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NXT - July 10, 2013

Date: July 10, 2013
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Brad Maddox, Tom Phillips

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

Last week's show ended with the start of a very interesting four way feud over the NXT Title with champion Bo Dallas seeing challenges from Antonio Cesaro, Leo Kruger and Sami Zayn. This could make for some very exciting television but odds are that story will be saved for a later date. Tonight the focus is likely on the Wyatt Family vs. Graves/Neville which should be entertaining in its own right. Let's get to it.

Theme song opens us up.

NXT Women's Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Emma vs. Summer Rae

The winner gets Paige for the title in two weeks. Rae gets a quick two off a face plant and a snap suplex gets the same. The fans are WAY behind Emma here as Rae wrenches back on her arm with her feet in Emma's face. Emma comes back with some rollups but gets caught in a chinlock. Back up and Summer misses a charge in the corner, giving Emma a two count via a sunset flip. A running cross body to a seated Summer gets two but Rae comes back with a sunset flip, only to have Emma roll forward into a cradle for the pin at 4:26.

Rating: C-. There wasn't a lot of action in this but the ending picked up a lot. Emma's popularity continues to rise which goes to show you how goofy gimmicks can still get over. It's also a pleasant surprise to not get the seemingly obvious matchup of Paige vs. Summer for the title.

Summer beats Emma down post match but Paige makes the save.

Bayley is in the back with Dusty Rhodes. He wants to know why she hugged Alicia Fox after losing to her in the tournament. Bayley gets very excited and nervous because Ric Flair and his daughter walk in. Flair's daughter is debuting next week and Bayley volunteers to ber her first opponent. Bayley gets one WOO for the road.

Leo Kruger vs. Sami Zayn

Feeling out process to start with Kruger bailing to the ropes. Zayn armdrags out of a wristlock and the fans chant Ole. Maddox: “But he's from Montreal.” Some more armdrags put Leo down and Zayn rains down punches in the corner, only to be caught in an atomic drop. Sami comes back with a forearm to send Leo to the floor but his dive is blocked by a shot to the head as we take a break.

Back with Kruger pounding Sami down in the corner before getting two off a snap suplex. Leo works the arm with a hammerlock and knee drops followed by a spinebuster for two. Zayn comes back with some dropkicks for two and a high cross body gets the same. Sami charges into a knee in the corner and Kruger sends him shoulder first into the post. A Fujiwara Armbar has Zayn in deep trouble but he gets his feet in the ropes. Zayn comes back again with a blue thunder bomb for two but gets caught going up. A superplex sets up a DDT on the arm followed by the GC3 for the submission from Zayn at 10:42 shown of 14:12.

Rating: B. This was good old fashioned back and forth action and it still works well. There's something so sweet about a basic good vs. evil dynamic and it's very difficult to screw it up. Both of these guys have talent and will wind up on the main roster someday soon. Nice match here and the fans love Zayn.

Neville, Graves and Regal are ready for their six man later tonight against the Wyatts. Regal takes the time to hit on Renee Young and says he's been fighting from the day he was born and broke the doctor's fingers for slapping him. If the Wyatt Family knows what's good for them, they'll take their beating and stay down. It's Graves/Neville vs. the Family for the titles next week.

Mason Ryan vs. Colin Cassady/Enzo Amore

Enzo runs his mouth about how Ryan has a problem with this handicap match. “See, 1+1=3.14. Time to eat your pie.” No tags are required here but Ryan throws them around anyway. Cassady finally gets in a boot to the face to slow Mason down but he picks Colin up anyway, only to be chop blocked by Enzo, giving Cassady the pin at 1:35. So they're doing the Rhodes Scholars vs. Sheamus feud but with less talented people?

Dusty says next week it's Kruger vs. Zayn vs. Cesaro for the #1 contendership.

Corey Graves/William Regal/Adrian Neville vs. Wyatt Family

Bray wants to know why Graves and Neville keep fighting because he's the wolf raised by lambs and time belongs to him. All three Family members are a combined weight of 581lbs? I want to see the NXT scales. Neville starts by dropkicking Rowan and driving him into the corner for the tag off to Regal. William pounds away before it's off to Graves who is taken down by a back elbow. Tag off to Harper but Graves scores a quick dropkick and hooks a figure four neck lock over the ropes.

Regal comes in to get some cheap shots behind the referee's back before distracting the referee so Neville can do the same. Nice touch. We take a break and come back with Neville backflipping over Harper in the corner and dropkicking the knee out for two. Wyatt comes in to run over Adrian and stand on his chest to keep him down. Back to Harper who slams Adrian down by the hair and brings Rowan back in for a hard slam. A pumphandle backbreaker gets two and Erick stands on Adrian's head for a bit.

Back to Bray who misses the corner splash but counters a crucifix into a Samoan drop for two. Luke comes back in to slam Adrian down again before putting on a chinlock. Neville knees his way out of a vertical suplex and dives over to tag Regal. William cleans house and hits the Knee Trembler on Harper but Rowan makes the save. Graves sends Erick to the floor and Neville dives on both guys. Harper takes Regal down and Bray comes in for Sister Abigail to knock Regal out for the pin at 10:50 shown of 13:40.

Rating: B-. This was the six man formula played to the letter and it worked perfectly. Regal coming in there works very well as he's respected enough that a win over him means something so everybody looks great. It also keeps the challengers looking strong before their upcoming title shot.

Overall Rating: A-. This is one of the best shows I can remember in a very long time. In an hour we had a decent Divas match, a title match set up, a very good singles match, an amusing heel promo from one of the best heel characters I can remember in a long time (sidebar: I mean Amore. The guy is so universally unlikeable that he's perfect as a heel), and a very good six man tag. For an hour long show, that's remarkable. Great show here and NXT's best in awhile.

Emma b. Summer Rae – Cradle
Leo Kruger b. Sami Zayn – GC3
Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady b. Mason Ryan – Chop Block to Ryan
Wyatt Family b. William Regal/Corey Graves/Adrian Neville – Sister Abigail to Regal

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  1. “See, 1+1=3.14. Time to eat your pie.”

    I'm not sure whether to laugh or groan at this. I'm leaning towards laughter.

  2. Anybody know what happened to Ohno? Don't kayfabe me.

  3. Okay, forgive me for asking, but when/where are these shows broadcast? Is this an internet-exclusive thing or is this on TV somewhere?

  4. kbwrestlingreviewsJuly 11, 2013 at 3:48 PM

    They're not on TV in America. You can find them online on sites like

  5. Apparently it will be on "regular" TV again by the Fall. But for right now it's only on Hulu Plus.

  6. Watch the linking to streaming sites...might have to delete that one.

  7. Haven't heard anything. Maybe he's legitimately injured?

  8. Flair's daughter? As in the same one that was in the crowd during his TLC match and the same one that beat the shit out of him?

  9. kbwrestlingreviewsJuly 11, 2013 at 6:34 PM

    Taken care of.

  10. kbwrestlingreviewsJuly 11, 2013 at 6:39 PM

    One in the same.

  11. Broken arm, HHH style and doctors say he'll never walk again, yet sources say he's returning to in-ring action soon....

  12. I just got back from the tapings tonight, and I think I saw a MOTY candidate. Don't wanna spoil it, but was by far the best match i have ever seen in person.

  13. Oh and about Enzo, he is pretty funny on the mic, I wonder how an Enzo / Santino feud would go. Might be hilariously awesome.

  14. Enzo is great! I hope he makes it to the main roster, he'd be an awesome manager.

  15. Broken arm? Never WALK again? I'm confused...

  16. Yea awesome manager who can bump, and who knows, maybe he's good in the ring, never seen him wrestle yet :P

  17. Also did anyone ever figure out what happened to Garrett Dylan?

  18. Thanks chief. Our damned corporate overlords, you know how it is.

    I can't really figure out why WWE doesn't have this on their website anymore or at least YouTube.

  19. Can you say who was involved or would that dick up some storyline stuff?

  20. Yea it's not really a spoiler since it's a storyline thats been going on for two months now. Cesaro vs Zayn 2 out of 3 falls match.

  21. Probably because of the deal with Hulu. Since it's only available on the premium Hulu services.

  22. Wow, over 20 comments on an NXT thread! Cool!


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