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Payback and RAW

I just watched RAW last night and Payback the previous night, and I haven't read your rants yet. I will do so later but wanted to go on record as saying this has been the best WWE has had to offer in a long time. You're often highly critical of the product, and often justifiably, but if you didn't like the past couple of days there's just no hope for you. It's never going to get any better than this.

Yes, RAW was still an hour too long and therefore must be DVRed and not watched live. (Yes, this means a Twitter and 411mania embargo until getting caught up.) But, although you've mocked them for "telling stories" they're finally telling stories that are interesting. Even the Kaitlyn/AJ storyline is the best divas storyline I can remember since Mickie James/Trish.

I did see on a random clickover to your Blog that you did like the Mark Henry swerve. I'm interested to see what you had to say about the rest.

It's never going to get any better than this?  Is that really how low standards have gotten?