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WWF Maple Leaf Wrestling October 20th, 1984

October 20th, 1984

Your hosts are Angelo Mosca and Jack Reynolds

In action this week are Big John Studd, David Schultz, Junkyard Dog (causing Mosca to howl like a wolf, not bark like a dog), Bob Orton, Moondogs, Piper’s Pit, and Andre the Giant.

Robbie Parliament vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz

Schutlz backs Parliament against the ropes then grabs a front facelock. Schultz pounds away and grabs a chinlock. The announcers run down the rest of the card as Schultz continues his dominance. He hits Parliament with an axe handle then drops an elbow for the win (2:41).

Thoughts: Dominating squash by Schultz, who has been doing nothing as of late. They look to be setting him up for an upcoming feud based on this match and how they put him over on commentary.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’ subjects are the Moondogs, who are returning to the WWF after a few years. They show a clip of them beating on Spike Huber as Hayes puts them over as a threat to the Tag-Team Titles.

Bubba Hawkins vs. Big John Studd w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Hawkins hits a few dropkicks that have minimal effect. He tries a slam (The $15,000 prize is still in effect for those who can slam Studd) but Studd shoves him away. Studd hip-tosses Hawkins and grabs a chinlock. Studd hits a shoulder block and gets the thumbs up from Heenan. He hits a clothesline and drops an elbow for the win (2:27). After the match, Studd grabs the mic and says this was a piece of cake. He demands competition but Heenan tells us that there is no competition for him.

Thoughts: Studd is pure shit in the ring but Heenan got him a lot of heat as his manager. All signs are pointing to an upcoming feud with Andre.

Billy Red Lyons runs down the November 5th card in Vancouver. He brings in Luscious Johnny Valiant, who is substituting for Freddie Blassie. He brings in Kamala and Friday as he guarantees that Kamala will beat Andre the Giant. Nothing special.

“Gentleman” Jerry Valiant vs. Junkyard Dog

Valiant attempts to go after JYD with his own chains. The ref steps in then JYD lands a few shots. They lockup and Valiant lands a few punches. JYD is upset as Mosca tells us he can smell the excitement in the air. Valiant hammers away but JYD takes him down with a headbutt. After an Irish whip sequence, JYD catches Valiant with a powerslam for the win (2:10). After the match, JYD dances with some kids.

Thoughts: The match was nothing but the crowd was in love with JYD. He has been a hit with the fans ever since his debut two months prior.

Billy Red Lyons is with Capt. Lou Albano, who is now the “Technical Advisor” for Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch. He says that he cut loose the Samoans for not listening to him. He then goes off on one of his drunken rants, which is amusing to say the least. He makes fun of the Samoans the entire time.

Nick DeCarlo vs. “Cowboy” Bob Orton

Mosca says that we have to respect Orton because he is a man, then calls him the man of a 1,002 holds. They lockup then engage in some matwork. DeCarlo hits a backdrop after a criss-cross spot then grabs a front facelock. Orton picks him up and places on the top rope. He chops him then rams his head off the mat as they show the Hillbilly in the crowd. The crowd cheers Orton as he destroys DeCarlo. Orton misses a corner charge after a float over but hits an uppercut. He hits DeCarlo with a backbreaker then hits a corner slingshot splash for the win (3:02).

Thoughts: Orton looked fine but I’ve seen much better squash matches from him. Speaking of Orton, he is another guy who is languishing. The lack of midcard faces at the time was glaring and guys like Orton were left without anyone to feud with.

Piper’s Pit with Capt. Lou Albano and Greg Valentine. Piper brings up their problems in the past (They feuded in the NWA before coming to the WWF. I recommend checking out their dog collar match) then congratulate each other over their recent accomplishments. They hug it out as Piper wants to see Valentine’s belt. He kisses it and says they are the two toughest men around. Someone tosses a drink with ice that hits Piper and Albano. Good segment.

Mario Mancini & SD Jones vs. The Moondogs

The Moondogs use quick tags to beat the shit out of Mancini. Mosca says that he has an update on Tito Santana’s injury. The update is that we will have an update next week from his doctor. Spot hits a shoulderbreaker and Rex continues to destroy Mancini. He gets tossed near his partner and Jones makes the hot tag. He takes out the Moondogs with headbutts, as the crowd goes wild, then tags Mancini, which makes the fans and even the announcers groan. Rex hits him with a powerslam then tags Spot, who hits a legdrop off the middle rope for the win (3:10).

Thoughts: Moondogs looked really good, Spot in particular. Those guys could work. They are putting them over strong.

Butcher Vachon vs. Andre the Giant

The crowd goes ballistic for Andre as he makes his way towards the ring. Vachon grabs a front waistlock, which Andre easily breaks out of by using a thump. Vachon chops Andre hard but is has no effect. Vachon offers a handshake but Andre declines and chops him against the ropes. Kamala and Friday make their way towards the ring as Reynolds says that they have no business being out here. Well, what about Andre coming out for Kamala’s matches for the past month? Andre chops down Vachon then hits a backdrop. Friday orders Kamala to the dressing room as Andre backs Vachon in the corner. He hits the big boot and uses the sitdown splash for the win (4:20).

Thoughts: The match was horrendous but the focus was largely on Kamala at ringside. The feud between the two is getting a decent crowd reaction.

David Schultz is with Billy Red Lyons. He bullies Lyons, ordering him to stop talking. He makes fun of Vancouver, stating it’s filled with Canadian punks as well as fatties and skinny people. He tells his opponent, Rick McGraw, that he will quickly defeat him and take the next plane back to America before yelling at Lyons. He then tells him that he is thinking of slapping him and says that he has never been with a woman. Funny stuff by Schultz and a promo that you will never see today.

Final Thoughts: A couple of amusing interviews and a good tag squash was all this show really had. There was a lot of bad wrestling and they really didn’t advance or create any feuds. JYD remains a hit and Mosca is so bad he is funny on commentary but a lot of this was dull.