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RIP Jackie Fargo

Jerry Lawler is gonna be bummed tonight.  


  1. Thoughts go out to the Faggart family and all Faggarts everywhere for the untimely loss of their beloved Henry Faggart. Say what you will, but he was one hell of a Faggart.


  2. The Love-Matic Grampa!June 24, 2013 at 8:44 PM

    I felt bad when I read the headline, then I read this and laughed. Then I felt bad again.


  3. RIP.

    Before my time, but it was through him that a great money drawing tag team was born and subsequently (albeit indirectly) a continuation of another great tag team was brought forth.

    So Imma do a strut Famous Fabulous Fargo strut in his name.

  4. RIP to the inventor of the Memphis backpedal.

  5. I was surprised that Vince let Lawler say a few words about him (even though it was in the middle of a match)

  6. Jackie Fargo was before my time (and outside my territory), but I'll always remember this: the Memphis promotion (such as it was) in 1999 had its TV show broadcast in Dallas where I live. They were heavily promoting a Lawler vs. Fargo match of some sort, and in a promo Fargo laughed at the camera and said something like, "Lawler, you couldn't scare my dog, you butthole."

    That cracked me the hell up. RIP.

  7. I was just watching his match against Jerry Lawler on sunday night! Rest In Piece, Jacky.


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