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The WWE Video Vault

Truly, this would be my dream job.  Really, anything associated with it.  


  1. Me too, for me that was the only way to check out some old wrestling in the days before YouTube, torrent sites and Classics On Demand. I had a friend in Arizona who I regularly swapped tapes with until 2003. He would give me tapes of WCW Worldwide/Power Hour/Main Event/Pro. In exchange, I would record UPW [generally okay], XPW [20 levels of atrocious] and NWA Wildside [shockingly quite good] off of the America One network [Does anyone remember that channel? Surprisingly, it still exists to this day, although I don't think they show any wrestling anymore]. It was quite fun putting those tapes together since I had 2 TVs just inches apart from each other, I would record the shows every Saturday with 1 TV while watching Relic Hunter and Mutant X on the other TV.

  2. Need to check that master tape(s) from October of '91 - Dayton, Ohio - I want to know if the first ever Flair-Hogan match was captured. I don't care if it's a camera way up in the corner of the Nutter Center.


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