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QOTD - June 24th, 2013

Today we've got a question from a Mr. Gavin Lee. He writes...

" In the UK my sports channel run sports events in 3d ie soccer, golf, 
f1 etc do you think WWE would transcend well in 3d? 
For like a special event such as mania? 
Would it pull more buys if the granddaddy if them all was in 3d?
Also would PPV's in general pull more buys if they were held on a Saturday? 
I for one would be more inclined to buy a PPV if it didn't have to go to work 
on a Monday cos PPV's finish at 4-5 am In my neck of the woods and it sorta 
loses its appeal if your not watching it live."
Honestly, I'm a sucker for some good 3D. I dig it. However, I'd be afraid if 
Vince were to try it,because he'd insist on doing gimmicky things that would 
take away from the match. If they left things alone and did standard 3D, 
then I'd be interested, and I think others too. 
As for the second part of your question, yeah, I always thought PPVs should be on 
Saturday. Especially during the Attitude Era. A good chunk of wrestling fans 
are older males, and the idea of getting together on a Saturday night, drinking, 
having a jolly time, and watching wrestling is a keen one. Also, parents are more 
likely to let their kids stay up late on a Saturday as opposed to a 
Sunday. So, why they haven't hoped on board with this is beyond me. Tradition, I suppose. 
How say you? 


  1. 100%. Just when you're out of a job and struggling like I am now, you kind of regret the extra however much it was for the 3D, you know?

  2. I still want to know what letting the pigeons loose means. I know it's in reference to Velvet throwing her ass in the camera, but what's the origin reference? I've googled that bitch and no one seems to know.

  3. Here's one for you, Caliber. Harts vs. Von Erichs Summit Series, 4 matches in Texas and 4 matches in Alberta. How do you book it? Who do you book to go over?


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