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Age of Ultron plug, maybe?

Hi Scott,

As the king of all things smarky, I wanted to let you know that your rant against the Age of Ultron series inspired me to write an article for the new startup site,

This one covers polybags, and some of the more famous examples that we all (hopefully) remember.

I'd appreciate a plug, if possible.

And please be sure to keep an eye out for the Steve Austin piece I'll be doing in celebration of the 17th anniversary of the "Austin 3:16" speech.


No problem.  I'm still setting up my new iPad so I haven't dived into this week's comics yet, but I'm anxiously awaiting the trainwreck that is Ultron's finale. 


  1. A trainwreck as helmed by Superboy-Prime.

  2. I can't believe I wasted my money on this. All the excess of Flashpoint with none of the heart or plot. What am I supposed to believe happened at the end? Multiversal chaos? What was the point of Angela? Awful

  3. Say what you will about this series, at least the timeline fracture made more sense than fucking Superboy Prime PUNCHING WALLS.

  4. Your_Favourite_AssholeJune 19, 2013 at 11:55 PM

    'I'm still setting up my new iPad so I haven't dived into this week's comics yet'

    SO MUCH wrong with this statement

  5. Why? I read my comics on my iPad every week now. Been doing it for more than a year now.

  6. I think one of the Big Two could benefit from a "No Events for 2 years" policy. Let the writers develop the characters unrestricted.

  7. Calling AoU an "event' is a bit of a stretch honestly. Sure it had tie-ins but none of them were in ongoing titles, it was more like an extended miniseries. And this story is easily ignored if you don't want to follow it which wasn't the case with Fear Itself and Blackest Night.
    I am excited about Infinite because Hickman is the best comic writer working right now.

  8. I think both of them could benifit from that. It might also be an awesome idea if the thought up an ending before starting them!

  9. Really? I'm dreading it because:
    A) Its way to fuckin soon after AoU just slumped to an end.
    B) I find Avengers and New Avengers to be completely unreadable. No offense (different strokes for different folks) but I think they are needlessly confusing, to many lame characters, etc, The only issue I have liked so far was that one off where they hung out on AIM Island "undercover". That was pretty good.

  10. No Way!! This just happens to randomly be one time travel to many? Really? What made the difference this time? Bendis has no answer for it. If it had a concrete, story driven reason it would be one thing, but its like, everything ends, story's done and then BANG the multiverse explodes?? Why?? No reason whatsoever. And Avengers 12.1 came out about three years ago or so. So this huge event happened three years ago, and NOBODY mentioned it??
    No offense intended, but I just found it to be the worst event story ever and one of the worst ever story's period. Even Final Crisis was better, IMO, and I hated that crap.

  11. Well, it had more heart than this train wreck...


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