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Did some research into Mark Van Hammer


Marty Jannetty vs Kevin Kelly, 1 of 2

Look at Mr. Magnificent Kevin Kelly in the link at the top pause at 6 seconds  

Pause Mark Van Halen at the link below at three seconds or so.

Mark Van Halen Gym Weights Routine 80s Wrestler

I think it's Nailz when he was very young

And it could also explains Vince dubbing Nailz voice to make it sound more ominous

Here he is before his main event push weighing a little less -  He looks shorter here barely taller than his partner.

Jimmy Garvin and Steve Regal vs Kevin Kelly and Paul Brown

Listen to his voice here:
Nailz Interview


Intriguing, but I think the ages and times are off.   Plus I don't think Kevin Wacholz worked as anything but Kevin Kelly pre-WWF.  


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  3. They have been discussing this on the Kayfabe Memories board for a while now. Nobody knows. Kevin Kelly seems like the popular choice.

    I don't think it's him. There is footage of Kevin from 84, only a year after that Southwest video and he looks nothing like Van Halen.

    It must be some guy who changed his mind about getting into wrestling.

  4. Looks like my girlfriend's brother Eric.

  5. Mark Van Halen was played by Steve Strong. It was a short run gimmick for him in Southwest. He went on to a decent mid-card run for a couple of years in Puerto Rico in the late 80s. He also played in Grunt: The Wrestling Movie.

  6. You may be right but you are also mixed up about Steve. There were two Steve Strongs - the one you are referring to never went to Puerto Rico and may have been in Hawaii when this was filmed. I am attempting to contact him to solve this mystery

  7. The mystery continues


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