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Steve Blackman, MMA trainer...wait, what?

I mean, I know he seemed like a legit badass, but I'm surprised I didn't know about this until it was linked on Cage Potato...what about you?

I had heard it mentioned a few times, yeah.  And everyone who worked with him swears by him as one of the toughest guys alive, so there's probably something there.  I can only hope his guys have to fight in that wacky round cage from 1998 or maybe the IRON CIRCLE like he had against Ken Shamrock.  

Wait, this warrants a YouTubing:

Yes, that happened.  


  1. Eddy and Cena had a similar match in 2003, which was pretty good. This one wasn't though, but there's been far worse stipulations than this one.

  2. Your_Favourite_AssholeJune 14, 2013 at 6:54 PM

    if you look closely youll see angle as one of the dude pounding cars in the circle

  3. If I may channel Mick Foley for a moment:

    "Steve Blackman has a gym - RIGHT HERE - in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania!"

  4. I donno, I still think this match is pretty awesome.

  5. No :: Thumbs Up Cheap Pop ::?


  6. I used to know a girl who was friends with him and she said he was a legit badass.

  7. AverageJoeEverymanJune 15, 2013 at 10:10 PM

    I noticed that a couple years ago and thought it was interesting.


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