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Non "Big Two" Wrestling

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From: Wes A.

Hi Scott,
Long time reader, first time e-mailer. I'm a lapsed WWE fan and over the past few years have turned to other promotions to fill the void for quality wrestling. Over the past year I've been getting my fix through PWG and older Dragon Gate USA DVDs. I know you've watched a few old Ring of Honor shows in the past, but have you ever watched some of the other smaller promotions like PWG, Dragon GateUSA/EVOLVE, Chikara, etc? If so, what have been your thoughts on them? Thanks!


Nah, New Japan is about the extent of my non-major promotional excursions these days.  I still have piles of old ROH DVDs that Gabe used to send me regularly before I ran out of free time and I might get around to those some decade.  I hear that Nigel guy is pretty good.  


  1. 2005-2009 Ring of Honor is where its at for me.

    I have recently got really into PWG, with their April show getting me hooked

  2. Hey don't complain to me, I woulda bought them off of you for a tidy profit. If I ever get the reader's choice (fat chance since I don't get to see the page counter on my phone. I was probably the 11m and didn't know it) I'm pickin an ROH dvd from the glory days.

  3. 2005/2006 in particular is ROH's best. It's when they were able to finally merge the great wrestling with great storylines. 2005 ROH has a ridiculously deep roster and 2006 ROH is definitely the company's creative peak. It's kinda similar to ECW 10 years before that where many would argue that 95 ECW had its deepest roster and 96 ECW was their creative peak.

  4. Yep. 2005 ROH is like an All-Star team of current stars: CM Punk, Danielson, Samoa Joe, Daniels....

  5. And guys emerging like Shelley, Aries, Rod Strong. They even brought in Matt Hardy for a few shows back when the interwebs loved him. And James Gibson (Noble) had a great run. Good times. Loved those shows.

  6. Yeah I forgot about Aries. Pretty much the best things about TNA/WWE right now came out of ROH.

  7. 06 ROH with the CZW fued, fucking rocked.

    Let's not forget about Jimmy Rave in 05-06. Maybe the most over and hated heel in wrestling

  8. Never was a fan, but damn kid had nuclear heat. Also loved that the fans gave him the streamer treatment with toilet paper.


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