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Beard Painting of Bret the Hitman Hart

Hello Mr. Keith,

My name is Graham Clark and I am fan of your blog.

I paint using the beard that is currently on my face and then I sell these paintings and give the money to charity.

My most recent piece is of Bret the Hitman Hart and thought you might be interested. All the proceeds will go to the flood relief effort happening in Alberta right now, which is where Bret hails from.

You can see it here:

Keep up the great work.

-Graham Clark


What more could I possibly add to this?


  1. Nice to know that if the wrestling thing doesn't work out, Daniel Bryan has an area of art he can get into.

  2. I have so many questions.

    Does Graham not have arms or feet?

    Why use the beard?

    Did he want to top Christy Brown?

    How many showers does it take to get the paint out?

    Why use the beard?

    How long of a beard is it?

    How do you detail the painting, beards are usually fluffy-ish?

    Why use the beard?

    Ok, i'll stop now.

  3. I didn't read the e-mail initially, and went to the page thinking I'd get a painting of Bret Hart with a beard.

  4. Totally fits if you think about it. "You know what's better than a painting? A painting of Bret Hart. You know what's better than a painting of Bret Hart? A painting of Bret Hart done with my beard."

  5. As long as he can reach the canvas

  6. I think he probably has a long beard, then rolls up the bottom part into a brush-esque substance, dips it in paint, then paints with it using his hands.

  7. Since Graham is totally being a class act with both this e-mail and the beard paintings site, I just want to point out that he is an excellent stand up comedian and the co-host of the fantastic comedy podcast Stop Podcasting Yourself- You can see that at MaximumFun.Org: If nothing else, BODers should get a kick out of his weekly segment "Hulk Hogan News". Support the man!

  8. Also, some quick google fu: If you want to see the painting in action, check out this:

  9. Shawn's lookin' one way, Vince is lookin' the other way, Bret Hart says "eh, whaddya want from me?"


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