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Place to be plug

> Andrew Riche 1:57pm Jun 2
> Hey, Scott, you might remember me from your older blog on livejournal, but I just started working with Scott Criscuolo and Justin Rozzero on a site called The Place To Be Nation about pop culture, sports, wrestling, comics, music, and the whole lot. I am going to primarily do sports and some movie related articles and I did one about the night Austin wrestled Dude Love at Over the Edge, which was on the same night the Bulls played the Pacers in Game 7 of the Eastern Finals. I think you would enjoy it. They will post it either tonight or tomorrow.
> Http://

I am of course a big fan of the Place To Be podcast and I'm glad they finally have a website for it.


  1. Wow, those two things definitely were the same night. I forgot all about that. I was 14, I wanna say. My buddy ordered the PPV and we recorded it on VCR so we could watch the Bulls game. That game was easily the closest the Bulls came to losing a series in either threepeat. No one could make a fucking shot but MJ and Scottie found a way, like they always did. I think they had something like 6-7 offensive rebounds apiece.

    Oh yeah, Austin/Foley was pretty good, too.

  2. Captain HindsightJune 2, 2013 at 5:44 PM

    While we didn't bring the entire 225 episode archive over, we did spotlight all the great interviews the guys have done. You can listen right on the site - Kevin Kelly, Scott Hudson, Bruno Lauer, JJ Dillon, Eddie Edwards and many more.

  3. Jordan had 28 points, 5 offensive boards (9 all together) and 8 assists.
    Pippen had 17 points, 6 offensive rebounds (12 all together) and 3 assists.
    Kukoc had 21 points, 1 offensive rebound (4 total) and 1 assist
    By this point, Rodman was coming off the bench.

  4. 1998's Great American Bash went head-to-head with Game 6 of the NBA Finals. I ordered the ppv, but recorded it. There was no way I was missing Jordan's championship clinching shot. The 1998 Finals were good, but the 1997 Finals were better. Karl Malone showed the world what a choke artist he was. Utah vs. Chicago was such a good match-up.

  5. Thinking of different times in wrestling and then comparing that to who the hot athletes were in sports at the time always puts time into perspective for me as it relates to pro wrestling.


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