce table. That's only good for two on Kingston so Wade pounds on the ribs to keep Kofi down. Barrett pulls him off the top again for two and it's back to the chinlock. That goes nowhere so Wade hits a kind of Samoan Drop, but he covers arrogantly and gets rolled up for the pin at 5:32.

Rating: C. Not bad here but was there NO ONE else that Kofi could have pinned other than the Intercontinental Champion? Were the Prime Time Players off getting dance lessons? Were the 3MB guys trying to get Rhythm and Blues to open for them? Apparently so because we just had to have a champion get pinned here to make KOFI FREAKING KINGSTON look strong as a midcard champion.

We recap Sheamus being attacked by Mark Henry.

Henry says he attacked Sheamus because he can and that's what he does. Sheamus jumps him for a change.

We recap the world title situation with Del Rio and Swagger both wanting title shots. Del Rio was jumped by Swagger as he tried to get his rematch, so Swagger got the match and pinned Ziggler. It's a good thing he did too because Ziggler was starting to look credible for a few moments there. A triple threat match has officially been announced for Extreme Rules.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger goes for the bad leg to start but Del Rio goes to Jack's bad arm to escape. Del Rio stays on the arm and it's another standoff. Jack takes him down with a quick headlock before going after the bad leg. Swagger tries to wrap it around the post but Del Rio punches his way out of danger. Alberto rams the bad arm into the steps and we head back inside for a hard kick to Swagger's back for two.

Del Rio misses a charge into the corner though and is backdropped onto the ropes, hurting his leg again in the process. Colter talks trash as Del Rio falls to the floor and we take a break. Back with Albeto fighting out of a leg lock and kicking away at the arm again. Swagger goes right back to the knee for two more and hooks a leg lock on the mat. A crucifix gets two for Del Rio but Swagger kicks him in the face to put both guys down again.

Swagger takes it to the corner again and wraps the leg around the ropes before taking the bandage off the bad knee. Alberto fights up again but misses the running enziguri in the corner. Swagger puts him on the apron but as he goes for Del Rio, Alberto grabs a quick armbar over the ropes. The bad knee saves Swagger again though and it's time to shout WE THE PEOPLE a lot. Alberto ducks a big boot and comes back with the backbreaker but hurts his own knee in the process.

There are the forearms to the back and a Backstabber for two on Swagger. The armbreaker is broken up once and a second attempt is countered into the Patriot Lock in a nice counter. Alberto gets to the ropes so Swagger immediately hits the Vader Bomb for a close two. Del Rio comes back with the Codebreaker to the arm but the armbreaker is countered with Swagger sending him out to the floor.

They head back inside and a HARD superkick to Swagger gets two as Jack grabs the rope. The Patriot Lock goes on again but Del Rio counters into the armbreaker. Swagger counters into a rollup but Alberto counters THAT into a small package for the pin at 14:32 shown of 18:02. Really good finish.

Rating: A-. That's likely a bit high but I was WAY into this at the end. If they had done this match at Wrestlemania it would be a match of the night candidate with ease. The arm vs. leg stuff here was great and the submissions both played into the finish. Stupid booking aside, this was really good stuff and I had a great time with it.

We get an abbreviated version of Ryback's reasoning for attacking Cena and their confrontation and the Shield beating down Cena to end Raw.

Shield says Monday was a moment that Cena won't forget anytime soon. They claim that Ryback has learned to not mess with the Shield anymore and saw a look on his face. They say the same look on Undertaker's face a few weeks ago and Undertaker is afraid. Ambrose promises to prove that Undertaker is mortal on Raw.

Great Khali/Natalya/Hornswoggle vs. Epico/Primo/Rosa Mendes

We actually get a reason for this match: Epico/Primo/Rosa stole Horny's parking spot earlier and there's video to prove it. I've heard worse. I can't think of anything off the top of my head but I've heard worse. Nattie takes Rosa down to start but can't hook the Sharpshooter. Rosa comes back with a kick to the back and a chinlock but Natalya fights back with a clothesline. Off to Epico and Khali with the giant hitting some hard chops in the corner. Primo tries to help but gets sent into the same corner as Epico for simultaneous chops. Horny annoys Rosa into a chase and Khali hits the Punjabi Plunge to pin Epico at 3:18.

Rating: D. Rosa was basically in half of a swimsuit and a vest so it doesn't fail based on that alone. That's about the extent of the good parts of the match though as none of these are people I care to see. At the end of the day they're fighting over a parking lot, but how many people can't get on television? Remarkable.

We get most of Punk's promo from Raw where he walked out.

We get Heyman challenging HHH to fight Brock in a cage match at Extreme Rules.

Mark Henry/Big Show vs. Randy Orton/Sheamus

Henry and Sheamus start and immediately talk trash, but Henry brings in Big Show before there's any contact. They immediately start brawling and Big Show sends him to the apron for chops to the chest like Sheamus would hit forearms. Sheamus comes back and hits the forearms to take over. Sheamus goes up top for the shoulder but has to jump over Show instead, allowing the giant to hit a superkick to take him down. An elbow drop misses and it's off to Orton.

The side slam puts Orton down and here's Henry to continue slowly pounding on Orton. A bearhug has Orton in trouble and it's back to Big Show to stay on the ribs. The chokeslam is countered into a DDT and both guys are down. Hot tag brings in Sheamus for his running forearms and the top rope shoulder for no cover. White Noise connects but a Henry distraction lets Show spear Sheamus down as we take a break.

Back with Show kneeing Sheamus in the head and getting two off the Final Cut. Henry comes in for a nerve hold before Big Show comes in for the same thing. Sheamus tries to fight up and finally manages a chop block to put Big Show down. Hot tag brings in Orton to pound on Henry and some clotheslines drop the smaller of the two monsters. A DDT gets two but Henry powers out. Show tries to come in but gets caught in the Elevated DDT. Everything breaks down and Show chokeslams Orton for the pin at 15:08.

Rating: B. This was the tag team formula to the letter and that's all you need a lot of the time. I'm a big fan of combining two feuds into one match like this as you can get those stories advanced while also adding in something different. Henry vs. Sheamus is going to be good stuff when we get to it and Orton vs. Big Show might not be bad either. Good main event here.

Overall Rating: B+. This is exactly what Smackdown should be: a wrestling heavy show with long matches and angle advancement. Tonight was incredibly entertaining and blew by which is a good sign. Swagger vs. Del Rio is well worth seeing and the main event is solid stuff too. The rest of the stuff is very hit or miss but when you have an hour and a half of actual TV and about 40 minutes of that is top shelf stuff, you can't complain that much at all. Very good show.

Fandango b. Santino Marella – Downward Spiral
Kofi Kingston b. Wade Barret – Crucifix
Alberto Del Rio b. Jack Swagger – Small Package
Great Khali/Natalya/Hornswoggle b. Epico/Primo/Rosa Mendes – Punjabi Plunge to Epico
Mark Henry/Big Show b. Randy Orton/Sheamus – Chokeslam to Orton

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  1. I didn't like how they used him on Raw but Fandango was used fine tonight. They didn't go overboard trying to get people to sing his theme and most importantly he's still a creepy heel. Him turning face and winning a title would have done nothing to help him right now. And what's wrong with him facing Santino on Smackdown? Save a bigger opponent for a PPV.

  2. I agree. His appearance on Raw sucked. I liked him "molesting" Lilian Garcia and then tossing her away. Reminded me of Rick Rude and "heel" Rock. I liked the way he did the downward spiral.. kinda looked like a dance move. He hasn't really shown much of a moveset, so using that as a finisher works for me. He just needs to name it and it might just stick,

  3. Exactly, and the England crowd should be going apeshit next week for the dance so that should be fun. But seriously turning him face would for sure kill the character and I'm glad they realized that.

  4. One live wrestling show of two down this weekend and no Fandangoing. It was TNA but still, not exactly a worldwide phenomenon if a crowd at a wrestling show isn't doing it.

  5. What is the point of this Booker/Teddy conflict. Does anyone give two shits about the Smackdown GM?

  6. It was NEVER a "worldwide phenomenon". It was a special moment on the post-Mania Raw that did get some good pub, that's all. They just need to keep pushing him as a creepy heel

  7. They should have taken last Monday's reaction as a wakeup call on how to use him. Use the Fandangoing thing to push him as a cocky heel that thinks he's worth more than he is.

  8. I... kinda think they'll still do that? If they're keeping him as a heel that's a good possibility.

  9. I should have expanded a little more. From the look of tonight, it looks like they have taken that hint with Fandango and that's a-ok with me. Beats a hasty face turn.

  10. Best Unintentional Comedy Moment: Hearing Matthews talk about Fandangoing taking over the world, as they cut to the crowd to see ONE PERSON doing it. Next camera shot? TWO people! Next shot? ONE PERSON again!

  11. Too bad the show was pretty decent; I had a "Thompson-Boling Arena? More like Thompson-BORING Arena!" joke at the ready.

  12. I can just imagine Tommyhall strapping on a condom and rubbing his hands together: "let's get to it!"

  13. That's a strange thing to imagine.

  14. I see nothing wrong with the parking lot angle. Gives the match a bigger reason to exist than nothing. They should do more minor scuffles backstage to set up matches. Took the last cup of coffee bitch? I'll see your ass in the ring!

  15. too bad because no one saw it. from what i saw of the ADR/Swagger match it was pretty good. Too bad it was right in the middle of the Boston suspect caught and the official press conference.

  16. Is no one going to comment on the fact that Dolph Ziggler wins the WHC on Raw last week in one of the best moments on that show in years, and then jobs to Swagger on Raw the following week? And then on top of that, he can't even get on this show?! Unless there's something I missed (such as travel or whatnot), there's really no reason for him to be left off.

  17. Not really, I'm not afraid to let my mind go to funny places

  18. Well they did have a lot of downloads as well of the song. Just saying.

  19. Not being on this show IS a big deal. Look at how often Cena appears on Smackdown, or Punk.

  20. I get that to a point, but the WHC is generally seen as the top guy on this show, so it doesn't make much sense to me to not have him on, especially after he had to job to Swagger (of all people) on Raw.

  21. The job to Swagger set up the 3 way at Extreme Rules so it had a point at least. I would be much kinder to non-title losses in general if they all had a point and led somewhere or furthered an angle.

  22. I think they're in Europe, at least per Twitter.


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