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QOTD - June 21st, 2013

Hola and hello, buckshots. Today we have another double dose. The first up is from future BoD Hall of Famer, as well as future cirrhosis of the liver survivor, Mr. Ryan Murphy.

"Two questions, really: How important is timeliness in hip hop? It seems like even the best stuff ages quickly; Watch the Throne already sounds played, and guys like TI and Wacka Flocka feel like dinosaurs. So is it just, in your opinion, not important that rap has replay value? Is it just a bonus if it does? And what are some hip hop tracks/albums that, IYO, have longevity? Illmatic, Enter the Wu Tang, the first Black Star record, and Illadelph Halflife all still feel essential to me, for example. Whatcha think?"

It's important for rap to have replay value, otherwise it would have died out like disco. However, since the year 2000 basically, all hip-hop has absolutely, completely sucked. Ever since then, rappers weren't trying to make real music. They only cared about having a chorus, or a new dance, or a catchphrase, or some bullshit like autotune. 2Pac didn't give a damn about that type of shit. He just wanted to make real music. That's why you can throw on Me Against The World, or The 7th Day Theory and no one is gonna complain. Same with License to Ill, or Est. 1999 Eternal, Straight Outta Compton, Amerikkka's Most Wanted, 187um Killa, The Chronic, The Slim Shady LP, Doggystyle. Look at Lil Wayne, arguably the biggest rapper today. Is anyone dying to crack open his old Hot Boyz bullshit? Does anybody want to listen to "Bling Bling"? Hell no. Because it's garbage. Is anyone clamoring for some Ja Rule? No, because he was a joke too. Do you think 'Pac, Biggie, Redman, or KRS-One would ever do a song like Hit Me With A Txt, or I'm In Love With A Stripper? God no. Do you think Wakaflakaflame, or Lil Wayne, or Drake could ever do a song as brilliant as 2Pac's Me And My Girlfriend? Or cut a verse as insanely crazy and brilliant as Biggie's from Notorious Thugz? Not on their life. To quote a brilliant rapper

"It was sink or swim, last time I checked/
but now these pussy-assed artists wear three life-vests/
None of it is timeless, reason & rhymeless/
Cow-tow to the dollar, easy rich being spineless/
While ya'll fabricate, I matter of fact'em/
Only decent like you'll ever kick, bitch, is a flat one/" - Caliber Winfield

2nd up is from a Mr. Southern, and he writes in:

"For the question of the day mine is simple. What's the best wrestling match and/or sporting event you have ever seen in person?

    For a wrestling match for me it's Triple H vs Cactus at the 2000 Rumble. For a sporting event it's game 2 of the 1995 Division Series playoffs between the Yankees and Mariners. The game went 15 innings, the lead changed hands several time and ended with Jim leyritz hitting the game winning home run in the rain. The game gets kind of forgotten about because the Yankees went on to lose the series and would have way bigger moments in the coming years but as a stand alone game it was UNBELIEVABLE."

I always enjoy reading answers to questions like these. For me, it's Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho from WrestleMania 19. Everyone around me was really excited, since most of them hadn't seen Shawn live, and this was during his return tour. One of the greatest WM matches of all time. As for other sporting events, well, I don't follow sports. But I did enjoy going to my little brothers Park & Req basketball games. Man, parents use to get PISSED.