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Your dream job

Awesome that the job actually exists.  Although 38 is probably a little old to go uprooting my life and taking on an internship position in another country.  So time for the backup plan:  Winning the lottery.


  1. "This job has either been filled or is no longer available."

    Damn. I live in Southern CT and had the resume ready to go.

  2. Scott, I love you but all of this negative self-excuses BS is lame-o.
    "I don't wanna go to the states"
    "I'm too old"
    blah blah blah

    Job is filled/no longer available but seriously - don't tell me you go to bed at night repeating these excuses to yourself!! Garbag-o.

  3. Hey Scott, I did want to say in case it came across like I was dogging on you and calling you a pathetic shell of a man, I def. didn't mean to at all. Just didn't want you talking yourself out of good stuff. No offense meant.


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