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Hennig in Southern States Wrestling

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Curt Hennig in Southern States Wrestling

Fast forward to 3:25 if you just want to get to the setup, or to 4:17
if you just need your Hennig fix.

Poor Curt must have been REALLY hard up for cash at the time...


The end was definitely near.  Nice belt, though.


  1. He's rocking an Avocado button up, straight out of a Subway commercial..

  2. Huh, Kingsport. Fun Fest. That's going on right now, and I saw some SSW when I was a teenager. Never knew Perfect showed up there.


    Hennig vs. Lawler. WOW they had some fucking chemistry.

  4. So research tells me that was probably shot in the year 2001.. Jesus.. would it have killed them to have more than one camera angle and some frigging lighting?? Those microphones were straight out of the 1979 Radio Shack catalog too. What kind of bush league organization was that?

  5. Beau James is the biggest mark in wrestling!


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