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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #48

June 11, 2003

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

We are shown a video package of Jeff Jarrett, Raven, and AJ Styles. It features older clips of them all making their cases as to why they should be the Heavyweight Championship. This did a good job of hyping tonight’s three-way match for the title.

The camera cuts to Raven and the Gathering in the parking lot. Raven tells us that will achieve his destiny tonight by becoming the NWA-TNA Heavyweight Champion. He instructs the Gathering to make sure D’Lo does not interfere in his destiny as Julio mentions that he has a match against him tonight and will break his face. D’Lo then attacks them all from behind and he drags Julio into the arena as they brawl towards the ring and start their match.

Julio Dinero w/Alexis Laree vs. D’Lo Brown

They are in the ring and D’Lo hits a back elbow smash. D’Lo takes Dinero off the top rope with a rana. Alexis interferes and Dinero kicks D’Lo to the floor. He dropkicks him off the apron as the crowd starts a “Julio” chant. D’Lo fights back and tosses Julio into the ring but Alexis trips him up and Julio hits a neckbreaker. Julio flies out with a tope and punches away. Julio puts the chair around the neck of Julio and rams him into the post as Alexis distracts the ref. With D’Lo hanging on the ropes, Julio hits a top rope leg drop, getting two. Fisherman’s suplex gets two. Inverted DDT gets two. Alexis chokes out D’Lo as Julio distracts the referee. Dream Theatre gets two. Julio misses a corner charge and both men are down. D’Lo comes back and hits a few rights. He escapes a neckbreaker and hits a jawbreaker. Alexis leaps off the top and hits a tornado DDT. Julio covers but that only gets two. Julio bounces off the ropes but D’Lo hits him with the Sky High for the win (6:38) *1/2.

Thoughts: Energetic but sloppy match, which is expected when Dinero is in the ring. The outcome was never in doubt and this all looks to set up a feud between D’Lo and Raven.

West and Tenay run down tonight’s show, which includes:

America’s Most Wanted vs. David Young & Tracy in the Asylum Alliance Finals
Sandman vs. ??? in the Hard Ten Semi-Finals
Kid Kash vs. Erik Watts & Trinity & Goldylocks
Chris Sabin defends the belt against the opponent of his choice as Paul London is in Japan this week.

A video recap of the history of Vince Russo in TNA.

Mike Tenay is in the ring with Glen Gilbertti. Tenay asks Gilbertti why Russo would hit him with a bat, costing him the title. Gilbertti says that he does not know. He then says that Russo came up with the ideas to screw Bret Hart in Montreal, put the tag belts on Judy Bagwell, and put Viagra on a pole. He then mentions how he put the WCW title on David Arquette. He then says he had to pretend for three years that it was a good idea. He says that Russo is jealous for how he took over SEX. He then says that he might have been embarrassed as the crowd starts a “Boring” chant as Gilbertti rants about Russo and his “Asshole” kids. He calls Russo a pussy who was no balls and runs him down as Russo runs in the ring with a bat and hits him a few times while shouting “fuck you, Glen.” The Harris Brothers stop him but they cant hold him back. XXX pulls Gilbertti out of the ring. After weeks of pushing Gilbertti near the top of the card, they kill him off in one segment.

Scott Hudson, making his NWA-TNA debut, conducts a backstage interview with Chris Sabin. He says that Sabin as yet to defend the belt and wants to know who he will be facing. Sabin notes how he is 21 and searched for the one man who can take him to the limit, Hudson throws out Juvy and Syxx-Pac but Sabin says it is Shark Boy. Sabin did a bad job on the mic.

New Jack and Shark Boy are playing Twister in the locker room. Jack is screaming at him that his ass stinks. Not the greatest comedy segment between the two.

X Division Championship Match
Chris Sabin (Champion) vs. Shark Boy

Sabin mocks Shark Boy before they lockup. They do a nice fast-paced sequence that ends with a hiptoss from Shark Boy. He hits a dropkick and a Russian legsweep before clotheslining Sabin to the floor. He hits a springboard reverse dropkick but Sabin whips him into the rail. Sabin charges but gets backdropped into the crowd. Sabin floats over Shark Boy and hits him with a German suplex. Back in the ring, Sabin misses a top rope splash as both men are down. Shark Boy gets two off a bulldog and hits mounted punches in the corner. Missile dropkick gets two. Tenay states that Gilbertti has been taken to the hospital as this match is dragging. Shark Boy hits a neckbreaker for two. He tries a rana from the top but Sabin catches him and turns it into a backbreaker. Sabin eats boot on a charge and Shark Boy hits the Dead Sea Drop but Sabin gets his foot on the rope before the three count. Shark Boy gets kicked by Sabin, who hits the Future Shock for the win (6:19) *. After the mask, Sabin tries to unmask Shark Boy but New Jack runs out for the save. Mike Sanders runs in and he and Sabin double team New Jack. Security runs in as the heels leave the ring.

Thoughts: This was a really dull match. These guys couldn’t work together either. Sanders and New Jack face each other in the Hard Ten Tournament so this was an excuse for them to build to that but why do it during a title match? They devalued the belt in this segment.

Hudson is with Konnan and Ron Killings. They use gangsta phrases as they promise to beat the shit out of the Harris Brothers.

Harris Brothers vs. Ron Killings & Konnan

Don overpowers Killings to start. Killings gets a drop toehold and fires away. He hits a flying forearm for two then tags Konnan. Don hits a sideslam then tags Ron, who punches away. Konnan comes back with a clothesline and a DDT then tags Killings. Don pulls Killings out of the ring and roughs him up for a bit. In the ring, Ron hits a suplex then a few corner clotheslines. Killings gets double-teamed for a bit.  He tries a comeback but runs into a big boot. Chokeslam by Ron, who then grabs a chinlock. They double-team Killings behind the ref’s back. Killings kicks Ron then tags Konnan. He runs wild then the match breaks down. In the ring, Don flapjacks Killings as the ref is outside breaking up a brawl. In the ring, BG James whacks Don with a chair and Killings covers for the win (6:52) ¾*.

Thoughts: The match was better than I expected, actually. It wasn’t good at all but not an embarrassment and Killings carried things well. BG interfering on behalf of Konnan & Killings sets up an interesting dynamic.

Tenay in a sitdown interview with Jarrett from earlier today. Jarrett calls AJ and Raven is two toughest opponents in TNA. Tenay brings up TNA being upset with Jarrett’s actions and asks him if he is being punished by this three way. Jarrett says he is being punished but he will deal with it. He asks him about Russo’s involvement in last week’s match and if he had any idea that Russo would do that. Jarrett gets angry and states he had no idea that he would interfere. Jarrett claims that they have no relation together.

Hudson is with Erik Watts, Goldylocks, and Trinity. He asks Watts about his relation with Goldy. Watts says he will not let anything happen to Goldy. Trinity talks about how rough she is when an unnamed masked man (Abyss) runs in and attacks Watts. Kash comes in afterwards and pretends to be unaware of what happened and calls the girls “Muff & Diver” before stating that they have a match.

Kid Kash vs. Goldylocks & Trinity

Trinity runs in the ring and gets stomped, causing her top to come off. Trinity gets up and ties it back but you can see her right tit. Goldy distracts Kash and Trinity fires away after tying her top. Kash hits a swinging neckbreaker then gets up in Goldy’s face, who has been yelling all match. Slingshot suplex gets two. Trinity fights back but runs into an iron claw. He throws her down and pushes Goldy down. He goes back to the claw but Goldy jumps on Kash. He gets slapped but Kash puts the claw on her but Goldy goes low. Trinity hits a springboard armdrag then runs into a boot. She cuts off Kash and counters a super powerbomb into a rana. The masked man runs out and gives Trinity a swinging sideslam and Kash cover for the win (5:01) ½*. 

Thoughts: It looks like Kash has a new protégé. The angle with Trinity is just about played out and there is no need to drag Goldylocks into this feud.

Scott Hudson is with Devon Storm, who will be the Sandman’s opponent in the Hard Ten tournament. He mentions how Sandman drinks alcohol several times before leaving.

Backstage, Bill Behrens is with D’Lo Brown and tells him that he has to leave the building. D’Lo laughs at the two security guards and says they can’t stop him.

Hard Ten Tournament Match
Devon Storm vs. Sandman

Storm attacks Sandman to start. He grabs a kendo stick but gets knocked off the apron and Sandman grabs the stick. Storm hits him back and they fight over the stick. Storm uses a monkey flip and uses the stick, going up 3-0. Sandman has the stick and goes up 4-3 as Storm is on the floor. They brawl as Sonny Siaki wheels in a shopping cart full of weapons. Storm uses some high-flying offense and ties it up with a chairshot. He sits Sandman in the chair and hits a pescado. He then throws the chair at him, going up 5-4. He rolls Sandman in the ring then grabs a ladder from the crowd. Siaki is setting up a table outside the ring as Storm goes up 6-4. He throws him into the ladder but that does not result in a point. Sandman then suplexes Storm into the ladder immediately afterwards and gets a point. What the fuck? He ties it up 6-6 then goes up top and misses a swanton bomb and lands on the ladder. Storm goes up 7-6 with a lid then grabs a chair and puts it behind Sandman’s back, hitting a Northern lights suplex. For some reason that does not get a point as this system is all fucked up. He tosses Sandman to the floor as Siaki roughs him up. Storm sets up a ladder as Sandman hits Siaki. Sandman whips them both into the guardrail then places Storm on the table and climbs the ladder, hitting a senton for the win (6:47) *. After the match, Siaki hits Sandman with a kendo stick. He then chugs a beer an spits hit in his face.

Thoughts: The best Hard Ten match, which isn’t saying much. Storm did a lot of moves not involving the weapons and when he incorporated them, he got screwed out of points. The scoring made no sense in this match at all. This tournament has been lousy.

The Interrogators with Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible. Lynn accuses Metallica of selling out after the Black Album then they insult each other, with Credible calling Lynn a whiner and Lynn accusing Credible of kissing ass to get a push. Credible gives it up for Paul Heyman as Lynn calls Heyman Credible’s “Butt Buddy” then both men start to brawl.

Hudson is backstage with Tracy. He asks her about making history and she says that the movement begins tonight. He brings up David Young, and she promises to hurt Young if they lose tonight. She insults Hudson before leaving.

Asylum Alliance Tournament Finals
America’s Most Wanted vs. Tracy & David Young

Desire is not here as she drove Gilbertti to the hospital. XXX has joined the announcers table. Daniels wishes Low Ki a speedy recovery from his injury. Young and Storm start off the match by trading chops. Storm knocks Young off the apron which sets off a series of botched moves including Tracy barely being able to go over the ropes and Storm blowing a springboard plancha. In the ring, Harris hits Young with a delayed vertical suplex then AMW double-teams Young. Tracy teases AMW then botches a spot in which AMW was supossed to catch her and toss her at Young. God, this match sucks. Skipper flies in and clotheslines Storm out of nowhere and Young takes control. Tracy tags and hits the Pie in the Sky but misses the Bronco Buster. Young shakes the ropes on Storm and tags. He hits a superplex for two. There are audio problems as Stomr dodges a charge and tags Harris. He knocks Tracy halfway across the ring and beats on Young. Harris sends Tracy into Young’s crotch with a drop toehold. Storm goes to spank Tracy but Young breaks that up. They get Yonug up for the Death Sentence as Harris brushes off Skipper and Daniels then takes them out with a plancha. Young beats on Storm but gets speared in mid-air by Harris, who covers for the win (6:40) DUD. After the match, Storm cuts a promo but I cant make it out due to audio problems. After they leave, Young and Trinity argue but Nurse Veronica runs in and hits Young with a chair from behind.

Thoughts: Terrible match. Tracy was horrendous and Storm blew a ton of spots too. At least AMW are challenging for the titles but the awful booking of this team has killed their popularity.

Hudson is with AJ Styles. He cuts a decent promo about growing up while in TNA and says that D’Lo’s influence will give him the edge in the match. He was very cocky near the end of this

West and Tenay run down next week’s One Year Anniversary show, which includes:

Mike Sanders vs. New Jack in a Hard Ten Tournament Semi-Final
Chris Sabin vs. Paul London for the X Division Championship
XXX vs. AMW for the Tag-Team Titles
Also, Sting will be here, making his TNA debut.

NWA-TNA Heavyweight Championship Match
Raven vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett (Champion)

AJ gets attacked first and tossed to the floor. Styles comes in and clothesline Jarrett as everyone trades off stuff. Styles goes back to the floor as Raven and Jarrett trade punches until AJ drags Raven to the floor. Jarrett takes Raven down with a baseball slide then AJ takes them both out with a somersault plancha. He sends Raven into the guardrail but misses a springboard move. Raven clotheslines Jarrett and rolls him back in the ring and continues his assault. Raven catapults AJ onto Jarrett but he lands on the middle turnbuckle and uses moutned punches. Jarrett breaks that up with a powerbomb but Raven breaks up the pin. Raven puts Jarrett in a STF but AJ breaks that up then hits Jarrett with the Phenomenon. Raven clotheslines AJ but Jarrett breaks up the pin. They then escape from each other’s finishers before AJ hits Raven with a chair. Jarrett and AJ team up against Raven. AJ hits a springboard rana on Raven but Jarrett breaks that up then they go back to double team until Jarrett covers and AJ breaks up that pinfall attempt. They put Raven in a single leg crab/chinlock combo as Raven is juicing from his forehead. AJ goes up top then hits Jarrett with a leg drop after Raven moved. Raven cleans house and sends both men into the chair with drop toeholds. Raven and Jarrett brawl and AJ gets taken off the apron after Raven whips Jarrett against the ropes. Raven then hits the Raven Effect on Jarrett after a series of reversals. He covers but Shane Douglas pulls him out of the ring and drags him through the crowd and into the parking lot. In the ring, AJ uses the belt then goes up top. He hits the frog splash but that only gets two. AJ hammers on Jarrett in the corner but Jarrett hits the Alabama Slam, getting two. AJ gets two off a powerbomb. Jarrett blocks a Styles Clash attempt and hits another Alabama Slam but knocks down the ref in the process. He puts AJ on the top rope but gets shoved off. AJ tries a springboard 450 splash but Jarrett gets his knees up. Russo is in the ring with a guitar. He sizes up AJ but hits Jarrett and AJ hits the Styles Clash for the win (13:59) ***1/4. After the match, Russo kisses the belt and hugs AJ. He flips off Jarrett, who is on the mat, and flips off the crowd a few times. They walk through the crowd as Jarrett asks for the mic. He asks AJ  for a rematch next week and they head back to the ring. AJ says he is the champ and will make the decisions. He says he has 30 days to give him a rematch but has to check his schedule first. Jarrett then has a counter offer and tells him to find a partner to face him and his partner, Sting. Jarrett also promises that Sting will shove his bat up Russo’ ass.

Thoughts: Good match. The debut of Shane Douglas went okay as it sets him up to feud with Raven. Russo interfering on the behalf of AJ was a bit shocking and adds an interesting dynamic but if they are having an AJ vs. Jarrett feud, it makes little sense because Jarrett seems to be turning heel.

Final Thoughts: The show was pretty bad up until the main event. AJ as the champ was a great choice but he has no one to feud with. The top face on the roster is D’Lo at this point, who he was teaming with. The Hard Ten tournament is a waste but luckily the Asylum Alliance has ended so they can go back to having an actual tag team division. Next show is the one year anniversary show.