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BoD Daily Update

Sheamus Suffers Inflamed Thigh Injury at MiTB

He posted the pic on his twitter account. It looks nasty

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett Match Cut From RAW

According to Dave Meltzer on this morning's "Wrestling Observer Live," their match was scheduled for thirteen minutes but got cut at the last second and time was added to the Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam as a result

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Live Radio

RoH Letting Fans Pick the Fifteenth Entrant of the Their Title Tournament

The choices are:

Tadarius Thomas
Cedrick Alexander
Capric Coleman
QT Marshall

Mark Briscoe Named the 16th and Final Competitor in the RoH Title Tournament


  1. i know guys who would kill for a quad like that

  2. Probably the right move. I enjoyed that main and it gave RVD a good work out and opportunity to start shaking out those cobwebs.

    He looked a little blown but it's not surprising. But he has definitely lost weight, and you just feel the effort's there. Was still a good match, I thought. Spots mixed in nicely with a well fought match from the two.

    I was such a Barrett fan when they hyped his big comeback. I knew in the first instance they'd blown it completely by simply looking exactly the same, wrestling the same, and squashing Tatsu. Just such a load of nothing.

    I worry for Barrett, I really do.

  3. Also, in a seperate point, i'm shocked Sheamus didn't fuck his collarbone up on that bump to the outside through the ladder.

    Did he do the injury on that bump, or the one where RVD was clearly missing his cue and quickly shoved the ladder over and hurt Sheamus?

  4. Bold move to not feature Bryan at all on a night when they needed the fans to clearly support him above all of the other superstars. Maybe it worked out in a way though since they made the people demand him by withholding him. Would have been kind of cool seeing Bryan get a dominate win over Barrett--not like that means much these days--but RVD/Jericho was pretty great so everything worked out.

  5. Not having Bryan wrestle was the best idea. Yeah the crowd was going to pick him either way but if they had given him a long match during the 10-11 hour the crowd would have already chanted YES and would be semi burned out.

    The crowd shot they got of the crowd going crazy and YES-ing in unison with Bryan was exactly what they wanted and the crowd seemed to enjoy the Jericho/RVD match with the extra time. Best for all parties involved.

    Unrelated point but I think people really underappreciate Sheamus. Yeah his character is essentially the worst character on WWE TV but the guy works hard. When's the last time a guy his size worked that hard? Big guys who can work the technical matches, garbage matches, brawls are pretty rare.

    If they would just quit insulting my intelligence with this 1800 FELLA thing and let him turn back into an asskicking heel, I'd be perfectly content to watch him and any other main event guy just stiff the hell out of each other for 12 minutes every week for the next few years.

  6. I was about to say the same thing about Bryan. Not having him all night worked out even better. He would have been the choice anyway but the looooooong wait without him showing up stirred the crowd into a frenzy the second he showed his face.

    And I agree on Sheamus. I've been really frustrated with his character, which has pretty much been Cena Jr., but I think he's very underrated in the ring. He's obviously not a Bryan/Punk type, but he's a very solid wrestler, he's built up multiple legit and over finishers (I always like when guys have multiple finishers, you can tease crazy near falls with stuff like Undertaker's chokeslam or Last Ride and still have the Tombstone to fall back on), and he hasn't even been in WWE all that long compared to a lot of the other top guys.

  7. Totally agree about Sheamus. He is so good in the ring, but his character is just awful. He needs a heel turn WAY more than Orton, who plays a good face in the ring.

    Also, I'm totally fine with them cutting matches to give more time to others on Raw. The length was one of the things that made RVD-Jericho feel special (in addition to how stiff and non-WWE it was).

  8. Wade's one of my favorites, primarily because I know how good he can be on the mic when he's not reciting horribly written stale dialogue. He's also capable of having good matches, which he does on occasion. They simply give him nothing to work with.

    RVD-Jericho, despite some awkward spots, was wonderful. A breath of fresh air. I'm OK with a mistake here or there if the match feels more organic than the typical overly rehearsed WWE bout (which I like as well). That felt like a fight, where both guys were trying to inflict maximum damage.

  9. Those look like fat, old lady legs.

  10. Someone hacked Mae Young's Twitter account.

  11. Yeah I'd say this proves that the Jay Briscoe thing was planned out and not just ROH being horribly un-prepared. I'll be shocked if the Final Battle main event is not Jay vs. whomever wins the tourney.

  12. So...what do Cena and Bryan do for the next month heading into Summerslam?

    Contract signing?
    Pushup contest?
    Battle raps?

  13. Same philosophy goes for promos.

  14. Kevin Nash?

  15. Debate on the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case

  16. They compete in a Beard Off. Nikki is revealed as John's.

  17. I've very scared that they're seriously considering running Mark vs. Jay at their biggest show of the year.

  18. BTW, Wrestling Observer Live is the show on Sundays that airs on Sirius through Sports Byline. The ones strictly on the web site are just "Wrestling Observer Radio."

  19. I agree that this was the right move. They're not going to get anything better from Van Dam than they are right now, so they need to strike while the iron's hot with him, before he inevitably starts half-assing his matches again.

    I really don't understand what this company's doing with Barrett anymore. How has he fallen below Michael McGillicutty in the pecking order?

  20. isn't that a problem with the majority of the roster?

    talented guys that are being used in a horrible way by the promotion?


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