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RF Video Shoot Interview with The Outlaws

For the record, this shoot beat out the London & Kendrick one by a single vote.
Due to legal issues, they could not refer to themselves as the "New Age Outlaws"
This was filmed in 2005, with both men working for TNA at the time.

The video starts with Road Dogg joking about how they are not calling themselves the “New Age Outlaws” due to Vince owning the name. Gunn is eating a burger while Dogg is cracking jokes.

They were asked about how the team formed. They said they were stuck with shitty gimmicks (Rockabilly and The Real Double J) and talked with Russo, who put them together. They then said they got over so quickly that HHH and Shawn Michaels asked them to make them cool. Dogg rags on HHH for cutting twenty minute promos while they were background scenery.

They said they weren’t close before teaming up but thought it felt right when they started. They also said the timing was perfect as the Attitude Era was just beginning

Dogg says that Russo  did help the team, even though he didn’t always agree with his writing. They then both play up their WWE boycott angle from TNA.

Dogg then tells a road story about how he got all fucked up on somas and pisssed all over the AC and door in the hotel room. Gunn said he had to babysit him all night. Shortly after that, they were driving down the road and hit a deer as soon as Dogg lit up the joint. He threw it away and Gunn said he almost beat the shit out of him. Luckily, Flash Funk pulled up and saved the day.

They are asked about the 1997 Survivor Series. Dogg says he can’t even remember last night, let alone back then. They both think it was a work though. They recall a story of Bret and Shawn fighting in the locker room and how it looked like two girls going at each other with their hair flowing around. Billy then says how Bret did not want to drop the belt in Canada but probably would have the next night. They then both comment on how none of this is real and Billy says he would lay down for two midgets as Dogg recalls how he laid down for Zach Gowen. Dogg says how Vince likes to work the boys and says that even though he has kids, it’s just a facade and that he is gay. Dogg works the “He’s gay” comment as a joke throughout the shoot.

In a funny moment, the interviewer asks them what they thought of Bret’s comments about how they were both just mid-carders. They both never heard that before and then rag on him for a bit. Dogg then tells a story that Bret once asked him to come into first class so he could ask him why he wrote that Shawn was a better wrestler than him on the internet.

They are asked about some of the teams they worked with. They liked the Headbangers, even though Mosh was really out there. BG says he was afraid of Bradshaw because he was really stiff in the ring. BG then tells a story of how Hawk punched him the face a few times during a match and he ran to the back, where Blackjack Lanza screamed at him to go back and finish the match. They both said that Hawk was for the head shaving angle though.

When asked about winning the tag belts for the first time, Dogg said that he marked out because it was against the Road Warriors.

Dogg said that the Stone Cold character worked so well because everyone feels like kicking the bosses ass and that is what the character did so well.

They were asked if they could influence Vince. Dogg said that one time, his wife was in the hospital with a collapsed lung and he was told he had to go to TV. Dogg then states he went into the production meeting and threw his belt on the table, telling Vince to go fuck himself. Dogg said he got a little bit of clout once they started to make Vince money.

Dogg is asked about Funk calling him one of the best talkers in the business but that he did the same thing everytime. Dogg says he stuck to the same mic routine because it got over so well. Gunn talks about how Funk is one of the toughest men on the planet. He recalls Funk getting powerbombed on the dumpster during their RAW match and how he whacked it hard but did not sell it one bit in the locker room.

They are asked about the formation of D-X. Originally, HHH and Shawn said they were not over but changed their tune after a few weeks. Dogg said how they had their own entrance that got them over but thought it worked out since those guys could leech off their heat and they could get closer to Vince.

They are asked if they got along with them. Dogg said he used to ride with HHH and Chyna, who looked down on him for his drug use. Dogg then brings up how Chyna is fucked up all the time on the “Surreal Life.” They both said that HHH was always a dick as Gunn says his current mustache makes him look like a fucking idiot. He then brings up how he wanted to punch him in the face but did not want to get fired and buries HHH for not wanting to put over the other talent on the roster, because he wants to be on top by himself. The whole time Gunn was going off, Dogg kept talking about HHH’s mustache. They both liked X Pac. They said Shawn had his good and bad days then but now respect him more now as he is born again.

They are asked about the Accolytes and Gunn wonders how Bradshaw became the champ. Dogg says Bradshaw is one of the only people who have gotten worse since he started. He then mocks Cena, calling him Marky Mark and mocking the “You cant see me” hand gesture.

When asked about whether or not Bob Holly is a bully, they both said that he was not. Gunn said that he works stiff and gets pissed at younger wrestlers who do not shake hands in the locker room. Gunn says that Tough Enough is not what wrestling is about, due to all of the perks they received while training. He says that wrestling is about being married to your road partner 300 days a year. Dogg mentions how he almost quit TNA after refusing to job to one of the Tough Enough guys (It was Jonah from season one). He also recalls how he refused to job for RVD during the ECW invasion angle because he was not part of the company, and that how X Pac refused to have them job to the Dudley Boyz. This contradicts what he said earlier about doing jobs.

They loved working with Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart, stating they were great workers. Gunn says that Owen used the business for his own amusement.

They are asked about HHH again. Dogg says that he had to separated from him once when he was teaming with K-Kwik. He was all fucked up on drugs at the time and HHH wanted to have an intervention. Dogg says that HHH actually brought up the “Armstrong Curse” and that he almost lost it but X Pac intervened.

Dogg was asked about putting over Chris Jericho when he first arrived. He says that he didn’t understand why they couldn’t have used someone else and that Jericho was already over from WCW. Dogg then says how Jericho did not have great timing in the ring but likes him as a person.

Once again, they are asked about HHH. Gunn even asks why are there so many questions about HHH then calls him a cock-sucking piece of shit who stabs people in the back. He brings up how HHH buried Orton when he was getting over as the champ.

They are then asked about the D-X invasion angle against WCW. They were told that going into the building was off limits and that they would be arrested for trespassing. They would have gotten into the building and sat in the front row if they let them. Dogg brings up how he was freaked out because he had two ounces of grass in the van that they rented and there were cops everywhere. Both agreed that this is what turned around the ratings war. Dogg said that his brother, Brad Armstrong, loved the angle and that they heard through the grapevine that a good portion of WCW loved the skit.

When asked about the drug use, Dogg said that it was really bad for him because he was a redneck who became a millionaire and had no idea how to handle the fame. Gunn said he used socially but was more into the stuff that made you look good.

Both men put over the Undertaker, stating that he was the godfather of the locker room. Dogg states that he would not belittle people.

When asked about ribs that take in the ring, they both said it takes place all the time and that it keeps everyone loose.

They are asked about other tag teams. Gunn said that Edge & Christian could do more moves but that they didn’t need to take the risks all the time and that alone does not make a good match. They apparently put in good words to the office about the Hardy Boyz. Dogg says that Matt would sew some of their stuff.  

Gunn says that some of the WCW guys that came over from the buyout were subject to gentle ribs but did not carry a stigma.

Dogg is asked about teaming with K-Kwik (Ron Killings). He started when Gunn was out for over a year after shoulder surgery. He said they meshed well together but did not have the same connection that he did with Billy.

Gunn says that after Dogg was fired, they did not keep in touch. Dogg says that his life was spiraling out of control at that time and joked that he did not have his number.

Dogg says he hates Jim Ross and how he has lied to his face several times.

Gunn mentions how the tag titles today are nothing more than garnish. He claims that they were as popular as the Heavyweight Championship at one time.

When asked about Bret working on a DVD with Vince, Gunn says who cares and they joke some more about the mid-carder comment.

James is asked about the rumor that he could go back into the WWE once he cleaned up. He says he sort of heard about that but would rather people greet at Walmart than go back there. Funny how that works out.

Dogg didn’t think that TNA would last a year.  He states that Jarrett and Russo drifted apart due to Jarrett being the boss. He says that there is no one else to hold the belt but Jarrett. Gunn says that Vince has everything down to a science and that TNA doesn’t have the names or production values to compete.

They are asked about some of the talent in TNA. They put over the X Division guys but state that they need to slow down and incorporate more psychology into their matches. Gunn puts over AJ Styles and Monty Brown as good workers. Dogg says that the Dudley Boys seem to look down a bit on the rest of the TNA locker room then puts over America’s Most Wanted and the Naturals as good tag teams.

They are asked about which deaths hit them the hardest. Gunn says that Chris Candido as he just strated to turn his life around and he died in an unusual manner. Dogg says that it was Owen’s death.

They call the WWE a house divided right now.

Dogg says that the road sucked because you are away from your family.

When asked about the favorite ribs, Dogg brings up when X Pac shit in Sable’s bag and in Mark Henry’s Subway sub. He also brings up how when Arnold Schwartzenegger came to RAW, he and X Pac shit in the locker room toilets and did not flush.

They are asked if a good TV writer can write good wrestling. Gunn says fuck no and it might work but only if they are with a wrestling mind.

They are asked about Raven and they both hate him. Gunn says he only gives a shit about himself. They also say that DDP takes himself way too seriously and that he hands you a piece of paper with the match written out to you backstage.

They are asked about the business today. Dogg says that WWE sucks and that it actually deters you from watching wrestling. He also mentions the lack of star power. Gunn says that the shows do not leave you wanting more and compares it to General Hospital and how after the hour, you can’t wait for next week. He also brings up how once the WWE became a public company, everything changed.

Dogg says that after he was released from the WWE, he blew through $335,000 in six months and wound up in jail. He mentions how he is starting to get back on the right track. Gunn joked that his money went to his ex-wife. tHey also put over how they would not like to go back to the WWE schedule.

They both say that D-X would not work today but it might for a short time as a novelty act.

Dogg says that even though it might sound selfish, he believes that they might be the greatest tag team of the past ten years. He puts over the fact how they were extremely over with the crowd as that reason, saying that some of the other teams were better workers.
They joke about how this interview cost themselves a shot at the WWE Hall of Fame but dont give a shit.

Gunn says that wrestling could work as a seasonal business but Vince would never do that as he would be losing money.

They are asked about any regrets. Dogg says he took too many drugs and Gunn said that he regrets not punching HHH in the face, with prompts Road Dogg to say that he now has a second regret.

Final Thoughts: For a shoot that is just under two hours, both men say a lot. They both shit a lot on HHH, but some of that can be contributed to the fact that the interviewer kept asking HHH questions. There were also a lot of questions about Bret Hart too, which seemed out of place as these two never really worked with him. Still, both guys gave a ton of insight here and I highly recommend this shoot. They do not hold anything back and seem honest. Dogg admitted that he was high in the shoot and its pretty obvious as he was cracking jokes throughout the shoot. I find it funny how Road Dogg is now an agent with the WWE and according to the recent observer, is now more involved with the production meetings. Both guys did a follow up shoot interview a few years ago and were sober, thus not cracking jokes or burying people.   


  1. Holy bitterness.

    I'd like to see London & Kendrick next, I've never actually seen the shoots but I heard they're great.

  2. So I guess Triple H won this feud.

  3. He also brings up how once the WWE became a public company,
    everything changed.

    I've long suspected this as the real culprit to the WWE becoming a much more conservative company. According to earning statements they've been turning a consistent (even if it's low) profit, correct? With the economy the way it is why take a chance that could lead to a drop in business?

  4. Again, thanks for these reviews, a few minutes reading vs 2 hours of viewing. Interesting that some wrestlers like DDP do have their match entirely written down, was anyone else well known for doing that?

  5. They've really changed there tune now I bet since they are both working for WWE again!

  6. Randy Savage, most notably. This is probably a reason why the Savage/DDP feud was so good --- both guys probably had every possible spot planned out in every match.

  7. Also, and this is just my very uneducated assumption, but it seems that while ratings, buyrates, and attendance might be down in the US WWE has developed many more revenue streams outside of America. Or at least that's how it seems.

  8. That part about Triple H being such an A-hole that he tried to organize an intervention for James as his life spiraled out of control was kind of telling about the mindset behind this shoot.

    Also, X-Pac defecated in Mark Henry's sandwich?!?! What is wrong with these guys? I find the fecal compulsions in these 'ribs' really unsettling. I would love to see Waltman try that with Hall of Pain Henry.

  9. We're they serious when they said they thought Montreal was a work? Loved how BG freaked out about having 2 ounces on him during the WCW thing.

  10. On the list of awful, terrible things Triple H has done arranging an intervention has to be pretty low.

  11. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryJune 27, 2013 at 1:14 PM

    Waltman took a shit in Henry's sub? Damn, that's some balls right there. Also very gross.

  12. Bitterness AND delusion.

  13. Yeah, there are a number of "ribs" that cross the line into various criminal spheres. If it's not defecation, it's borderline sexual assault.

  14. "And those are the ways, James, that your drug use has affected me, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Now, here's Sean to tell you all the ways that your drug use has affected Hunter Hearst Helmsley."

  15. Yeah, I watched bits of this shoot just as I was breaking into smarkdom and I kinda figured out most of the Triple H hate was bullshit/jealousy.

  16. I hope this shoot runs 24/7 backstage at WWE live events.

  17. WCW proved that. You can't have suits in charge of a creative entity because it doesn't work. Suits can invest in these entities, but when they make creative decisions, shit goes downhill - see the Black Scorpion, International Objects, etc.

  18. Well, the creative decisions are still made by Vince. Vince just has shareholders to answer to now.

  19. Would you guys be interested in any YouShoot of KC Timeline reviews?

  20. What the fuck is up with those guys and shitting in someone's food? They shit in Sunny's food too. Who knew they were scat fetishists.

    And you're right, it is ballsy to rib Mark Henry. He's up there with guys like Ron Simmons and Scott Steiner as guys I wouldn't fuck with.

  21. I didn't downvote you b/c I agree that Trips organizing an intervention is a good thing (DDP smile) but trying to bring up the Armstrong Curse while trying to get the guy off of drugs is pretty dumb.

  22. Yeah, if he actually mentioned the Armstrong Curse to him, than he really is an asshole. Saying that is insulting, which makes for an awful move when trying to tell someone that they need help.

  23. Nash said the same thing. I think the Kliq knows something we don't.....

  24. Is the Armstrong Curse even a real thing? I thought it was just some weird gimmick for Brad. Its not like they're the Von Erichs or anything.

  25. Yeah.

    Anybody who gets pissed about being called a jobber...when they were a jobber.

  26. Yes. I've never seen any of the "timeline" videos outside the promos but they look good.

  27. I like these reviews.
    I absolutely hate watching people talk about stuff, but I'll read a transcript any time.

  28. If it was, Vince would have taken credit by now because it was genius.

  29. If it was a work, it was a great one. Everybody got what they wanted and heat was distributed to the right people.

  30. The Ghost of Faffner HallJune 27, 2013 at 8:19 PM

    Jim Cornette's WWF 1997 Timeline is a must-see.

  31. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryJune 27, 2013 at 9:05 PM

    It's one thing to fuck with someone, it's another to shit in their food. That should be grounds for justifiable homicide.

  32. Also, I'm not sure any dude with white-boy dreads is qualified to make fun of another man's

  33. They even referenced it on TV once...sort of.

    Remember when DX dressed up as the Nation? X-Pac said something like, "Hey hey hey Rock! I don't know what you're cooking...smells like SHIT to me...but I think I'll eat it anyway!"

  34. Do soma's make you want to shit in people's food or something?

  35. It's very odd reading this shoot (and remembering some other stuff I've heard them say since leaving WWE), then hearing about them returning to WWE programming and having jobs again. I guess HHH isn't bitter.

  36. They are both high as fuck in this interview.

    You should do the new shoot from these 2 that came out last year or year before last

  37. "Dogg says how Vince likes to work the boys and says that even though he has kids, it’s just a facade and that he is gay"

    Was this just Dogg being high or did he say it seriously?

  38. Yep. Also the reason for TV-PG. Not gonna risk the bad pr to shareholders with chicks flashing boobs, middle fingers, and piledriving women.


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