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WWF Maple Leaf Wrestling: November 3rd, 1984

November 3, 1984

Your hosts are Angelo Mosca and Jack Reynolds

This week’s show features David Schultz, Sgt. Slaughter, Big John Studd, Brutus Beefcake, Kamala, Piper’s Pit with Tito Santana, and the SD Jones vs. Greg Valentine Intercontinental Title Match from the 10/21/84 Maple Leaf Garden show. The U.S. version of this show aired the Tonga Kid vs. Roddy Piper match from last week’s Championship Wrestling.

Tony Garea vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Garea starts off by beating Schultz in the corner. He hits a dropkick then gets two off a crossbody as Schultz bails. The crowd is quiet, except for a few kids chanting “Weasel.” Back in the ring, Schultz tries to avoid Garea but he gets manhandled. No one cares about any of this by the way. Garea hits an atomic drop but misses a crossbody and Schultz drops an elbow for the win (3:04). After the match, Garea, the sore loser that he is, chases away Schultz and Heenan.

Thoughts: The crowd was dead for this. Garea, quite possibly the worst babyface wrestler of the entire 1980’s, couldn’t even get cheered against Schultz. That says a lot right there. Plus, watching Garea destroy Schlutz then lose to an elbow drop after missing a move is an awful.

WWF Update with Billy Red Lyons. The subject is the Tonga Kid as we get a highlight package set to the song “Some Guys Have all the Luck” by Rod Stewart. It only took a month but Tonga is over like crazy

Goldie Rogers vs. Sgt. Slaughter

A “USA” chant breaks out in Canada, of all places. Sarge takes Rogers down with an armdrag as Mosca notes that he would pick Slaughter as a bodyguard because he would feel safe with him. Rogers rakes the eyes and hammers away but misses a corner charge and gets killed with the Slaughter Cannon. Sarge puts him in the Cobra Clutch for the win (2:24).

Thoughts: Slaughter is over and can do no wrong at this point. Sadly, he would be gone from the company in a month.

Billy Red Lyons interviews Angelo Mosca, who will be facing the Iron Sheik on the November 5th show in Vancouver. He tells the Sheik to look into his eyes and brings up an incident that took place a few years ago in Vancouver and he has made amends for that. I guess this was when Mosca was wrestling as a heel in the 1970’s? Anyway, Mosca sounded much less moronic here than he did on commentary.  

Nick DeCarlo vs. Kamala w/Friday and Luscious Johnny Valiant

Reynolds informs us that Blassie is on a “special assignment” and has blessed Valiant, whose shirt reads “I Love Johnny,” to make him a consultant. Kamala hits some chops as some fan repeatedly calls Valiant an asshole. Valiant yells at Mosca and Kamala finishes DeCarlo off with a pair of splashes (1:32). After the match, Kamala attacks DeCarlo and has to be ordered out of the ring by Friday.

Thoughts: Kamala was also on his way out. Apparently, he hated the travel schedule and left after wrapping up a series of house shows with Andre the Giant.

Billy Red Lyons is with Tony Garea. Lyons actually refers to Garea, who was 48 years old, as a young man. Garea says he is ready to face Bad News Allen on November 5th in Vancouver. Garea is terrible at just about everything he does and interviews are no exception.

Richard Cummings vs. Big John Studd w/Bobby Heenan

Cummings is a big fat guy who was wearing a flannel and a winter hat with a ball on top. A few “Andre” chants break out. Cummings fails to slam Studd and gets knocked down. Studd drops an elbow and pulls him up at the two count. He puts him in an armbar as Mosca says he will admit that Studd is a big man. And you think the commentary today is horrible. Heenan yells at the fans about the weasel chants as Studd hits a clothesline then drops the elbow for the win (2:25).

Thoughts: This match really sucked but the fans were all over Studd and Heenan, who were developing into a top heel act. Heenan really helped the minimally talented Studd.  

Piper’s Pit with Tito Santana. Piper harasses Santana for hurting his leg and losing the IC title. Santana tells Piper that he’s never been a champion and states that he 100% right now and will face anyone. Piper orders Santana to stand up. Tito gets up and throws the crutches at Piper, stating that he is doesn’t need them. Piper ends by ranting about how he never needed to stand on anything. Great job putting over Tito as a face and starting his chase for the title against Valentine.

Rick McGraw vs. Brutus Beefcake w/Luscious Johnny Valiant

Beefcake attacks McGraw before the bell. He grabs a front facelock as the crowd remains silent. McGraw fights back and hits a dropkick. He gets two off a backslide but runs into the flying knee and Beefcake gets the win (1:56).

Thoughts: Another weak match. Brutus is still flopping in his role. The crowds don’t care at all.

Intercontinental Championship Match
SD Jones vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (Champion)

This match took place at Maple Leaf Gardens on October 21st. The fact that SD Jones was fighting for the IC Title speaks volumes about the lack of quality babyfaces on the roster at this time. SD dodges an elbow smash and works the arm. Valentine gets out and kicks SD down. He works on the leg for a while until SD breaks free. Valentine then chokes him out with his foot and goes right back to work on the leg. He tries the figure-four but SD escapes. SD knocks Valentine out of the ring with a headbutt then beats him up on the outside. He rolls Valentine back in the ring but gets stopped on the apron and Valentine brings him back inside with a back suplex then covers for the win. This match was edited to about five minutes.

Thoughts: SD was status quo and Valentine was still very good. Really not much more to say other than SD was a sad choice as a challenger.

Billy Red Lyons is with Bobby Heenan, who he states is substituting for Freddie Blassie. Heenan brings out Kamala and Friday and promises that he will beat Andre the Giant in Vancouver.

Mosca and Reynolds plug next week’s show that includes the Junkyard Dog, Kamala, David Sammartino, David Schultz, Tonga Kid, and the featured match Big John Studd & Nikolai Volkoff vs. SD Jones and Samoan #3, which was the other name for Samula.

Final Thoughts: Not much of a show. The matches were poor and the crowd was cold. Piper’s Pit was easily the highlight of an otherwise dull hour of wrestling.


  1. After watching all of these, where do you think Slaughter would have fit in had he stayed until Wrestlemania?

  2. Good question.
    At the time of his depature, he was teaming with JYD, going up against Sheik and Volkoff. I think he and JYD could have taken the belts from Adonis and Murdoch and maybe defend the belts against Sheik & Volkoff. The feud was still over like crazy with the crowds so it could have lasted to Mania. Also, I think they would have wanted him to feud with evil foreigners at this time and these were the only two viable options. I cant think of a singles match for him that didnt involve those two guys either.
    A ton of guys left before mania like David Schultz, Tonga Kid, Tony Atlas, and Kamala that could have been a part of WM. I'm almost certain that the Tonga Kid and Kamala would have been there.

  3. That would have been nice and would have probably taken David Sammartino off the card

  4. Kamala is one of the most notable 'was around WWE for years but never appeared on a Wrestlemania' guys.

  5. Technically "Dr. D" David Schultz didn't leave. He was dismissed thanks to the 20/20 incident.

  6. I knew he was fired, but actually it was for attempting to attack Mr. T


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