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BoD Daily Update Ranks the Top Ten SummerSlam PPV's of All-Time

Several WWE Stars Going Shark Diving in South Africa Today

Although not very informative, the photo is noticeable as Randy Orton is seen looking away from everyone else.

Article on the Hypocrisy of the WWE "Be a Star" Campaign.

This is from some guy named Adam Johnson that was posted on F4W online.


  1. Slow news day.

  2. Your_Favourite_AssholeJuly 30, 2013 at 12:43 PM

    'Several WWE Stars Going Shard Diving in South Africa Today'

    hey, i found some... ow!!!!

  3. Your_Favourite_AssholeJuly 30, 2013 at 12:46 PM

    ss 98 > ss92

    or theyre damn close

  4. Thanks for catching that. Just fixed it

  5. Yeah, with the WWE touring overseas, there isn't much being reported right now.

  6. Ah, SummerSlam 92. You would need the jaws of life to extract me from Sherri Martel.

  7. 2002 and 1992 Summerslams were the best.

  8. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryJuly 30, 2013 at 1:06 PM

    Good to see the correct choice for #1 SS. I'd put 2011 a little higher; both main events were over **** and the rest of the card was entertaining. Even the Kelly Kelly match didn't suck!

  9. I'm surprised there hasn't been any news about the greatest wrestler from the Rock N' Wrestling era buying a popular sub sandwich chain. I for one cannot wait to dine at Hillbilly Jimmy John's. Just don't go messing with my Country Club.

  10. Have to say I'd have put 1 & 2 the other way round, but it's pretty close.

    92 has the epic setting and my all time favourite match
    02 has amazing match quality up and down the card

    Everything else is an also ran compared to those two though

  11. 1991 is the best. Probably the greatest "feel good" PPV of all time (even though the Coliseum Video cut ends VERY darkly.)

  12. UPDATE: One of the superstars already posted a photo from their dive--

  13. The Summerslam list got off to a bad start when they put 1994 in the top ten.

  14. 1) 1992
    2) 2002
    3) 1991
    4) 1998
    5) 2000
    6) 1989
    7) 2011
    8) 2009
    9) 2003
    10) 1988 (the Original)

  15. Just wanted to say thanks for the link to my article on F4W. I really appreciate it.

    Just some guy.

  16. No problem.

    In hope you are not offended by that, as it was not my intention. I just never read anything from you before.

    I though the piece was well written. Good job

  17. Not offended at all, I am just some guy. I normally write for but it was well received so I forwarded the column to Meltzer and it took off. If anyone wants to provide feedback they can @arjohnson101 on twitter or Thanks again Brian.

  18. Don't have any disagreements from the top of the list. 1994 was actually pretty decent with Razor-Diesel and the Harts rematch. Worst main event in SS history though.


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