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The Piledriving Critique: The Masked Reviewer's Fav Five Wrestling Cartoons

The Masked Reviewer counts down his favorite wrestling cartoons.

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  1. Think there should have been a distinction between cartoon episodes and shows....

  2. Breaking News : Wrestlemania does 1.2 Million buys

  3. link?

    cuz i read that "Last year, WrestleMania received more than 1.2 million buys. Obviously, the goal for this year's show would be to match or exceed that number with Cena and Rock headlining again."

  4. I thought about that at first, but only one thing on the list is an episode of a series.

  5. I wanted to comment on this before I go to work. Love the choices. I was worried that you would take some heat for the Amos n' Andy choice. But, still damn good review!

    Keep up the great work Mask Reviewer.


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