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The Only Review of The Great American Bash 1989 That You'll Ever Need

I've decided to take a trip through the classics. First stop, The Great American Bash 1989.

The video I got actually has the pre-show on here, where they use to have the countdown and everything. Awesome stuff. I'm actually into the pre-show, because it's explaining the feuds. I only know the deal with Ric and Funk. There's an awesome, AWESOME moment when Missy is talking shit to Gary Hart, Eddie Gilbert and Great Muta, and at one point she says Hart is no man, so Muta sprays the green mist into her face, and as she's howling in pain, he just causally saunters around like "deal with it, bitch." Fantastic. Moving on to Luger and Steamboat, we see a classic example of what I was talking about in my most recent Happy Hour article. Luger turns on Steamboat and goes to get a steel chair. When the crowd understands what's abut to happen, you can literally hear people shrieking, like Luger is about to use a monster truck as a catheter on Steamboat. The Glory Days indeed. 

Battle Royal

So, everyone comes out with crowns. Get it, battle royal? Man, you KNOW that bullshit was all Herd. I find this to be really stupid because a good chunk of the undercard is involved, leaving one to ask: why wouldn't the people paired in matches just attack each other? Nothing interesting happens, and it's boring the hell out of me. 
The Skyscrapers win at around 9 minutes | *

Teddy Long gives an interview on behalf of his tag-team, the Skyscrapers. How fitting, Teddy managing a tag-team. Good God, he use to look like he had 75 teeth in his mouth, and each one was around 3 inches long. He looks like the Goblin King or something. 

Brian Pillman vs. Will Bill Irwin

Bob Caudle, the announcer working with Ross, states that "Brian Pillman has a real future, barring any serious injury." Sounds about right. The match starts off in Pillman's favor, as he pulls off about 5 drop-kicks. Irwin soon turns it to his favor, and he constantly taunts Brian by screaming "C'mon, FLYIN' Brian! Why don't cha' FLY! FLYIN' Brian!" He's actually rather entertaining. The two work together pretty well, as Irwin is an old school type of guy. He's not trying to do anything flashy, he just wants to hurt you. Beating Pillman down, he keeps him there with punches, kicks, suplexes and bodyslams. At one point, he actually grabs Brian and throws him into the other ring. However, once he turns to jaw-jack with the ref, Pillman flies from one ring to the other, splashing Irwin and getting the three. A meat and potatoes opener that was hinged on the flashes of Brian's cruiserweight offense, and the entertaining Wild Bill, who wants to know why the ref is bothering him when he's simply trying to choke a man. 
Pillman hits the crossbody on Irwin for the pin at 10:18 | **3/4

They introduce Jason Hervey as a ring announcer. What the hell? Wasn't he also a guest judge for one of Flair's matches? Too bad he's not in character, as I'd love to see him call someone a butthead. Wayne was always the man. 

The Dynamic Dudes vs. The Skyscrapers

I grew up as a WWE guy, and only recently have I been dipping into the NWA library, so this is the first time I've ever seen The Dynamic Dudes, and wow. I once said the recent DX was the lamest tag team of all time, yes, even lamer than the American Males. But The Dynamic Dudes? Holy shit. They get some kid from the audience to throw a Frisbee with because it's dynamic. Spivey controls the first portion of the match, and it takes the dynamic double moves of Shane & Johnny to get him off his feet. Once Sid tags in you can hear from the crowd immediately that he isn't long for tag teams. Seriously, he tags out and within a minute the ENTIRE arena is chanting "WE WANT SID!" Hopefully Spivey doesn't feel too bad. The Cape Fear remake is a few years away, just be patient. Sid back in for a moment, crowd is happy. Sid tags out, and the crowd boos the hell out of that, starting another "WE WANT SID!" chant. It's pretty incredible that he wasn't made champion pronto. Finally, after having their asses kicked the whole match, John starts getting some dynamic offense in, but Spivey cuts that short. He delivers a power bomb, but with both of them being sweaty, John is damn near dropped on his head, Pillman style. Very dynamic. The match was an extended squash, but it's worth seeing simply for the crowd's reaction to Sid, it's incredible. 
Spivey power bombs John for the pin at 9:14 | *3/4

We get an interview with Cornette about his tux match. 

Paul E Dangerously vs. Jim Cornette - Tux Match

Heyman's entrance music is the theme from Halloween. That's a great piece of music and I'm surprised other wrestlers haven't used it. Heyman quickly goes for the cheap heat by throwing powder in Cornette's eyes, followed immediately by beating up Corny's knee with his phone. Cornette said that before the match, he told Paul which knee it was that was injured, so that way they could work Corny's real injury into the match. Well, Paul immediately forgot and kept beating the wrong knee, even though Jim kept saying "Other knee! Idiot!" So, Paul just started beating up both. Honestly, I usually hate these kinds of matches, but Paul and Jim are both so good at what they do, with such passion and love for the business that they make this really entertaining. The crowd is all sorts of into it too. Easily the best tux match of all time, which I'm sure both Paul and Jim are very proud of. 

Cornette strips off Paul's tux for the win at 6:22 | **1/4

Gary Hart is interviewed, believing Muta will continue his undefeated streak and take home the TV title.

Kevin Sullivan & Mike Rotunda vs. The Steiners - Texas Tornado Match

The Steiners come out to Welcome To The Jungle, which blows away their eventual "Steiner Line!" theme, second only to Sting as the lamest music in WCW history. The match doesn't last long, but what we get is one of the harder-hitting matches I've ever seen. No surprise when you've got The Steiners in there, but Sullivan and Rotunda are giving as good as they get. A lot of mayhem in a short period, all chalking up to a decent brawl. 
Scott hits a flying crossbody on Sullivan, pinning him at 4:22 | **

We get an interview with The Stinger. He respects Muta, and delivers one of the blandest promos of all time. 

The Great Muta vs. Sting [C] - WCW TV Championship

The crowd goes insane for Sting. This match has without a doubt the most exciting first few minutes I've ever seen. From Sting jumping from one ring to another and off the top-rope clotheslines, to Muta's flips, kicks and moonsaults. It really needs to be seen to be given justice, it's great. This match was all about speed, cramming a 20-minute match into almost 9 minutes. However, it wasn't quick just for the sake of it. Muta was bringing it to Sting as hard and as fast as he could, with Sting having little to no problem keeping up, and throwing it right back in the Great One's face. Superb stuff that definitely was not seen during this time. The end sees Sting hitting Muta with a belly to back suplex and going for the pin, only for the ref to count three despite Muta having his shoulder up. He and Gary Hart run off with the belt while the crowd chants bullshit. 
Sting & Muta are both counted down at 8:40 | ***3/4

Luger does an interview where he says the DQ rule must be waived, or no match at all. 

Ricky Steamboat vs. Lex Luger [C] - WCW US Heavyweight Championship

The crowd seems to be chanting "Steroid freak!" at Luger. I find that funny, considering backstage he was probably comparing brands of Winstrol with Steamboat. Ricky tries to put away Luger quick, and when that doesn't happen, he goes for some quick offense, only for Luger to simply cut that BS off with a knee lift to the face. From this point on, neither one holds momentum for very long, as they beat the hell out of one another at every given opportunity. The end sees Luger bring a chair in, which Steamboat turns on him in one of the worst examples of business exposing. Regardless, Steamboat gets a hold of that chair and goes ape shit. He throws the ref Tommy Young to the outside and pummels Luger. Pretty cool to see Steamboat actually lose control. I didn't love this as much as others, because I felt it really would have benefited from an extended finishing sequence. Still some good stuff. 
Steamboat is DQ'ed at 10:26 | ***3/4

The Freebirds are interviewed, and they look absolutely RIDICULOUS. This whole promo is like the zenith of why pro-wrestling is made fun of. 

Wargames - Freebirds & Samoan Swat Team vs. Road Warriors, Midnight Express & Dr. Death

Seriously, what the fuck is up with the Freebirds? Who the HELL is gonna be afraid of two guys in fingerless, white satin forearm length gloves, golden sequin tank-tops and white spandex pants? I'd be afraid that they'd think I was really cool, and keep pestering me to join their Cinderella tribute band. It's Jimmy and Bobby starting. Bam Bam comes in next, followed by Dr. Death. The Doctor is wearing yellow trunks and boots with red knee pads. Are you kidding me? That'd be like me heading to the ring with a giant sequin cape that said Acho Man. I will give Doc his due, as he military presses Bam Bam 8 times. Samu is next to enter. Well, technically Jimmy Garvin's perm is next, as it's triple the size it was. Animal is now in for the good guys. Fatu soon follows. Sweet Stan is after that, PS and Animal are the last for their teams. I gotta say, I'm disappointed there's no blood. That's the whole point of the War Games. From here on out, it's what you expect, without any blood. I found it to be a pretty enjoyable brawl, but you can tell the difference between The 4 Horsemen and The Freebirds and Samoan Swat Team. There was never any doubt that The Road Warriors team were coming out on top. 
Road Warrior Hawk causes Garvin to submit with a Hangman at 22:18 | ***1/2

Ric Flair interview. It's incredible what they did. Funk destroyed Flair and what did they do? They kept Ric off of TV, and kept him from wrestling for two months. There's absolutely no way that would happen today. They would have had Ric back the next day, while Funk went on a losing streak. 

Terry Funk vs. Ric Flair [C] - WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Right off the bat, Flair gets the best of Funk with chops and rights and lefts. Funk, being awesome, just loses his mind over this, and people BELIEVE IT. I mean, you see a fan talking shit to Funk, but then backs off when he sees Funk may try him. Oddly enough, at one point Funk attempts to suplex Ric, and Ross calls it a piledriver. Later, Funk goes to piledrive Ric, and Ross calls it a suplex. Flair starts working on Funk's receipt by working on his neck, at one point piledriving him, and causing Funk to run in a circle like Homer with something written on the back of his head. Flair soon slaps the Figure 4 on Terry, giving you reason to believe it's almost over, but then Funk turns the tide when he smashes Ric with the branding iron, busting Flair open. He soon has Ric in the center of the ring, dropping him with neckbreakers, and screaming at Flair to say I quit, while Gary Hart screams "Get the pin! Get the pin!" He doesn't want the pin, he wants Ric to quit. He doesn't just want the title, he wants Flair's dignity, it's awesome stuff. That's a heel. He eventually gets busted open with his own branding iron at the hands of Flair. Ironically, despite the old school brutality of the match, it ends with a roll up on Flair's part. It's a hell of a match, one that I prefer to their I Quit from Clash. They went out there and showed you that you don't need weapons, and light-bulbs, and all sorts of other shit to create a brutal atmosphere. You need a purpose and passion. 
Ric Flair defeats Terry Funk with the roll up at 17:23 | ****1/4

Afterward, Muta shows up to help Funk pummel the hell out of Flair. Sting eventually shows up, giving us our main event for Havoc. It's great because they keep brawling all over the arena. Even when Ross and Bob are doing their wrap-up, the 4 of them just come raging by with Flair swinging Funk's branding iron. Awesome. 

Showcase Showdown: For all the people who claim that this PPV is the greatest of all time, I can't fault them. It's a damn good show. From top to bottom, I was entertained with everything. It delivered beyond my expectations. Now, I didn't love it as much as some, but the difference is negligible, really. The main event really delivered, and was easily the highlight for me. Flair and Funk went out there and kicked the hell out of each other, really selling the fact that they both wanted each other dead. Fantastic stuff. For the few out there who were like me and hadn't seen the show, it's definitely worth it. For those feeling lazy, then I recommend just watching Flair vs. Funk, it's fantastic and unfortunately gets lost in the shadow of their I Quit match. The PPV's subtitle is The Glory Days, how appropriate.

As always, much respect and adulation to my editor, Steven Ferrari. I met Steven when I was young.. H couldn't have been more than 28 or 29 at the time, but he was already a legend. He'd walk in the door and everybody who worked the room just went wild. He'd give the doorman $100 for opening the door. He'd shove hundreds in the pockets of the dealers and guys who ran the games. I mean, the bartender got $100 for keeping the ice cubes cold.Str8 Gangster, No Chaser - I've started a new article series known as Man Etiquette, so you'll know how to act in certain situations, I pay tribute to the burliest of the burly from the 8-bit era, talk about people who shouldn't use the internet [all of them], Saved By The Bell Archives, Comic Book Films You Didn't Know Were Comic Book Films, plenty of other goods.
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- Caliber Winfield


  1. Overrates WWF

    Underrates NWA.

    Go fucking figure.

  2. I checked Scott's ratings, I'm only off with his by at the most, 3 quarters of a star. Plus, there's no way that War Games is 4 stars.

  3. Nah, I thought his ratings were mostly spot-on. Sting-Muta was maybe underrated.

  4. I agree, this match is significantly better than the overrated Funk/Flair I Quit match. This is much more intense, much crazier and has better work in the match. I Quit is still good, but this was better.

    Also agreed that Steamboat/Luger is good but overrated.

    Still love this show.

  5. Stream of conscious remarks:

    The crowns were worn because it was a "King of the Hill" Battle Royal, where all of them had won mini-battle royals leading into the match to qualify. Yeah, not the greatest setup, but better than your hypothesis. It's not the best Battle Royal, but the finish was a good touch.

    You really fail to do the Varsity Club-Steiners match much justice. It's "Hardcore" five years before ECW, if only in a rough prototype form.

    Luger vs Steamboat is fine... except Referee Tommy RICH? Cue Botchamania montage of WRONG!s. It's Tommy YOUNG. (Ironically, it was an accidental bump off a Tommy Rich shove that ended Young's career.)

    Wargames: Again, it's not RONNIE Garvin, but JIMMY Garvin. Just very sloppy on both of those. And Ronnie's hair was the dead opposite of a perm in this timeframe.

    Overall, yeah you're a bit low, but it's not credibility-shattering low. You just seem to not get fully into this era/style, which doesn't make you evil or anything. But it does make the lower ratings understandable.

  6. My favorite wrestling show eva! One thing I'm not sure if others liked or thought it was anything special, but I love the look and production of this show too. The lighting is particularly nice, kind of gauzy and surreal. The entrances are all really well done too, and blow away anything the WWF was doing at the time. Flair's entrance is like the most magnificent entrance ever for a babyface and I love Luger's hamming it up too. Funk and Muta's music are both fantastic and the crowd is just insanely jazzed for the show.

    As far as the match ratings (at least for the big matches), I'd personally go **** for Muta/Sting, *** 3/4 for Wargames, **** 1/2 for Luger/Steamboat, and **** 3/4 for Flair/Funk (I'm one of those people that like it way more than their Clash brawl). The hatred between Funk and Flair feels palpable and there is a certain grittiness to the match that's never been matched for me. WrestleMania X7 is a really good show, but I just find this one more satisfying -- despite the fact I watched X7 live on PPV and this show for the first time in 1991. But hey that's me.

  7. To be fair, I did call him Jimmy in the beginning. And the ref thing, yeah, that was just me calling him Tommy Rich because for some reason I was thinking the wrestler.

    I really felt like the Cactus Jack tag-matches in 1994 were the ones ECW copied 100%.

    But you are right, I honestly didn't start watching 80's NWA stuff until around 2008 or so. I've always been a Titan guy.

  8. Scott had the same rating for Luger/Steamboat, but I just couldn't go any higher. I liked it, but not "almost classic". Especially that ending, and Luger's ridiculous holding-the-chair crap.

    I think further viewings of Flair vs Funk will have me rating it higher. I really enjoyed the hell out of it, and I truly felt like they fucking hated each other. It was awesome. Plus, I felt like it was more brutal than their Clash match-up.

  9. Yeah the holding the chair thing is kind of goofy -- I guess you just either have to buy it or not. It works for me, in the logic of wrestling at least if not so much in real life.

    Yeah, Flair/Funk is all kinds of bad ass. The rematch doesn't have the same intensity for me either. I think another element that hurts it is the writing in of the respect angle, it just took it down a notch for me. I love Funk's selling too, it's more over the top than Flair's typical opponents but it really helps make the match with Flair as the babyface. Total pros too. That first punch Flair thows at Funk out by the railing looks so nasty, but on slo-mo of course he makes no contact at all.

  10. I love the ending of GAB 89. After watching it, it made me really pumped to see Halloween Havoc and the Sting/Flair v. Muta/Funk main event.

  11. See, I grew up on NWA/WCW, but I always thought WWF's production values looked a lot better, at least until the Nitro era.

    I always rate Sting/Muta higher than anything on the card except Flair/Funk. I thought it was just excellent stuff, and better than Luger/Steamer, which has always left me a tad underwhelmed even though it's good.

    X7 is still my all-time favorite PPV, but this is a damn good one.

  12. I'd planned on doing another classic, but would you guys prefer if I did the follow up to this one, Havoc '89?

  13. Yeah, I know that not everyone is a fan of it, but I really like the whole deal where one PPV sort of sets up the next when you have an ongoing feud. They did that with WrestleWar --> Great American Bash --> Halloween Havoc. I saw all the shows after the fact, so I had to rent the tapes, but of course it made me pretty antsy to seek them out.

  14. Re: production values, generally speaking I agree. I just love the look of this particularly show, it's much nicer than the average show they did. NWA/WCW both struggled with production issues over the years I think, where the WWF was more consistent and tended to upgrade their equipment more often (I think WCW basically got the leftovers from the TNT NBA crew whenever they got new cameras).

    I think they had a much better looking set than the WWF by the Nitro era, although their lighting had issues at times and I hated the way they shot their crowds. They always had the house lights turned down too low and used very few of those really high mounted wide shots that make the crowd look enormous, they'd always just do those slow pans down from the middle of the upper deck. Funny enough, the WWE seemed to forget how to do those shots too and now everything is way over lit. I think TNA does a better job with lighting now than the WWE does.

  15. I'm a lifelong WWF/E guy. I don't blindly bash other promotion but my biases are definitely swayed WWE's way.

    For this show I think hype and time made it somewhat disappointing to me. I heard for a while how this was the best show ever and when I watched it it was the first NWA show I ever saw. When it ended I thought it was good but not near the best wrestling show I'd ever seen. Repeat views made me like it more, but I still don't think it's the best.

    For me WrestleMania X7 will always be better than GAB89 and that isn't due to some misguided stubborn mentality but because I was invested in WM. I watched the build, I was invested in the wrestlers, their characters, their feuds, and their matches. I had an emotional investment and response to many matches on the card because of the experience and anticipation of the show. I wanted to see Taker kick Triple H's ass. I wanted to see TLC 2, and I wanted to see Rock and Austin. I can never say that with GAB89. I get why others feel the exact way I feel but for GAB89.

  16. It's a dumb thing to pay attention to but I always thought WCW's pyro and video packages looked cheap and terrible next to WWF. Even when they were kicking their ass. Specifically the video packages. WCW had some truly awful video packages.

  17. What era are you referring to? I thought WCW's pyro looked great, especially once you got to the Nitro era. I agree about the video packages though, the WWF's were consistently on another level. I don't really remember any terrible WCW video packages for feuds, but they had some really, really bad PPV spots.

  18. I should have been more clear I meant like their opening pyro for shows. Never liked it lol.

    One that sticks out in my mind is the show they had in SF in 1997 with Piper vs. Hogan where Piper was locked in Alcatraz or something.

  19. Yeah, I agree, it's just not an objective thing. There are too many factors and personal preferences that go into it. I've had sort of an odd experience with X7 -- I was excited for it and had a blast watching it live and thought it was one of the best shows I ever saw, but for whatever reason it was not one of those shows I pulled out once a year and re-watched.

    When I did finally get around to watching it again, while I thought it was a really good show (and a great looking show), it just didn't have the staying power for me and I was much less impressed. The two matches I was most disappointed with were TLC 2 and Rock/Austin.

    The TLC match has the most obvious setups for the spots (and a few way too ambitious ones) and also just feels like a cobbled together highlight reel of their other matches for me -- I prefer the other ones more.

    Rock/Austin is like an awesome 20 minute match, stretched into 40 minutes for me. It's a little bit sloppy and meandering at times, although I love the big finish. To be fair, the WWE Main Event brawling style has never been my favorite style and this match has it's fair share of weak out of the ring brawling or lying around spots. I was just itching for my remote at several points. Rock/Austin to me is a lot like Hogan/Warrior (and a lot of big WWE matches for that matter) -- it's carried more by the strength of the characters and your investment in them rather than flawless work. The issue with that is if you're no longer invested in the match emotionally, you are liable to be less forgiving of the flaws.

  20. Caliber I enjoy your work, but im baffled how you throw stars willy nilly at below average shows/matches, and u rate this show like your Meltzer. Just some constructive criticism.

    Keep up the good (and improving) work.

    If you could rate a ppv for me I'd love to get a review and your thoughts from Slamboree '98.

  21. You and Caliber need to settle the score at Hell in the cell. You shit all over him any chance ya get.

  22. Are you saying this show is below average? Or are you referring to my past work?

    Appreciate the kind words, and you got it, I'll hook up Slamboree 98 within a week.

  23. I just am very nostalgic aboht that show bc my mom let me invite like 20 kids over, and we had a blast. And god bless my mother for putting up with that many 12 year old kids. Looking back, being a mark, and young was a blast!

    Ps jericho was fucking hilarious introducing the members of the cruiserweight battle royal!

  24. Havoc 89 definitely!

    My favorite WCW show of 1989

  25. Sounds like fun! Sounds like my house for SummerSlam 1990, although we were more like 8/9. I can remember going down to the cable company with my dad to rent the descrambler for the event and my hands shaking in excitement as I helped hook it up to the back of the cable box lol

  26. Agreed. Nitro blew Raw away production-wise, in my view.

  27. Whoa, man. I don't see the Warrior/Hogan comparison at all. I agree Warrior/Hogan doesn't hold up great except the characters.

    But I really think the WORK in Rock/Austin is off-the-charts great. The pace, the character work, the impact, the crowd involvement ... all the definition of pro wrestling to me.

  28. 98 Jericho united all the kids at our middle school. He was like the one wrestler universally adored even though he was a heel.

  29. Yeah the set and the color scheme of Nitro were really appealing to me. I really liked the industrial look, RAW was a lot more garish and super-saturated, while Nitro had a really slick, classy look to it. Everything but the lighting of the crowds was great really, although I suppose that goes along with the darker look. Funny enough, they started to shoot and light their crowds better in late 1999 and 2000, although of course they were starting to get a lot smaller by then.

  30. No love gab 89 im just saying i guess u rated past shows w way more stars than i think the consensus would give. To each their own though.. As soon as i get a kindle, which should b soon ill pick up your man movie thing, bc i love cheesy 80s 90s action films too, and love the jimmy the gent reference about yer editor lol!

  31. We'll have to agree to disagree I guess -- I think a lot of the work (about 15 minutes of it) is really strong, but IMO a good amount of it is weak too for the reasons I mentioned above. As I said though, I think part of it for me is that I just don't find the style of match appealing. It's a very 'loose' style IMO.

    The rest of the elements are there for sure though.

  32. Oh my house was the spot for ppvs ( god bless the pirate box, and we always through on playboy after the shows until i would hear my mom walk diwn lol) i usually had like 4 friends over per ppv both for wcw and wwf. But until Russo took over I was huge WCW mark.

  33. From souled out 98 on Chris Jericho was worshipped by my middle school crew, and for very good reason. To me at the time I cared more about the cruiserweight title than the heavyweight title because of Jericho.

  34. Yeah, I had to make due with scramblevision most of the time as a little kid, although from 1990-1992 our scrambling system wasn't the typical squiggly lines/clear audio style most people were used to, it was a lot easier to see, but less easier to hear. In the later 1990s when our area switched to digital cable all of that went away, but by then I had enough money to be buying most of the shows monthly anyway.

  35. Right on, appreciate that. Thank you. You know, if you have a smart phone, you can download the kindle app. That's what I do. I've got a droid.

    And yeah, Goodfellas is about as good as it gets. Although I do prefer Casino.

  36. Yeah, WCW really, really missed the boat with him.

    I always preferred his WCW character to his WWE character, so it always disappointed me that he never really got to interact with guys at the top of the card.

    Bischoff always saw him as a cruisweight though I think and he saw cruiserweights as the jump starters for the show and not guys that would ever be main event talents, despite the fact that Jericho was better on the mic than roughly 95% of the guys in the company by 1998.

  37. Hard to believe the two events are in the same arena actually, given the difference in the crowd response

  38. Im a Scorsese nut, but Deniro crushes the Ace Rothstein character. Its funny when u can always watch a 3 hour movie like its nothing.

  39. Yeah and when he first started in WWF I hated that character, and to be fair he was flubbingaway in their midcard for a few years. Even though the russo/bischoff newblood era wasnt the greatest I think he woulda won the gold, or at least had a feud or 2 with Steiner, or Booker T.

  40. Did him and Steiner ever have a match? I kinda recall them having one as part of a tournament, but I'll have to track it down and see if it was any good.

  41. I still contest I proved greater than anyone the power of being a fan of something when you're a child.

    I rushed home, I mean, RUSHED home to watch SummerSlam 1995, on Scramblevision. I was dying to see Bret vs Issac, and Diesel vs Mable. I missed the opening tag-match, and I was so pissed they didn't talk about the results on Raw the next night.

    I also watched In Your House September 1995 via scramblevision.

    Imagine my joy when Survivor Series 1995 came around and we ordered it.

  42. I don't view it as an all-time great match either. An all-time great match has to have (good) ramifications beyond the event itself, no different than a TV show. It has to be important in the long run.

    If it doesn't, it has to be performed at such a ridiculously high level that you don't ever forget it (Shawn-Taker at WM).

  43. Oh sure, I think there is a lot of truth in that theory -- for most fans that began watching as children at least. I imagine a pretty high % of people got hooked as kids, but it'd be interesting to get the perspective from folks who started watching in their 20s or later.

  44. That's not what Fuj meant.

  45. current WWE lighting really bothers me, as well. The crowd is way over-lit. I don't care to see the faces of every person in the mezzanine level. Just the first few rows are fine. The crowd noise tells me the rest of what I need to know about them. In stark contrast, I've been watching some mid-80s WWF footage, most of it from MSG. I love how the focus is on the ring. It's the only thing lit, albeit it is a tad dark, overall. I really enjoyed the lighting of the late '90s WWF. Seemed to have the right balance.

    as far as WCW production value, I never liked the way they lit anything, I didn't like the set, I didn't like the pyro, I didn't like the smaller ring. They may have had all of Ted's money, but they didn't have Vince's intuition.

  46. Yeah, I don't like all of the 'effect' lighting they do. It's too bright and too busy. It's actually harder to see the crowd I think, because they drown it in so many colored lights.

    As far as WCW, I guess I don't get the pyro thing lol I thought it looked just fine. I was never a fan of the smaller ring either though.

  47. He meant that I under-rated this show. Well, I compared my ratings to Scott, who's the benchmark for ratings around here, and I wasn't very off from his. So, I wouldn't say I underrated this one, really.

  48. Yes, underrated this show compounded by overrating WWF, hence "go fucking figure".

  49. Personally I think the work in Austin/Rock is off the charts. They do a little weak outside brawling but there is a lot of great vicious stuff on the outside too. Plus the character work on display, Austin's viciousness, the work, plus the announcers are crazy great. Rock/Austin is a match that has grown on me since I saw it. To me it's the best WrestleMania main event ever. It feels so complete.

  50. Which is why Goodfellas is my favorite movie. I never glance at the clock when watching it. Hell, I once watched it back-to-back when my roommate came home, said she had never seen it before, watched the last 10 minutes with me, and wanted to see it, so I immediately started it from the beginning.

  51. Goodfellas can be on TV, and if I come into it 5 minutes in, or 2 hours in, I watch it all the way.

  52. You like it even with the lack of finishes?

  53. I can back this sentiment up.

  54. Yes I do. Muta/Sting is a little bit cheap and a way to get both guys out of jobbing. I can see the beef with that one and I think it hurts the match.

    The Steamboat/Luger match is probably the most well-written DQ ever. Luger turns on Steamboat and gets his ire up so high that Steamboat gets the match as no-DQ, Luger is running scared, freaks out and refuses to wrestle unless Steamboat drops the stip, which just pisses Steamboat off more but he agrees just to get his hands on Luger. In the end, he can't contain his rage and does a totally out of character thing and gets himself disqualified. That was such a wild visual to see at the time -- super clean babyface Steamboat running down someone with a steel chair.

    As a side note, I do believe that feud was supposed to continue, but Jim Herd and Steamboat had a falling out shortly after the show.

  55. The greatest moment of my markdom was when I was watching Slamboree 1997 in Scramblevision and it UNSCRAMBLED for the whole show! Man that was awesome

  56. I see your point. Cause normally super old school smarks like you detest non-finishes.

  57. haha, I'm a super old school smark! Or just an old one :)

    Yeah, I am not against them in principle as long as they serve the story and don't come at a point when the match is just getting good.

  58. One of the only acceptable Flair as a face matches. Terry Funk is one of the few guys who could pull that off with Flair, so tribute to him.

  59. Fair point.

    There is no objective badness in art, just what works and what doesn't work. And that changes all the time.

  60. Indeed! It's funny, because sometimes I question whether or not I am even a wrestling fan anymore, because the hit to miss ratio seems so low. Then a great match comes along that appeals to my sensibilities and it pulls me back in. I think what has really happened is that I've been exposed to enough great stuff the years that I'm just snobby about it now haha. I'll settle for lesser old stuff because of the nostalgia value, but I only really wanna see the best of the new stuff.

    Comes with age and wavering fandom I guess!

  61. Same. I see that shit on AMC or Encore, whatever plans I had from now until it's over will have to wait.

  62. "Seriously, what the fuck is up with the Freebirds?
    Who the HELL is gonna be afraid of two guys in fingerless, white satin forearm
    length gloves, golden sequin tank-tops and white spandex pants?"

    Psssh, that's what all the badassess wore in the 80s.

  63. Well Caliber has a kind of nostalgia for any WWF show from 95-00 so you can kind of see why he would overrate them.

  64. Damn it feels weird to mention Maddox on BOD.

  65. I'm totally in favor of it, it's an underrated show and definitely worth seeing just for the crowd reaction to the Freebirds/Dynamic Dudes match.

  66. 1. I think it's important what specifically happens. for example, Flair vs. Funk is not some 90's WCW "no contest" bs.
    2. just like most things in wrestling, it works if it isn't overdone. if nearly every ppv is just a "build up" for the next one, it makes no sense.

  67. Was Muta one of the only guys to have dream matches with all three of the biggest names of wrestling? And yes, this includes Muta wrestling them in Japan.


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