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New from Place to Be Nation

Hi Scott,
Thanks, as always, for your support of The Place to Be Podcast.  We had some cool things from the last week we wanted to share with the blog.
Our PTBN staff series "The Five Count" debuted with a look at The Most Wasted WWE Title Reigns:
We have Instant Reaction for The Best in the World ROH iPPV from last night:
We looked back and evaluated all the Kings of the Ring:
Our MMA team interviewed Stipe Miocic after his UFC 161 win:
We also have this cool GrappleTalk Rewind Podcast that is going through all the UFC events (similar to what you did years back - only in audio form):
This week we have a big retrospective lined up to coincide with the War Games DVD release on Tuesday, plus our standard podcasts and show reviews.  Thanks again for your support.